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Sumomomo Momomo

Guest JASON;

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Has anyone seen this anime? XDSumomomoMomomofull1081523.jpg
QUOTEMomoko Kuzuryuu is training under a waterfall one day when her dad shows up and tells her she’d be better off making babies. Some time ago, Momoko’s dad and Koushi Inuzuka’s dad decided to arrange the two to be married. Momoko’s new quest is to bear the world’s ultimate martial artist! Momoko stalks Koushi, then has a real martial arts battle with his dad! Koushi’s dad approves of Momoko and they almost get it on. Except that Koushi has no interest in lolis.

Although Koushi’s dad is a badass martial artist, Koushi himself quit and is now studying law. He gets totally scared when bullies get near him and caves in to their demands. Apparently it’s because of traumatic event in the past that Koushi can’t quite remember. When Momoko cheers him on against the bullies, Koushi finally remembers what happened. Luckily, Momoko doesn’t.
Volumes: 12 (Complete) http://www.mangaupdates.com/series.html?id=3153Published by: YenPressAnime Episodes: 22 + 2 OVAs



It's so funny.
Its basically about a girl who is into martial arts, but isn't strong enough.(supposedly, but she seems to be the strongest one >_>)
So she has to get it on with this guy she likes to have a son. Shes tries so many ways to "do it" its soooo funny. XDDD


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It wasn't all that funny nor did it keep me entertained. It felt more like an excuse to have a horny girl who's as smart as a block of wood wearing panties. If I were the guy, I'd run too because desperateness is never funny.

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Guest PecanPie02

haha.. i watched 10 secs of it. i was bored so.. heh i stopped (thank god ... i hate perveted animes..=__=) lol.. and after i try watching it i see ppl saying its too perveted and not funny at all. ^_^ hehe..

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I didnt find this anime funny either, i watched 2 episodes of it then quit, it was that boring.

OMG me too!! i quit watching after first 2 episodes..

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