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[Drama 2021] River Where the Moon Rises, 달이 뜨는 강


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HD photos of the drama (River Where The Moon Rises) will release December. 


Production company answer fan's questions.



Q: "Is it true that RWTMR will be broadcasted in February?"

A: "It is expected to broadcast on February~March (It is not confirmed yet)"


Q: "Are the casting announcements all done?"

A: "Casting are all done"


Q: "Is the RWTMR script fun?"

A: "The script..? Crazy attraction power, close character probability, full intensive development, tremendous synchronisation rate. I would say this much."


Q: "You will release a lot of RWTMR making won't you....???"

A: Will prepare lots of making so please look forward to it.


Q: "How is Jisoo and Sohyun's chemistry?"

A: It made my heart fluttered...a little..


translated by wowhellosohyun 


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Production team's answers about fans questions.


Q: Will they show seasons that best suits RWTMR drama?

A: It'll start from autumn, and goes through winter, the blooming of spring and everything will end in early summer. All the four seasons


Q: I'm curious about the proportion between the romance and the politics! A: Oh...within the politics, action, veiled feud and struggles, romance will come shining like a ray of light....!


transleted by wowhellosohyun

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201120 OP saw Kim Sohyun filming #RiverWheretheMoonRises at Guri-si, Goguryeo Blacksmith Village. This could have been the one filmed on 2nd Nov. "There was a drama filming going on but it was probably during waiting time. Some were sitting and resting and some were wandering around. And since this area is not located in the main street, there were not many ppl and it had a quiet atmosphere. Then suddly, there was a girl who dressed like a main lead just standing one or two steps away from me. I wondered who it was so I went to take a look.

She turned her head, and it was Kim Sohyun. What culd dis be? Is this fanservice? it was quite a long eye contact. The distance between us was smth like this(inserts photo of goblin)

I usually don't rly have interest in celebrities but among all the celebrities and people I've seen throughout my life, she's the prettiest."



cr: wowhellosohyun 


Jisoo's beard



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