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[Drama 2021] River Where the Moon Rises, 달이 뜨는 강


The Ending, Go Gun's and the drama itself.  

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  1. 1. How did you find the ending of the drama?

    • I loved it. On Dal's alive!!! Nothing else could have made the ending better
    • I liked it. Wished Go Gun would not die and live happily with Mo Yong
    • What happened to the typical Sageuk ending where the ML was already counted dead from the first episode itself?
    • Something else (Please mention).
  2. 2. Do think Go Gun got the best ending he could?

    • His death was the best redemption his character could ever get.
    • No, the best ending for him would be him living a normal life with Mo Yong.
    • I wanted him to die fighting with On Dal.
    • Something else (please mention)
  3. 3. What did you love about this drama? (Choose as many as you like)

    • The main plot
    • The pace of the drama
    • On dal and Ga Jin's love story
    • Pung Gae and Tara Jin's love story
    • Mo Yong and Go Gun's complicated relationship
    • The well written characters characters (all of them as a whole)
    • The acting
    • The story telling
    • The palace politics
    • The war, and fight scenes
    • Wol Gwang's short but effective screen time (Dude literally saved the drama by teaching On Dal his best trick)
    • Smart baddies
    • The setting of the drama (Three Kingdom Era)
    • Something else (Please mention)

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From the same OP. 201102 "Earlier on, I saw actress Kim Sohyun and I keep thinking about it I should have come and look a little more. There were no onlookers at all. I was really 2m away in front of her and had eye contact with her.

She looks as if like she jumped out of a manhwa. Her eyes takes up half of her face."(she meant that her eyes are big like manhwa characters) (cr. theqoo)



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201105 Kim Sohyun & Kang Haneul spotted filming at Daegu! OP said her that her mum heard from her friend that she saw Kim Sohyun and Kang Haneul at the neighborhood dat she often goes to bt she dun noe other actors that came. And she not sure if they filming a scene tgtr or nt


She just know that they came together and had filming. (cr. theqoo)




cr:wowhellosohyun - twitter

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