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Ultimate a(b)s Thread


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22 minutes ago, Berou said:

Awww Ms. Koko  I didnt mean to laugh at Captain America. I hope you didnt get upset. I thought mindlessly it was a tan spray


Whatt? No!! Why did you think I got upset? Hahahaha. All Avengers are my oppas....hahahaha. I actually love Thor more than Captain America. LOL. 


Poor Bucky being tortured, but he looks hot here!!! Lol. 


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3 hours ago, Lmangla said:

kekeke... that man is known for not only his abs but his avid love of bikes. and he put his abs to good work here in this promotion.. in case anyone is wondering, the bike is real and weighs some 100 kgs+. so those abs aren't just for show! hahahaha.... 




he certainly makes a bike look even cooler! :D




Reminds me of my Everlasting Love for Movie Dhoom the first Part.Lol.



I present to you Turkish Actor Sukru Ozyildiz Abs.(Show Winter Sun Netflix)




And Kim Woo Bin's Abs.





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