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[Mainland Chinese Drama 2020] Sweet First Love 甜了青梅配竹马

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Chinese title: 甜了青梅配竹马 / Tian le qing mei pei zhu ma
English title: Sweet First Love

Genre: Romance

Episodes: 24

Director: Guo Hui Zhong

Broadcast Period: October 8th - October 22nd, 2020



Ren Shi Hao as Su Muyun
Xu Ya Ting as Zhuo Feng
Zheng Fan Xing as Le Tizhou
Gao Yu Fei as Liu Zihui
Xiao Kai Zhong as Qin Yao
Liu Zhe Er as Ouyang Yu
Wu Man Si as Ouyang Qingxue
Chu Qian as Lin Di
Fan Qi Wen as Qi Yuan
Zhang Jing Tong as Yang Keying
Liu Yi Han



Zhuo Feng lost her parents to a car accident at the age of seven, and the impact of the accident caused her to suffer a memory loss. She was taken in by her parents' best friend, Su Zijie. There, she meets Su Muyun, son of Su Zijie who is two years younger than her, who is outstanding yet has a poisonous tongue.
(Source: DramaWiki) 


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Watched 3 eps.  Omg!!! The ML character is so annoying.  I can see he cares for the FL, but the way he teases her,  I am not supporting his actions.  I don't know if he is doing irritating things like that wantedly towards her.  There are so many FB's apart from the ML.  They are so cute characters in the drama.  I am hope to continue watching this becoz of the other characters and the ML starts to change his attitude towards the FL.

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I like this a lot...the male lead is a bit irritating but so amusing when he gets jealous. Just tell her you like her, dude!!

Hahaha...as if it can be that simple! I can compare this to the Mike He/ Rainie Yang drama Devil Beside You for its "siblings" concept and the villainous brother. 

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On 10/9/2020 at 6:31 PM, pad-hari said:

Just watched ep.1.  I loved it.   the usual high school scenes.  Cannot believe the FL is 26 yrs. old.  wow, she looks so young!!!!!  The uniform is so pretty in color, something different..

ikr...i thought she's around 18 to 20 years old..

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