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A Midsummer Dream


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Once a year Japanese Autumn Festival is once again held in Emax, where small cosplay designers and shop owners who loves Japanese kimono and other goods is show within the event.

Where JK uniforms and other Kimonos as well as cosplaying fans are seen within the event. Performance artist that was in the event was the following. 


イリアード -iliad-


乙女シンドリーム- 乙女新夢



The following band would also be holding a free live on the following date

10/4 乙女シンドリーム

10/17 Midnight Wave - Kona 

10/18 イリアード -iliad-

10/25 乙女シンドリーム- 乙女新夢

11/01 萬聖 Fever 

All supported by Dokuran Production 


Because of the pandemic everything was kind of rushed and there was a chance no one would appear. But it wasn’t that bad and I got to meet a few familiar faces, which was awesome and great.

The show itself was simple and so was the interviews with one of the famous and most popular wig designer Aki. Who took her time explaining how each wig was design and made, as well as showing pictures and it’s progress.


There was different photo stands open with different themes for people to take pictures , although it was small, it wasn’t too bad. 


Event Host: Subculture Support & Reciprocity Association 跨次元次文化支援協會

Site: https://www.hksubcultsup.org


i end up having to edit the pictures back into this post, due to the fact my phone was acting up, so PC had to be in need in the end... 


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