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Amanotes x YG Entertainment


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not very long ago, Amanotes the mobile app game, has just did collaboration with YG Entertainment, with the following artist 



this app game includes huge and new dance hits from you beloved artist as well as the founder of Amanotes have said  “This partnership with YG Entertainment will be the beginning of more collaborations in the near future as we aim
to provide everyone with the newest and hottest releases from their favorite artists. This will also enable us to develop an interactive music ecosystem where artists and listeners can
connect. With our vision that 'Everyone Can Music', we hope to provide platforms that allow people to not just listen to music, but also interact with it." 


with Kpop presence in this game, will be a new way for k-fans to interact with their beloved jams, popularity that is from South Korean stars and more access to their beloved idols that been everyone's love as a international fan to music, not only can we just listen to the songs, but we can also experience the song by simply going through the tapping list and dragging our fingers to the beat of the game and groove to the awesome global hits.


site: https://amanotes.com/

Amanotes is from a Vietnam company that has a fast-growing music-tech company from Vietnam. Their goal is to delight people with interactive music experiences. Some of their chart-topping hyper-casual games
include Magic Tiles 3, Tiles Hop, Dancing Road, etc. Amanotes garnered over 1 Billion downloads worldwide with almost 100 Million users every month. In 2019, Amanotes was
listed as the #1 mobile apps publisher from Southeast Asia, the #1 music games publisher in the world, and one of the top 20 mobile apps publishers in the world across all app

Download to the Kpop collaboration is Magic Tiles 3 , Tiles Hop and Dancing Road .


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