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Watch: Kim Bum, Ryu Hye Young, Kim Myung Min, And More Are Out To Investigate The Truth In “Law School” Highlight Reel


Apr 5, 2021
by S. Nam

JTBC released a new highlight reel for its upcoming drama “Law School”!

“Law School” is a campus mystery that follows the story of students and professors of South Korea’s top law school who get caught up in an unusual case. The drama stars Kim Bum as top student Han Joon Hwi and Ryu Hye Young as the tenacious Kang Sol A.

The highlight video begins by asking the question, “Is law just?” The teaser proceeds to introduce the law school, which is known as “a bloody battlefield that has gathered all the geniuses and gifted people who excel in South Korea.” In addition to Han Joon Hwi, who passed the second round of the bar exam, there are plenty of other talented students such as Kang Sol B (Lee Soo Kyung), who already had perfect scores for TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) and TEPS (Test of English Proficiency) in middle school.

Nonetheless, the genius students are still intimidated by the criminal law professor Yang Jong Hoon (Kim Myung Min). Kang Sol A, who just barely entered the school through a special screening, is already feeling down from being amidst all the brilliant students when she’s further discouraged after being picked on by Yang Jong Hoon to answer questions in her first lecture. Professor Yang Jong Hoon shares his goal, “Even if I can’t make them into respectable legal professionals as a professor, I won’t produce even one scoundrel of a legal professional.”

Tensions rise when the former chief prosecutor and the law school’s adjunct professor Seo Byung Joo (Ahn Nae Sang) is unexpectedly discovered dead. The police suspect murder, and suspicious circumstances surrounding the professors and students at the law school begin to surface one by one. Yang Jong Hoon, who had to quit his job as a prosecutor because of Seo Byung Joo, puts himself on the list of suspects. Another person he suspects is Han Joon Hwi, since he loses his composure at any mentions of Seo Byung Joo, hinting at a hidden story behind the two. Kang Sol B and Seo Ji Ho (David Lee) also appear suspicious, and this is all mysteriously linked to a child rapist case.

The video ends as Yang Jong Hoon comments, “You said you were going to catch the real culprit. Don’t lose the real culprit, don’t fool around, and thoroughly investigate the truth. Can you do it?”




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Law school' Kim Myung-min, a leading suspect in the murder case?




A still-cut on the campus of'Law School', where a mysterious energy began to circulate, was revealed.

Starting with the case where a law school professor is found dead in one day, the secrets of the campus will be revealed one by one, providing a thrill that has never been seen before.





Law School' Myung-min Kim X Beom Kim X Uncomfortable relationship in the guide, what was the story entangled?



“Law School” Myung-min Kim, Beom Kim, and Guidance Sang are entangled with the unprecedented “law school murder case”. Before the first broadcast on the 14th (Wed), the production crew stimulated curiosity by saying, "You should pay attention to the past of the three characters."


According to the highlight video released by JTBC's new Wednesday and Thursday drama “Law School” (director Kim Seok-yoon, playbook Seo-in), the beginning of the campus mystery is the death of former prosecutor and law school adjunct professor Seo Byung-ju (guide). What was even more suspicious was that Yang Jong-hoon (Kim Myung-min), a former prosecutor's former criminal law professor, named him and the senior enrolled student Han Jun-hui (Kim Beom) as a strong suspect. The two showed sharp cold to Seo Byung-joo, so the curiosity of prospective viewers was also focused on their mixed relationship.


First, Yang Jong-hoon, the first person on the line of suspicion. The reason why he nominated himself as a suspect without hesitation, saying, “I did,” is because there was a story that was tangled with Seo Byeong-ju in the past, “to the extent that he quit the prosecutor”. During the prosecutor's days, he interrogated his senior Byeong-ju Seo in court, and for some reason quit the prosecutor, who thought it was his duty, and took responsibility for a lecture on criminal law at the University of Korea law school with the goal of "I will not make a single step-aged lawyer." Specifically, what was the case of Seo Byung-joo that Yang Jong-hoon was in charge of, what happened between the two reunited at law school, and the narratives of those who seem to be intricately curious.


Another person whom Professor Yang suspects, Han Joon-hui, caused a reversal with an image different from the introduction he had given him trust. As predicted by Yoo Seung-jae (Hyun-woo), who said, “If Professor Yang is suspicious, there is a reason for that”, there seems to be a story that cannot be said to him, who set the day “I don’t deserve to teach here” to Seo Byeong-ju, who met on campus. While the precarious relationship with Seo Byung-joo was implied, it is also a point to pay attention to what kind of story is hidden between Yang Jong-hoon and Han Jun-hui, who set up a day of suspicion for each other after the murder.

(Google translate)




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Ryu Hye Young, Hyun Woo, And More Are Surrounded By Mystery In “Law School”

Apr 6, 2021
by S. Nam

JTBC released new stills of the upcoming Wednesday-Thursday drama “Law School”!

“Law School” is a campus mystery that follows the story of students and professors of South Korea’s top law school who get caught up in an unusual case. The drama stars Kim Bum as top student Han Joon Hwi and Ryu Hye Young as the tenacious Kang Sol A.

The previously released highlight reel revealed the unexpected death of the former chief prosecutor and the law school’s adjunct professor Seo Byung Joo (Ahn Nae Sang). As the police begin to suspect murder, the law school’s students and professors instantly become targets for suspects. The criminal law professor Yang Jong Hoon (Kim Myung Min), who had to quit his job as a prosecutor because of Seo Byung Joo, becomes one of the most likely suspects. The newly released stills give a sneak peek at professors Seo Byung Joo and Yang Jong Hoon, who are at the center of this unprecedented case, and the law school students who will begin to unearth the truth behind the rumors.

Seo Byung Joo and Yang Jong Hoon reunite at the law school with a hidden backstory that has put them on bad terms. Seo Byung Joo hands over a cup of coffee as he approaches Yang Jong Hoon, but Yang Jong Hoon exudes a cold aura as he glares back warily. Viewers are curious to find out what conversation they’re sharing in front of the Lady Justice statue.




The students are unable to conceal their shock at the rumor that Yang Jong Hoon is a likely suspect for Seo Byung Joo’s murder. They keep their eyes wide open as they look over his past suspicious behavior, and the students plan on tracking the case while applying what they learned from Yang Jong Hoon’s grueling lectures. The newly released stills create a mysterious atmosphere as all the people connected to the case gather together.




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April 8 2021

Ep.1 trailer for JTBC drama “Law School”


Ep.1 trailer added for JTBC drama series “Law School” starring Kim Myung-Min, Kim Beom, & Ryoo Hye-Young. The trailer shows former chief prosecutor Byeong-Joo (Ahn Nae-Sang) found dead at a law school. Law School Professor Yang Jong-Hoon (Kim Myung-Min) confirms that Seo Byeong-Joo’s death was murdered and did not die by suicide. Below are still images law school students played by Kim Beom, Ryoo Hye-Young, Lee Soo-Kyung, and David Lee.

“Law School” first airs Wednesday, April 14, 2021 in South Korea .

Plot Synopsis by AsianWiki: A professor at a prestigious law school and his students get involved in an unprecedented case.

Yang Jong-Hoon (Kim Myung-Min) is a former prosecutor. He is now a professor at a prestigious law school. He is straightforward and tends to unleash biting remarks. Students don’t like him because of this, but Yang Jong-Hoon does not care what his students think of him. Yang Jong-Hoon is focused on cultivating personnel for the law field, members who will be able to contribute meaningfully. Professor Kim Eun-Sook (Lee Jung-Eun) is his only colleague that he can speak openly with.

Kang Sol (Ryoo Hye-Young) and Han Joon-Hwi (Kim Beom) are first year law school students. Kang Sol barely got into law school. She comes from a poor family background. At school, she is surrounded by students who are smart and come from wealthy backgrounds. She feels insecure and even shameful due to her background. Kang Sol slowly learns about the true legal profession. Han Joon-Hwi is at the top among first year law school students. He is an attractive young man with leadership qualities, but he has a secret.

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Interview with Jong-Hoon Yang Law School


Law school starts D-8 (three days ago) waiting for mischief Pre-study making Character interview has been prepared for you!! (Oh yeah)


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Kim Myung-min uncovers a murder mystery in new teaser for JTBC’s Law School

by tccolb



With the premiere just a few days away, JTBC’s mystery drama Law School has released a new video teaser featuring the main cast in footage from the upcoming first episode.


Set within a prestigious law school in South Korea, Kim Myung-min (Miracle that We Met) stars in the drama as a criminal law professor who was formerly a prosecutor. In the middle of a mock trial with his students, fellow professor Ahn Nae-sang (Mouse) is suddenly found dead in his office but the clues are suspicious in nature and don’t seem to add up. As the mystery grows, students including Kim Bum (Tale of the Nine Tailed) and Ryu Hye-young (Eun-joo’s Room) become involved in the effort to uncover what happened and they experience firsthand the meaning and impact of truth, law, and justice.



The teaser begins in a classroom with Lee David (SF8) and Lee Soo-kyung (Fox Bride Star) respectively participating in the mock trial as the prosecutor and defense lawyer when suddenly a woman’s scream is heard from another room. Shocked, the students and teaching staff rush out and they find Ahn Nae-sang’s body slumped backwards over his chair.

The news report shows police cars parked outside of the school and the reporter announces that, “The former director of the prosecutor’s office Seo Byung-joo has been found dead at the law school he was stationed at.” Kim Myung-min helps the police look for clues and looking at a new parcel he notes that, “Someone planning to die today wouldn’t order a package of blood sugar test strips with same-day delivery.” The police ask him, “If it’s homicide, is there anyone that you might suspect?” And Kim responds, “Me.” The police look into Kim Myung-min’s background and reports that Kim previously worked with the deceased at the prosecution office and currently worked with him at the law school.

Cut to Ryu Hye-young who rages at her fellow students studying in the library, “It’s chaos outside and yet how can everything still be like nothing happened in here!? How can all of you just continue studying quietly?” A staff member explains to her, “Even if it seem psychopathic, you still need to pass your exams.” As he speaks, we transition to the day of examinations and Kim Bum tears up as he writes his exam. The police confirm afterwards that Ahn Nae-sang’s death is suspected homicide caused by overdose on drugs and that Ahn was drugged with Methamphetamine. Kim Myung-min admits that he does suspect one other person and Jo Jae-ryong (Fly Dragon) angrily retorts that it’s a false accusation.


more https://www.dramabeans.com/2021/04/kim-myung-min-uncovers-a-murder-mystery-in-new-teaser-for-jtbcs-law-school/


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Netflix Will Screen Upcoming Law Series ‘Law School’ from April 14th


by krishkim | images:JTBC


Netflix will service JTBC’s new Wednesday-Thursday series Law School from April 14th.




Netflix, set to premiere on 14th, will meet viewers around the world through Netflix. New episodes will be unveiled in Asian, English, Arab, and Latin American regions every Wednesday and Thursday at 11 PM KST starting from the 14th. In other regions, the entire series will be released simultaneously on June 10th at 4 PM KST.


Law School is a mystery series that unfolds on campus as Korea’s top law school professors and students get involved in extraordinary cases. It depicts the process of lawyers-to-be students realizing what law and justice truly mean as they survive through a bloodstained law school.


The Detective K franchise and The Light in Your Eyes director Kim Seok Yoon helms the production. Judge vs. Judge screenwriter Seo In pens the script.


Kim Myung Min partnered with director Kim Seok Yoon, whom he worked with in three Detective K series. He plays Yang Jong Hoon, a former prosecutor-turned-criminal law professor. His “Socrates Q&A” typed classes and sharp tongue draw out both resentment and respect from students. He became a professor in law school to raise the “upright” judicial officers.









Kim Bum plays Han Joon Hwi, a freshman in the law school at the top of his class. He dreamed of becoming a prosecutor after his uncle ridiculed the law as a prosecutor. Ryu Hye Young takes on the role of Kang Sol (A), who gained special admission to the law school. But despite the short joy, she struggles as she’s surrounded by brilliant minds.


Kim Eun Sook, played by Lee Jung Eun, is a civil law professor who was once the head of the law school’s free legal clinic.


When the Chief Prosecutor Seo Byung Ju (Ahn Nae Sang) is found dead at the law school, these four characters are caught up in an unprecedented case.


Law School will premiere on the 14th on TV and Netflix.


Source: Netflix

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Premiere Watch: Sell Your Haunted House, Law School

by missvictrix



There are two very different dramas heading our way this week — Jang Nara’s latest supernatural fantasy, and a more serious and cerebral look at little things like murder, law, and the justice system. I have a hunch both will be decent dramas, so the question is: which are you in the mood for? They don’t strike me that they’ll pair very well, which makes their competing time slots seem pretty sensible. Decisions, decisions.


Law School



Time slot: Wednesday & Thursday
Broadcaster: JTBC
Genre: Legal
Episode count: 16


Reasons to watch: Dry title, lively premise. Law School is set at a prestigious, well, law school, where the likes of Kim Bum and Ryu Hye-young are learning from the best law professors around (namely, Kim Myung-min and Lee Jung-eun). It sounds like trial by fire for the students when there’s a murder on campus that they work to solve. I can’t put my finger on exactly the tone this drama is going to go for, but if the PD’s past works are any indication, there should be a lot to sink our teeth into beyond (or is that because of?) the legal setting.





33 minutes ago, ryanallright said:

Is this drama considered a mystery thriller?


I don`t think so. I saw legal, drama,  human, comedy as the genre. I think it contains mystery but it is not a classical mystery thriller. It focuses on the human aspect, the life of various characters, their relationship with a law school background.

That`s what I think. I am excited and I am really curious how this drmaa will be like.

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  • larus changed the title to [Current Drama 2021] Law School, 로스쿨 - Wed & Thu @ 21:00 KST - Kim Myung Min, Kim Bum & Ryu Hye Young

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