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March 24 2021

Two teaser trailers for JTBC drama “Law School”



Two new teaser trailers for JTBC drama series “Law School” starring Kim Myung-Min, Kim Beom, & Ryoo Hye-Young. The two new teaser trailers features Kim Beom as law school student Han Joon-Hwi and Ryoo Hye-Young as law school student Kang Sol A. Kim Beom’s teaser trailer has Kim Myung-Min asking him (0:02) “You want to become a prosecutor, right?” and (0:03) Kim Beom replies “Yes, I want to become a prosecutor who follows principles.” Ryoo Hye-Young’s teaser trailer has Kim Myung-Min asking her (0:06) “Why did you come to law school?” and Ryoo Hye-Young replies (0:07) “I came here to receive an apology. The law did a lot of things to be sorry for.”  Below is character poster of Kim Myung-Min as law school professor Yang Jong-Hoon.

“Law School” first airs April 14, 2021 in South Korea.

Plot Synopsis by AsianWiki: A professor at a prestigious law school and his students get involved in an unprecedented case.

Yang Jong-Hoon (Kim Myung-Min) is a former prosecutor. He is now a professor at a prestigious law school. He is straightforward and tends to unleash biting remarks. Students don’t like him because of this, but Yang Jong-Hoon does not care what his students think of him. Yang Jong-Hoon is focused on cultivating personnel for the law field, members who will be able to contribute meaningfully. Professor Kim Eun-Sook (Lee Jung-Eun) is his only colleague that he can speak openly with.

Kang Sol (Ryoo Hye-Young) and Han Joon-Hwi (Kim Beom) are first year law school students. Kang Sol barely got into law school. She comes from a poor family background. At school, she is surrounded by students who are smart and come from wealthy backgrounds. She feels insecure and even shameful due to her background. Kang Sol slowly learns about the true legal profession. Han Joon-Hwi is at the top among first year law school students. He is an attractive young man with leadership qualities, but he has a secret.



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Law School’ Kim Beom → Ryu Hye-young, various kinds of campus survival deadly weapons




Unveiled on April 14th, JTBC's new Wednesday and Thursday drama'Law School' (director Seok-yoon Kim, script Seo-in, production JTBC Studio, Studio Phoenix, Gonggamdong House) is Korea's best prestigious law school professors and students It is a campus mystery drama that unfolds as you become entangled in an incident.


How to survive in the law school, which is the most fiercely competitive group of 6 members of “Law Schools” Kim Beom, Ryu Hye-young, Lee Soo-kyung, Lee Da-Witt, Go Yoon-jung, and Hyun-woo. They directly revealed their deadly weapons for survival on the campus.


# Righteous law school students Beom Kim & Hyeyoung Ryu, “Altruistic leadership and empathy are strong”


First, Kim Beom, who played the role of “Han Jun-hui,” the senior enrolled student of the second pass spec, “I dream of a prosecutor and follow principles and justice. At the same time, the warm personality and leadership of Junhui, who knows how to take care of his study classmates, is his strength.” With a good personality, it creates partners rather than competitors, and leads to a study atmosphere that helps each other and relies on each other. Ryu Hye-young, who is the owner of “Kang Sol A,” who has crossed the threshold of law school by special admission, replied that “the ability to continue studying without being frustrated and the ability to empathize with the pain and grief of others” is a deadly weapon. This is why I look forward to the compassionate moves of the two protagonists, who are equipped with an altruistic personality who knows how to take care of their surroundings.


# Purpose-oriented duo Soo-kyung Lee & David, “Pokerface, coldness is a weapon”


Lee Soo-kyung and Lee Su-gyeong, who were divided into “Kang Sol B” and “Seo Ji-ho,” who entered Korea University with the goal of being a judge and a lawyer, respectively, emphasized a comprehensible and cold-hearted aspect. Lee Soo-kyung, who explained Kang Sol B, the epitome of'Rosio Pass' (Law School + Socio Pass), as "a friend who was born to become a judge and who is willing to take anything to become a judge" said, "Pokerface is her biggest It's a weapon. Even if it is a lie, he maintains an attitude that is so confident that anyone can be deceived.” “Seo Ji-ho is a friend who judges people by score. Idawit said, “The type of person who only studies without personal affection because only his path is important.” His greatest weapon, looking only at the goal of ‘success’, is “coolness”. He even explained that he was so cold that it was hard to find a human figure, and also planted expectations for his acting transformation.


# Go Yoon-jung & Hyun-woo, from the “secret” of will, “persistence to work harder than others”


'Yesul Jeon', who graduated from the Department of Clothing, and Hyunwoo Go and Yoon-woo, who played the roles of'Seungjae Yoo' from doctors, were conscious of the motives who had consistently possessed a legal mind and said, Go Yoon-jung, who was lucky to have a clear personality, said, "There will be a charm that grows up every time through a series of situations." Hyunwoo said, “Because he gave up his doctor and started studying law again, Seungjae continues his law school life with a more desperate heart than anyone else. But he keeps a calm pace without revealing it superficially. If this is a strength, it is a strength.” Here, he raised his curiosity, saying, "Then, he unintentionally starts walking like hell."


(Google translate)






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