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7 hours ago, zer.xo said:

Idk about everyone else, but I’m wondering who is the prosecutor’s “aunt”. Thoughts anyone??

It’s Assemblyman Ko. Recorded in his phone under a disguised name. 

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Love love this drama. 


My fave character by far is Professor Kim. She's equally brilliant compare to Prof. Yang, but works more behind the scenes and you can't really guess what she's thinking.


I really like that the romance part is just subtle and there was not a full blown one. 


One more episode...can't wait!

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Law School: Episodes 14-15 Open Thread

by Anisa



We’re almost to the end, and the case that started it all is no longer a mystery, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy for our protagonists to prove it. Now it’s a matter of outsmarting the culprit, who isn’t above using all manner of corrupt and illegal means to literally get away with murder.






Now that everyone knows for certain it’s Assemblyman Go pulling all the strings, they put their all into bring him down once and for all, but for their every move, he has a dirty trick waiting to counter them. Nothing new is actually revealed, but at least everyone is on the same page now, I suppose. Law School has a unique talent for being boring and hard to follow at the same time. Last week was the show’s high point, but now that the focus is back on Seo Byung-ju’s murder and Assemblyman Go’s web of corruption, I find it barely keeps my interest.

We’re also sadly lacking in Sol A/Joon-hwi moments this week, and instead we get Yangcrates becoming weirdly chummy with skeezy Prosecutor Jin, who now suddenly discovers that Go was evil all along, the strange reappearance of Kang Dan as a Harvard Law scholar, and enough double-crossing and fake-outs that I honestly felt exhausted at the end of two hours.


That last one where Sol A revealed herself to have impersonated Dan was pretty great though—I enjoyed the fact that she was definitely channeling her favorite professor’s cool condescension in the role. It’s too bad it lacked some impact because of how many plot twists were stuffed into Episode 15 alone.

I’m being harsher than usual on this show, but I really felt the drop in quality after a truly decent wrap-up of Ye-seul’s case last week. It feels like we’re back at the beginning with the confused timeline, constant “Gotcha!” reveals that aren’t as surprising or as dramatic as the drama thinks they are, and this writer again mistaking complexity for profundity.





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  • ferily changed the title to [Drama 2021] Law School, 로스쿨 - Kim Myung Min, Kim Bum & Ryu Hye Young

The finale is here. For me the series started off with explosions to end with a stutter. Towards the end I felt that the story did not progress much anymore, especially once the evils were known. The latest 3-4 episodes thus did not make much difference, apart from tying up the story.


This series probably doesn't get another season, and I'm fine with it, especially since they showed us the future at least. For SolHwi shippers, it ends much like the series had done. It's a subtle romance kind and it fits in the sense of this couple was always about glances, small gestures rather than loud proclamations and confessions. 


As for the study group, I think the group didn't really grow together, only subgroups did. SolHwi of course were close, as well as the girls with each other, but the boys remained at distance for me. This is especially noticeable when some boys still use formal language with each other, thus it's not really #squadgoals. 


In particular, some characters were underdeveloped. The glasses guy, the "hippie guy". I don't remember their names. Even Sol B with her overbearing mother: to this day I still wonder, what her condition is that makes her own father tell her that she "is not qualified to be a lawyer". In the "a few years later" flash, the rest don't even show up, which is telling. 


All in all, it was an okay drama for me. 



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I am here to say that I wish...


The drama could at least have shown something to say that Joon Hwi did not feel "only gratitude" towards Sol A. Then in some of the places where the group is prepared for the mock court, there are undercurrents but then why are those not sorted? 


I agree with @agenth, many of the members of the study group are not well developed characters and their stories are pushed to the side. So why did they stretch the plot so thin? Maybe concentrating on the study group and resolving the larger than life case earlier would have helped?

For me the drama was about defining law. It showed some interesting perspectives and I learnt a bit about small aspects of law. It could definitely have come together better but other than feeling a little bit of dissatisfaction, I am ok.

I am still addicted to SolHwi FMVs and I do like Sol A a lot. I hope we see more such characters :)

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15 minutes ago, Songbae said:

so who killed seo byungju?


Lee Man Ho, but orchestrated by Assemblyman Go. 


My favourite character is Joonhwi. Here you can find a male lead who knows when to push, when to hold back and when to support. He gave his fellow students the benefit of doubt, support in this cutthroat business (he shared his past notes and experiences without asking for something with the entire group without them asking) and voices. He listened, made his point without bulldozing. when the blurb said there is an unexpected side of him, I assumed it meant dark. Now after 16 episodes, I'm thinking they meant that Joonhwi is quite sweet on Sol A and the way he treats her. 



Some more plot points that weren't fleshed out nicely imho were that of Seungjae - why did he switch from medschool to law school in the first place? Also, the consequences of his actions and his future aren't shown. The sudden U-turn of Prosecutor: up until Episode 14 or so, he was evidently antagonistic, yet suddenly Prof Yang supports him and he cuts his ties with Assemblyman Go without any repercussion. 


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I liked the final episode a lot. Although they tried to fill everything of the story, I think that some important things were missing. I thought that they would show us the whole scene of how Prof Seo really died for example, but they didn't.


About the drama as a whole: I found it REALLY GOOD. I think it might enter in my personal list of favorite dramas. As I said before, the students interactions were the best thing for me.


Kim Bum and Hye Young did such a great job portraying Joon Hwi and Sol A. Their perfect chemistry with each other was a big surprise and it made this drama very special for me. They were the heart and soul of the drama, their scenes made me very happy, I already miss them and I'll keep missing for a while. The only thing that got me disappointed is that the writer and jtbc didn't show us any hint of confirmation that solhwi became a couple after the time skip. That exchange of glances in the final scene wasn't enough, it should have been something more concrete. After all the hints they gave us during the whole drama, we deserved more than that. But it's okay since romance was never one of the main genres anyway. Gotta deal with that.


Law School, you did a great job. I'll miss you a lot. 

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'Law School' ends, meaning + fun



The law is incomplete justice. But the moment the law is taught and learned, the law must be complete justice.” JTBC’s ‘Law School’ is the most law school-like ending, capturing both meaning and fun. The final episode, aired on the 9th, recorded 6.1% nationwide and 6.5% in the metropolitan area, finishing first in the Wed-Thu drama. (Provided by Nielsen Korea, based on paid households)


In the final episode of the JTBC Wednesday-Thursday drama 'Law School' (directed by Kim Seok-yoon, scripted by Seo In, produced by JTBC Studios, Studio Phoenix, Gonggadong House), the final 'beop' Koh Hyung-soo (Jung Won-jung) was sentenced to law on charges of murder teacher, comment manipulation, etc. received He continued to drive public opinion until the end, saying, “I will not collapse like this,” but Professor Yang Jong-hoon (Kim Myung-min) put him on the judging table with the 'law' he taught his students.


‘The Law Schools’, who wrote the history of ‘just’ growth while experiencing first-hand how to learn at school, took a strong step towards a new beginning. Han Jun-hwi (Kim Beom) became a prosecutor based on his uncle Seo Byeong-ju's conviction that "don't make unfair people with fair scales". Kang Sol A has grown into a lawyer who can point out her legal grounds one by one without being swayed by her emotions, and Kang Sol B (Lee Soo-Kyung) reestablishes a constructive relationship with her parents, breaking free from her obsession with being a 'judge'. prepared for transformation. Seo Ji-ho (David) started preparing for a criminal trial to judge Jin, who could not stand right away as a representative of the public interest. Jeon Ye-seul (the late Yun-jeong) encouraged her by saying, "It's not your fault," to a legal clinic client who blamed herself for dating violence, as she did herself. Yoo Seung-jae (Hyun-woo) strongly expressed his willingness to take responsibility for his wrong choices, demanding that he be punished rather than lenient in the trial.


Above all, the highlight of the broadcast was the ending of Yang Jong-hoon, who asked the question, "Is the law really just?" in the first episode. He had previously visited Hyung-soo Ko and asked about the truth about the land he gave to Seo Byung-joo, and he replied that even if he acknowledged it as a bribe, he would only feel embarrassed by the fact that punishment was impossible according to the principle of self-abuse. And Seo Byung-joo's illusion, who appeared in the mock court of the law school set up as a bribe, expressed his regrets, saying, "I showed that the law is not just and that I was wrong." However, Yang Jong-hoon was not disappointed. Rather, he made the presence of 'Crates the sheep of fear' known to other new students who would grow up eating that sense of shame. Even if the law is an imperfect justice, “the moment the law is taught, the law must be perfect. The moment you learn the law, the law should be justice It was to teach that an unjust law is the most brutal violence” and not to make even a single ‘beop turkey’. And, like Junhui Han and Sol A Kang, the existence of lawyers who would receive his teaching and practice “the truth and justice only as a law” somewhere was hope itself. I looked back on the past journey of the 'law school', which caused thrills with this message that penetrated from the first episode to the final episode.


#. The birth of a 'well-made courtroom' that will last a long time for the production team's efforts


The story started with an unprecedented campus murder case, and as the episodes went on, the interest multiplied as it expanded into the cases of related people. The flow of cases covered in class leading to actual events helped viewers understand and added fun to learning about how difficult it was. Instead of dealing with realistic violent crimes such as murder, dating violence, and digital sex crimes in a stimulating or dramatic way, he focused on the legal issues involved, realizing the impact and weight of the incident. The background music that flowed in the right place raised the dramatic tension, and the unique humor code that was possible in law school provided a break for a while. A close script with such a meticulous composition, a perfect direction with delicate consideration and niche fun, and all the drama devices that were not the best. 


# favorite character no one wants to miss

‘Law School’, which has been a hot topic since casting as ‘a total set of actors who are good at acting’, continued a tense acting battle between the actors until the last moment. Kim Myung-min, an acting master who needs no further explanation, and Lee Jung-eun, the master of real acting, as well as Ahn Na-sang, Gil Hae-yeon, and Oh Man-seok, who made their presence known just by appearing, wrote hopeful stories of growth with one goal: 'Law School Professor Corps' and 'Just Lawyers'. Kim Beom, Ryu Hye-young, Lee Soo-kyung, Lee David, Ko Yun-jeong, Hyeon-woo, Kim Min-seok, and Lee Kang-ji's 'Law Schools', which perfectly added individualistic charms to other characters, Park Hyuk-kwon, a prosecutor who was more realistic because it was so disgusting, added heavy tension with him. Jung Won-jung and Jo Jae-ryong, as well as the unexpected duo Woo-hyeon and Lee Chun-hee, who never missed a moment of laughter, showed the best performances in their respective places. There was no smoke hole anywhere, and the characteristics of all the characters were completed in a more attractive way, so the viewers of 'Law School' have the favorite characters that no one wants to miss.


#. Law and definition in the keyword of ‘law education’


Prof. Jong-Hoon Yang, who felt deeply that the expedients of lawyers who know the law are even more cruel, tried to root out the vicious circle with his notorious harsh teachings. He announced a promising new start as a lawyer. In the process, I learned how close to reality the unfamiliar laws that viewers may have thought they were not in my domain. Above all, it has become the only pathway to nurture lawyers, but with the background of the law school, which is still unknown to the general public, the drama 'Law School' delves deeply into "what is law and justice" from the perspective of a prospective lawyer. As Yang Jong-hoon concluded, the law may not be perfect justice. But there is hope as long as there are lawyers who teach the law justly and have learned it justly. It was indeed a happy ending like ‘law school’.






I did not like the first episodes much but the show found its own vibe after that. (For me anyway.)  I enjoyed the drama as a whole. I liked the ending also.





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  • larus changed the title to [Drama 2021] Law School, 로스쿨

I will miss them to the highest level!!

I love the last episode, although love confession whatsoever never happen, I love the squad, from being students who only think that the school

is competition to being friends at the end.

For me, the end game still Sol A and JH. For me, standing up with Sol A during the mock trial is a sign that hes into her. As Sol B said, JH will decide. Haist I love them! I don’t know what will happen to me if the faith intertwined and KB and RH will have another project together.

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Law School: Episode 16 Open Thread (Final)

by Anisa



Law School ends on a high note, with a surprisingly satisfying finale that wraps up most of its loose ends and leaves us with a clearer thesis than it’s presented so far, and one that I can actually get behind: the law is not just, but it’s up to those who work in it, and especially those who teach the next generation, to do their utmost for justice anyway.






We see the lead up to that double sting operation from last week, the real Kang Dan finally stands up, and Assemblyman Go is arrested and brought to justice for solicitation of murder. A little too neat? Probably. No one as slippery as him in real life would ever confess verbally to something like that, no matter who he was talking to. But he’s been so hateful and conniving—from media manipulation, to using good laws to support his evil actions, to throwing his lot in with sexual assaulters like it’s going out of style—that I didn’t mind. It was just good to see our heroes finally put him in his place.

This production team has made a lot of baffling editing choices, but I’ve always enjoyed that the drama gives us plenty of well-done courtroom scenes—keeping the tension high, the emotional engagement present, and not going too long in between trials, even if it makes it look like the South Korean court system is the fastest in the world. My favorite court scene is still Ye-seul’s trial, but it was great to see Assemblyman Go come to a sputtering halt at the sight of the twins together.




We got a lot of study group friendship moments this finale, and I loved them all! I was hoping for more than an ambiguously close relationship between Joon-hwi and Sol A by the end, but we still got plenty of cute moments. I loved her promising to root for him in place of his uncle, and no one can convince me they weren’t flirting during that mock trial practice session.

I’m also glad we got that little moment between the Sols in the bar, of Sol B saying “Unni” and Sol A lighting up in joy at finally breaking down the cold girl’s epic walls. Their relationship has been slowly warming over the last few episodes, and this was a perfect ending for them.


more https://www.dramabeans.com/2021/06/law-school-episode-16-open-thread-final/


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