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[Current Mainland Chinese Drama 2021] Unforgettable Love 贺先生的恋恋不忘

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Actually Xiao Bao just needed someone to love him and give him motherly-like attention/care. A dad is still a dad, ain't no substitute. More so, as this 'dad' is sucha a no-nonsense, CEO-type of person. He will provide for him, make sure he gets the best, and his needs are taken care of. But it's the attention, the quality time spent and the personal care that's lacking. Of course, Miles has heavy responsibilities on his shoulder, all the more reason he had to look for a 'mum' for Xiao Bao. It's no wonder that our little boy's path to 'recovery' was fairly quick and relatively uneventful once his 'mum' appeared.


I've been checking out Miles Wei in Perfect and Casual. 


after watching the FL's behaviour there, I am 300% grateful for the FL in Unforgettable Love. I am quite, quite forgiving of characters mostly, but there's something about a naive, dumb-blond kinda portrayal of a FL (not my words, even her bestie called her that in the drama), that just rubs me the wrong way.


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I haven't watch any of ML works before.  I heard he's a good actor.  

@lovehuche count me in too! The kid looks adorable and Miles Wei looks quite good with her as an OTP. But it's on MangoTV, which means we will have to count our blessings if the Eng subs come out soon

I have never watched him acting before, first time, and I am charmed! I was swooning throughout the episodes, no wonder AvenueX said she can't resist Miles in a suit, same here, and now I understand w

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