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[THE OFFICIAL] RM (알엠) / Kim Nam Joon (김남준) Thread ❤


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[Dec 18] — BIBI was on AskAnythingChat and mentioned how she would like to work with RM


Q.  If BIBI and RM really happens, what kind of song would you like to work on with him?


BIBI : Oh my God, this is so hard. I wanna work with RM whatever he wants, and I wanna feature on him. But if I can make something up...you know, RM’s rap skill is on point so I really wanna work with him.






On 11/22/2021 at 8:15 AM, bohmi said:

[Nov 11] — Singer BIBI wants to collab with RM


From Rolling Stone Korea Interview


BIBI : B... BTS...

BIBI : Rapmon...

BIBI : Wanting to work with Rap Monster.

Tiger JK : Yes, with RM.

Tiger JK : When BIBI’s song “사장님 도박은 재미로 하셔야 합니다” got released. RM was the first person to send a support message. He said he liked her music and the MV. He sent a message of support.


BIBI : Thank you. You’re watching, right?

Tiger JK : That’s when we should’ve started the collaboration.




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  • bohmi changed the title to [THE OFFICIAL] RM (알엠) / Kim Nam Joon (김남준) Thread ❤
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January 2, 2022


Here’s #GeniusCharts update from first day of 2022!


Top K-Hip-Hop: Glory - RM

*Glory is one of RM’s pre-debut songs.





January 10, 2022


Check out what the Genius Korea Team members have been listening to this week based on our @lastfm data!


9. “Change” - RM & Wale



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December 30, 2021


5 K-Pop Songwriters & Producers Who Defined 2021: SUMIN, Teddy Park, ADORA, RM & SUGA

To close out the year, GRAMMY.com is spotlighting five Korean K-pop songwriters and producers who made their mark worldwide in 2021: SUMIN, Teddy Park, ADORA, RM, and SUGA


Behind every successful K-pop act is a creative team helping compose their hit songs. Though more and more K-pop idols are becoming involved in their music creation, there are some contributors whose work on your favorite tracks simply can't go unrecognized. From R&B ballads to trap beats to electronic party anthems, the sonic possibilities are endless as genres continue to blur and producers get bolder with their choices. Many K-pop songwriters have done notable work abroad as well, collaborating with some of the biggest names in music globally and serving as the think tanks that made your favorite hit songs possible.


Though much of K-pop music mixes genres and languages, the structure of the songs often allows for more experimentation and nuance than we see in the Western pop industry. Taking inspiration worldwide and incorporating cultural markers in the music, the undefinable sound and flare of K-pop creatives has had an enormous impact on music as we know it.


To celebrate the incredible talent within the Korean music industry and to close out 2021, GRAMMY.com is spotlighting five Korean K-pop songwriters and producers who made their mark worldwide this year. Get to know SUMIN, Teddy Park, ADORA, RM, and SUGA.


You may know him as the charming leader of BTS, but RM's talents span boundaries. His songwriting and producing work deserves just as much recognition as his leadership abilities and rap skills. He's credited as a songwriter and composer on the group's GRAMMY-nominated hit "Butter" in addition to a large portion of their overall discography, including Map of the Soul:7, BE, Map of the Soul: Persona, the Love Yourself albums, his own mixtape, mono., and more.


The list goes on and on, and his hip-hop roots have led him to solo collaborations with artists like Wale on 2017's socially conscious "Change," which the two artists wrote together. RM also wrote his iconic verse on the chart-topping "Old Town Road (Seoul Town Road Remix)" with Lil Nas X and penned TXT's lead single, "0X1=LOVESONG."


RM's expert lyric writing incorporates exceptional wordplay and a deft mastery of multiple languages, which give him a unique edge and which can be heard on his notorious rap lines on "Ddaeng," "Tear," and "UGH!" As RM continues to expand on his production and songwriting work, K-pop fans are truly in for a treat.


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John Cena Talking About His Favorite BTS Member On Ellen Show (22/01/11)


Q :  Who’s your favorite member of BTS?


John Cena :  RM and j-hope because they’re like the lyricist guys...




January 2020









“badbye” by RM with eAeon (from playlist mono.) was featured in a trailer for Channel 4’s Hollyoaks! (22/01/06)





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January 6, 2022


BTS RM, No. 1 Idol You Want to See New Year’s Sunrise With




In a voting held (by K-pop voting app IDOL CHAMP) from Dec 17 to Dec 31. RM was chosen as the No. 1 idol you want to see the New Year’s sunrise together. RM topped the survey results with 37.47% of the total 73,827 votes.


1. BTS RM (37.47%)
2. Kep1er Choi Yu Jin (29.96%)
3. TXT Beomgyu (11.61%)
4. ATEEZ Yeosang (6.92%)
5. BLACKPINK Rosé (4.67%)






December 31, 2021


From The WILLBEN Show Ep. 4






Ben : Who’s coming?


Sam : Is there anyone in your mind? Who do you want it to be?


Ben : RM!


Sam : RM...? It’s not RM


Ben : Why not?

         RM... I want to be with RM...
         Hyung (William), why doesn’t RM come?
         Director! Why doesn’t RM come?


Sam : We’re trying to contact him, but we haven’t succeeded yet



On 12/14/2021 at 1:12 PM, bohmi said:

December 3, 2021


The WillBen Show


In a preliminary interview with the production team for their new show, the WillBengers brothers picked RM as one of the person they wanted to meet the most. We are looking forward to seeing whether the meeting with RM through ‘The WillBen Show’ will be successful.


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Let’s make it happen...  RM, BigHit :Please:



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MEGA INFLUENCER  #WeeklyInfluencer


RM took the first place as the Korean influencer with most cumulative likes on Instagram for 3rd week in a row.  :scream:


#2nd place (Dec 6 to 12) : with 179,067,241 M likes | 17 posts

#1st place (Dec 13 to 19) : with 94,746,016 M likes | 11 posts


#1st place (Dec 20 to 26) : with 57,900,708 M likes | 7 posts


#1st place (Dec 27 to Jan 2) : with 59,131,940 M likes | 9 posts


RM turned off the option to see the number of likes from the beginning, but look now... :ph34r:;)














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Kim Chong Yung Museum IG story: “Thank you RM F3mGkgR.jpg





Kukje Gallery IG stories: “Thank you #RM for visiting!iBCvCNj.jpeg






Writer/Book YouTuber Kim Gyeo-wool (Winter) IG story: “Whoa RM has [the book] Feuilles, really jealous..”




  Korean work 'Feuilles' named world's most beautiful book




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January 14, 2022


Owner of a Seoul cafe garners attention for describing the ‘massive’ aftereffect of BTS member RM’s casual visit for a cup of coffee


On January 13, the owner of a local cafe in Seoul dedicated a message to BTS’s leader RM, thanking him for visiting the cafe.


The cafe owner tagged the message with #WitnessAccountofaHero and wrote,






“To. RM.

You came to our cafe yesterday.

I am still waiting in line to take a photo in the seat that you sat in yesterday.

The question that I heard repeatedly today was what coffee you ordered.

One employee told me that they heard you saying, ‘The Christmas Blend fits with Christmas really well.’

My employee, who had close contact with you, even though they recognized you they didn’t tell me... sigh

It’s way past Christmas, but we’ve decided to roast more ‘Christmas Blend.’ We are materialistic people, you see.

The ARMYs were all very well-mannered. Especially when it came to their spending.

That coffee that you drank is much better than the COVID-19 stimulus check.
And you ordered two cups.


I sincerely hope that the memory of enjoying coffee here with remain with you for a long time as a good memory.

Thanks to you, our place turned into an army base today.”



Earlier this week (22/01/12), RM updated his Instagram with a photo of himself enjoying coffee and biscuits at a cafe.










1. I’m not even an ARMY, but I’ll go thereㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ


2. It’s an army baseㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ


3. Why did I get goosebumps when I saw this? I want to go to that cafe, I want to be a fan of RM


4. I’m not a fan of BTS, but I’m interested in the places RM has been to or the books he’s read


5. Well, I really like the message of the cafe owner. Even if you’re not a fan, you’ll want to go there


6. The cafe owner’s post is so interesting, I want to join ARMY


7. RM always treasures his relationshipsㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ I love Kim NamjooniBCvCNj.jpeg


8. The cafe owner writes well, I want to go there too


9. I envy RM’s close relationships! I want to go there too ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ


10. It’s an army base.. The cafe owner writes so well





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RM’s Instagram Update


  • (22/01/11)










  • (22/01/16)






On 2/1/2021 at 8:52 PM, bohmi said:

January 29, 2021


Musician Colde and his office (WAVY) featured in Vogue Living Korea. He shared that his long-time friend, RM, gave him a painting for his office opening.


The interesting part is that the artist (painter) and Colde have the same name (Colde’s real name is Kim Hee Soo). Colde said that the painting means a lot for him. :)



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December 31, 2021


KX FM Favorite Songs of 2021


Our DJs shared their favorite songs of 2021. From alt rock, soul, k-pop, reggaetón and more, these eclectic selections represent this station’s love for all types of music.


One of them is “Don’t” by eAeon (feat. RM) :thumbsup:



KX FM Favorite Songs of 2021 Playlist


7. “Don’t” — eAeon (feat. RM)



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January 3, 2022























Fill your day with RM’s good taste! A unique wind chime shaped like a bungeo-ppang
and jogger pants with embroidered ARMY logo!



RM’s wind chime was sold out in less than ONE MINUTE (within 40 seconds on it’s released)  :scream:

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