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[THE OFFICIAL] RM (알엠) / Kim Nam Joon (김남준) Thread ♪♫ “Smoke Sprite” by So!YoON! (feat. RM) OUT NOW!! ♫♪


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‘Sexy Nukim (feat. RM of BTS)’ MV Shoot Sketch




‘Sexy Nukim’ is on the Spotify playlist “It’s a Hit!”




[2022.09.10]  ‘Sexy Nukim’ by Balming Tiger (feat. RM of BTS) debuts at #60 on the UK Official Singles Downloads Chart Top 100.


[2022.09.13]  ‘Sexy Nukim’ by Balming Tiger (feat. RM of BTS) debuts at #33 on the New Zealand Hot 40 Singles Chart.



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Sexy Nukim


On 9/8/2022 at 2:05 PM, bohmi said:



Sexy Nukim on Billboard Charts


With less than 1 day of tracking →


‘Sexy Nukim’ by Balming Tiger (feat. RM of BTS) debuts at #1 on the Billboard’s World Digital Song Sales chart.


‘Sexy Nukim’ by Balming Tiger (feat. RM of BTS) debuts at #30 on the Billboard’s Digital Song Sales chart.


‘Sexy Nukim’ by Balming Tiger (feat. RM of BTS) debuts at #4 on the Billboard’s Rap Digital Song Sales chart.


‘Sexy Nukim’ by Balming Tiger (feat. RM of BTS) debuts at #5 on the Billboard Hot Trending Songs chart Powered by Twitter.



Billboard’s World Digital Song Sales chart
1st week | #1
2nd week | #1 (=)
3rd week | #9 (↓)


Billboard’s Digital Song Sales chart
1st week | #30
2nd week | #31 (↓)


Billboard’s Rap Digital Song Sales chart
1st week | #4
2nd week | #3 (↑) new peak


Billboard Hot Trending Songs chart Powered by Twitter
1st week | #5
2nd week | #2 (↑) new peak
3rd week | #16 (↓)



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BTS’ RM Joins Korean Musical Collective Balming Tiger for ‘Sexy Nukim’


[ ... ]  Like an experimental indie film, the accompanying music video to “Sexy Nukim” is a multifaceted visual experience boasting a cinematic storyline, clever pop-culture references, plus trippy camera effects and cuts. Fans of Balming Tiger can also catch cameos from other members of the collective alongside the featured rappers. The video was directed by Japanese director Pennacky, who won Music Video of the Year alongside Balming Tiger at the 2020 Korean Hip-Hop Awards for “Armadillo.”


In a press release for the new single, Balming Tiger says, “We wanted to show ‘Asian sexy’ and ‘Asian cool’ through the music and visuals of the new single.” With more than seven million views across the four video teasers the group shared on Instagram ahead of the drop, no doubt the message will be well received and further boosted by RM’s global profile spotlighting a fully independent music collective from Korea.





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3 Reasons We Love Balming Tiger And RM’s ‘Sexy Nukim’


by Madison Murray


Balming Tiger and RM of BTS are bringing sexy back in a fresh new light with ‘Sexy Nukim’ a ridiculously catchy track merging elements of pop, R&B, and trap while discussing different things that can make someone sexy. The main message of the song is that you don’t have to be drop-dead gorgeous or have people fawning over you to be “sexy” – you can just be yourself, and you should celebrate all the things that make you who you are!


After hearing this track, we’re crossing our fingers that RM can work with the Balming Tiger collective more. This amazing group of talents includes so many creative voices that come together in such a fierce way! ‘Sexy Nukim’ has been stuck in our heads for days, and we don’t think that’ll change anytime soon. We wanted to share the love with you, so here are some things we love about ‘Sexy Nukim.’


The Music Video

From start to finish, this music video is a whole ride that will keep you intrigued at every moment! It has everything from pillow fights and trippy drone shots to bikes and overflowing pools, with such a cool aesthetic that matches the effortlessly cool energy of the song. It’s honestly not fair that it didn’t get a fancy premiere event at a luxurious movie theater because we would’ve made sure to find a way to be there.


Okay, you knew this one was coming. We love some Namjoon in this hive! His rap verse on ‘Sexy Nukim’ is dripping with confidence, and the singing interlude he does in the middle makes our hearts flutter. This man’s duality never fails to amaze us, and his section was definitely one of our favorite parts of the song!


It seems like Balming Tiger loves RM as much as we do because they told DIY that they had a blast working with him! We’ll pretend our invite to that studio session got lost in the mail because we’re sure they wouldn’t intentionally exclude us from hanging out with so many amazing artists at once.


His performance was great. We ended up using the lyrics and rap style that he sent us for the first time. He understood the music 120% and drew his own style within the flow of the track. And because he’s a man of such a humble, charming personality, we’ve been able to have fun throughout our work with him. Rather than teaching each other, we naturally exchanged good influences.   — Balming Tiger to DIY

The Message
Like we mentioned earlier, the driving idea behind ‘Sexy Nukim’ is that you don’t have to be conventionally “sexy” to embody that energy. It’s all about finding out what makes you, you, and owning it! It’s such an important, empowering message everyone needs to hear, reminding us that we’re perfect the way we are and don’t have to conform to what might be expected of us.


The song makes the concept of ‘sexy’ appear as it appears or has a different meaning. It could be external sexiness, it could be internal confidence, the lyrics say what ‘sexiness’ is.


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[Weverse Magazine] Balming Tiger and the birth of a genre

The minds behind “SEXY NUKIM” featuring RM


[ ... ]  These are the same bonds that drove their new song, “SEXY NUKIM,” for which BTS’s RM was along for the ride. Production was handled by bj wnjn, Unsinkable and Leesuho arranged the song and Omega Sapien, Mudd the student and RM took care of rapping. This track perfectly shows what makes Balming Tiger the masters of their craft: a title that combines familiar words in an unfamiliar, cool way, a concept that shouts “Asian sexy” and “Asian cool,” and a funny, catchy music video overflowing with their distinct aesthetic.


The most impressive part of this unthinkable collaboration is RM’s contribution to it. Omega Sapien raps in a deeper voice than usual while Mudd the student cleverly messes around with the rhyme scheme and flow of the song. RM comes in with a carefully crafted rap that fits perfectly with the overall mood of the track. The whole thing sounds incredibly natural. RM is a global pop superstar, and Balming Tiger is an indie crew with a diverse sound; they live in different musical worlds, but they worked together and have created a fantastic-sounding song with global appeal. That’s real teamwork in action.  :thumbsup:


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Omega Sapien: I think a good song is something that you never get sick of. I think this is that song. It’s also featuring a great artist.


San Yawn: I got a close producer friend called Supreme Boi. We were introduced to RM through him. He was very interested in Balming Tiger, so we naturally became friends.


Mudd the Student: I was shocked when I heard that we would be working with RM. His verse comes right after mine. He did a real sexy one. :thumbsup:






Balming Tiger's Interview with The F1rst Time Japan


Unsinkable: I arranged Mudd and RM's parts. Mudd's part makes use of his mischievousness, and RM's part didn't require me to touch upon it at all, so I just arranged small details like the arrangement of audio and putting in effects.


BTS' RM appearance was made possible due to an old friend.


San Yawn, the leader of Balming Tiger and RM went for a Korean (Buddhist) templestay together, and RM attended a rock fest where Balming Tiger performed. One can see these interactions on SNS but it all began with an old friend of San Yawn.


Omega Sapien: Till now, we have never featured anyone in a Balming Tiger's song, but while making "SEXY NUKIM" we felt there was something missing so we decided to bring in a featuring artist for the first time.


When San Yawn suggested RM as one of the choices, we were like "No, no.. it has to be someone more realistic.." (laughs). San Yawn and BTS producer Supreme Boi are college classmates and when he (San Yawn) proposed the idea (to RM) through Supreme Boi, RM readily agreed! We were really surprised as well!


San Yawn: I'm very thankful. I met RM for the first time when filming the MV and my first impression of him was really good. He's very humble, flexible/relaxed and also cool. He listened to the direction given by the members well, so I respected him. So through this work I became good friends with RM.


Omega Sapien: During RM's filming, we were in the middle of our European tour so I asked the director of the MV (director Pennacky), how was it like to film with RM, so he said RM's really a wonderful artist, humble and sincere, and was actively involved in the filming of the MV!


I think Koreans and foreigners have different observations/perspectives on Korea. I thought, that this work, especially with RM's participation in it will have more opportunities for it to be seen by people from overseas and so director Pennacky, a foreigner (t/n: director Pennacky is Japanese) filmed the MV in Korea through the same perspective as that of people from overseas.


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Japanese-British singer-songwriter Rina Sawayama included RM’s “moonchild” in her Spotify playlist titled “Jasmine” to celebrate ESEA (East and South East Asians) Month in the UK.


Rina Sawayama takes over Jasmine to celebrate ESEA (East and South East Asians) Month in the UK!




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[2022.09.12]  From RM's Weverse Live


[ ... ]  To be honest, before "Decision to Leave" premiered.. I had a reason to meet the director (Park Chan Wook) so I met up with him then. I heard that "Decision to Leave" was going to come out. But the company (BigHit).. :vicx:


He (director Park Chan Wook) originally wanted to call me to the preview. I didn't know. I didn't even know that he called me. I think that the company cut it out of my schedule because of prior schedules. How nice it would have been if I went to that preview. I would have known earlier.


Wow BigHit didn't ask him first.. :vicx:  well they could at least have told him before so that he could make a decision. :angry::(


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On 9/2/2022 at 11:08 AM, bohmi said:



KukiNews reports RM went to a screening of Park Chan Wook’s film “Decision to Leave” and posted a picture of the word “finally,” which is a memorable quote from the movie, on his Instagram story.


The screening was an event hosted by natural wine company Vin V and only had 40 slots, making it a very competitive event to get into. The event also stipulated that those who applied for the event had to have seen the movie at least once before. According to an employee, RM applied through his manager and it was known this would be his 5th viewing of the film.


According to staff at the event, RM didn’t leave his seat long after the movie had ended and appeared to have been very moved by the film. He had previously mentioned how he enjoyed “Decision to Leave” on a Weverse post and on a VLive.


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[2022.09.30]  Artist-Songwriter Scott Quinn Twitter Update : Going through DM’s and re found this :heart: #RMusic


11 March 2017


Scott Quinn :
Hey man!
Thank you so much for sharing my music. Your fans are incredible. They're so deep and respectful, it's refreshing.
It would be great to get in the studio together at some point! I'm a writer/producer so similar to yourself. Scott.


RM :

thanks. good to hear that. your music is great. i bet youll one day get big.
let's work together sometime !



[2019.06.14]  Artist-Songwriter Scott Quinn Twitter Update : 2 years ago. Now we’re here RiUG7VM.jpg:heart:


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Kim Namjoon, more famously known as RM and a founding member of the mega-popular Korean band BTS, is equally adept in art galleries as he is laying down tracks. The K-Pop star’s art adventures started when he was on tour in the American Midwest in 2018, he recently told Art Basel director Marc Spiegler, on the podcast “Intersections” (RM also told Spiegler that he reads Artnet every morning, so—hello there RM!)   [read more here]


— Artnet (August 30, 2022)



As gallerist Thaddaeus Ropac explained, ‘I think what is astonishing about Korea is you have a younger generation of collectors here than in Europe or the U.S. They are so eager to learn about art and live with art which I haven’t seen so much. They want to know, they follow things, they go to exhibitions. I’m impressed I have to say.’


Ropac was especially impressed by K-Pop icon and BTS leader RM who visited his booth earlier in the day. ‘I’m really amazed how educated and how much RM knows about art,’ he says. ‘K-pop artists themselves are so interested in contemporary art and I think this created a generation of new people interested in art and collecting. I’m astounded by this.’


— Wallpaper (Sept 2, 2022)



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RM was chosen as part of Apollo Magazine’s 40 Under 40 (The Patrons & Advocates) in the Asia Pacific!


Apollo is proud to reveal the Apollo 40 Under 40 Asia Pacific – the 9th edition of our list of inspirational artists and creative innovators.


‘Art embraces the world of dream and disorder,’ RM tells Apollo. ‘It creates awareness and opens a window for how we perceive the world.’  [ ... ]  Of his inclusion in this year’s 40 Under 40, RM says he is ‘truly honoured and grateful for such recognition.’  [read more here]






Apollo magazine is proud to announce the 40 Under 40 Asia Pacific. Pictured above are the patrons and advocates featured on this year’s list.



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RM Instagram Story  221002












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