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[THE OFFICIAL] RM (알엠) / Kim Nam Joon (김남준) Thread ♪♫ “Smoke Sprite” by So!YoON! (feat. RM) OUT NOW!! ♫♪


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Oct 28, 2020


BTS has shared postcards for their fans ARMY as part of the lead-up to their new album “BE”! (Soompi)


From. RM
“The happiest moment for me is not something grandiose but the moments when I open my eyes in the morning to the beautiful sky, when I smell the winter and when I’m on my bike and the breeze feels nice. Dear ARMY, when do you feel happy in your everyday lives?”












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Aug 1, 2015

BTS’ Rap Monster to Collaborate With Blockbuster Movie “Fantastic Four”


BTS’ Rap Monster will be collaborating with Hollywood blockbuster “Fantastic Four” by releasing a digital single.


“Fantastic Four” tells the story of four individuals who gain super powers and transform into heroes.


Rap Monster’s digital single is titled “Fantastic” and is described to have a fast rhythm and powerful lyrics. The song was created with the agony and trauma experienced by the young superheroes in mind.


The rapper revealed, “Since the movie is large-scale with great visuals, I created a song that is exciting and full of tension.”


“Fantastic” will be released on August 4 through various music sites. Meanwhile, the film will be released in Korean theaters on August 20. (Soompi)




Aug 4, 2015

BTS’ Rap Monster Unleashes “Fantastic” MV for “Fantastic Four”


BTS’ Rap Monster proves his rap and songwriting skills with his latest collaborative song “Fantastic” featuring Mandy Ventrice. The rapper reportedly wrote his lyrics himself.


After collaborating with American hip-hop legend Warren G with “P.D.D. (Please Don’t Die),” the talented star has released this synergetic track for Hollywood blockbuster “Fantastic Four.”


“Fantastic” was co-produced by Rap Monster, James F. Reynolds, and White Nerd. James. F. Reynolds has collaborated with Calvin Harris, Tulisa Contostavlos, and Tinie Tempah before while White Nerd has experience working with Craig David, Chris Brown, and Christina Aguilera. Meanwhile, vocalist Mandy Ventrice has previously worked with Kanye West and Jay Z.


With all of the talent behind this song, “Fantastic” surely doesn’t disappoint. Interspersed with clips from the film, the song definitely gets your adrenaline pumping. (Soompi)




Edit:  Interview


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BTS’s Rap Monster Revealed To Have Co-Written Homme’s New Song


(Aug 25, 2016) -  Big Hit Entertainment has revealed that composer Bang Shi Hyuk and BTS’s Rap Monster co-wrote Homme’s upcoming digital single “Dilemma.”


Apparently Bang Shi Hyuk himself suggested that Rap Monster play a leading role in producing the song.


Rap Monster is known for his rising producing skills. Previously, he participated in the producing of “EPILOGUE: Young Forever” from BTS’s most recent album “The Most Beautiful Moment in Life: Young Forever.”


Many are anticipating the synergy between hitmaker Bang Shi Hyuk and Rap Monster for “Dilemma.” The new song is described as a ballad that comforts hearts that are tired from worrying and hurting because of love.


“Dilemma” will be released on August 30 at 12 a.m. KST. Prior to that the duo will meet fans at a showcase on August 29 at 8 p.m. KST. (Soompi)




Homme, Bang Si-Hyuk and RM team up!
New song ‘Dilemma’, a harmony of strong vocals and delicate sensibility, is to be released on August 30!


The male duo, Homme, releases its new digital single ‘Dilemma’.


‘Dilemma’ is a trendy chill out style ballad, in which the song and the lyrics were co-written by Bang Si-hyuk, CEO, songwriter and producer of Big Hit Entertainment, and RM, the leader of BTS. Lee Hyun and Lee Chang-min’s emotional vocals laid upon a clean piano line augments the sadness of a song filled with heartbreak.


Lyrics such as ‘I hate you, but I love you’, ‘I’m like a stranger to you’, ‘You treat me the same every day’, ‘Why can’t I even try to hate you’, expresses how people are in pain because of love, and offers a comforting message for the tired souls.


In this song, Producer Bang Si-hyuk, with RM’s cooperation, gives the song its special features. Producer Bang Si-hyuk has made a request to RM to produce works. RM has shown his capability as a producer in the song ‘EPILOGUE: Young Forever’, which was included in BTS’s last special album ‘The Most Beautiful Moment In Life: Young Forever’. RM said, “During production, I wanted Homme to approach the public in a way they have not tried before. Therefore, the title also differed from the past songs of Homme.” With RM, who is showing progress in many different types of music from hip-top to ballad, as a producer and Bang Si-hyuk the hit-maker as the supervisor, and the fantastic vocals of Homme, ‘Dilemma’ is expected to be popular among many listeners.


Now, at the end of a hot summer and leading into fall, the powerful vocals and delicate emotions of Homme is about to open up a new season with their new song ‘Dilemma’. (Big Hit)


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Aug 28, 2016

BTS’s Rap Monster Shows His Support And Aegyo As Co-Producer For Homme’s New Single


BTS leader Rap Monster is cheering on his label mates Homme for their upcoming single “Dilemma,” which he co-wrote and co-produced!


On August 28, Big Hit Entertainment shared photos via Homme’s official Twitter of Rap Monster and Homme’s Lee Hyun and Lee Changmin, in which they’re holding up album covers for “Dilemma.” The set includes Rap Monster showing off his aegyo as his sunbaes try to look cool and serious.


The caption reads, “Rap Monster, who came to visit to cheer on his Homme hyungs! Please look forward to the synergy between the Homme hyungs and Rap Monster, who participated as a producer of ‘Dilemma,’ which will be out on August 30 at midnight.”  :thumbsup: :yum: :thumbsup:


Rap Monster co-wrote and co-produced the track “Dilemma” for Homme along with Big Hit founder Bang Shi Hyuk. Are you looking forward to hearing this new track?


Source (1) (2)










Aug 29, 2016

Watch: Homme Releases MV For “Dilemma,” Co-Written By BTS’s Rap Monster


Ballad duo Homme has shared the music video for their new digital single!


Homme is a group under the agency Big Hit Entertainment that is composed of 2AM’s Lee Changmin and 8Eight’s Lee Hyun. On August 30 at midnight KST, they dropped the music video for their latest digital single, entitled “Dilemma.” Big Hit describes the song as being a “chill out” ballad with sad lyrics that are made even more emotional by Lee Hyun and Lee Changmin’s vocals.


The track was co-composed and co-written by BTS leader Rap Monster and Big Hit’s founder Bang Shi Hyuk. (Soompi)



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Sep 5, 2016

Homme Had No Idea BTS’s Rap Monster Would Write Ballads So Well


Homme (Lee Hyun, Lee Changmin), who recently returned with the song “Dilemma,” written by BTS’s Rap Monster, talked about what it was like working with the idol group leader.


Lee Hyun said, “At first we were worried that Rap Monster would be too cautious, because he would have seen us as seniors since 2009, when he auditioned.” Laughing, Lee Hyun continued, “But he wasn’t like that at all. He’s extremely intelligent. As a director, he knows how to talk to you, and even though I’m his senior, I never felt bad or offended. I was very impressed with how he handled himself.”


He said he had no idea Rap Monster would write ballads so well, given that BTS’s music is of a much different style. “It’s a trendy, but unique ballad. I really like it.” (Soompi)



(Aug 31, 2016) -  Homme recently poured out their respect and affection for Bang Shi Hyuk and BTS in an interview with OSEN.

[ ... ]  They further talked about Rap Monster co-producing “Dilemma” and stated, “In the early stages when we heard Rap Monster’s verse we thought there were a lot of parts that were unique and full of charm.”


When asked why Rap Monster, who typically works in different genres, did the guide for their song they answered, “Bang Shi Hyuk makes trainees work on guides done by opposite kind of singers.” They further explain how this helps singers find their own voice through working with a different kind of voice. (Soompi)


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Aug 31, 2016


Bang Shi Hyuk Gets Sentimental Talking About Rap Monster’s Growth As A Musician


Big Hit Entertainment’s founder Bang Shi Hyuk shares his thoughts on working with BTS’s Rap Monster on Homme’s new track.


On August 30, Bang Shi Hyuk tweeted, “Homme’s ‘Dilemma,’ which I worked on with Rap Monster, has just been released. It was enjoyable to work with a very young producer for the first time in a while, and I feel satisfied with the final product because it came out just as youthful and fresh [as Rap Monster].”



He continues, “My heart is full looking at how high schooler Namjoon (Rap Monster’s birth name), has grown up into producer Rap Monster and is even making music with me… ^^ Lee Hyun was Big Hit’s first-ever trainee and Lee Changmin is the first idol that Big Hit produced for. Through this song, the entire family was able to reunite. Needless to say, I look forward to good results [for this song]. Please listen to it a lot ^^”


Composed of 2AM’s Lee Changmin and 8Eight’s Lee Hyun, ballad duo Homme released “Dilemma” on August 30. “Dilemma” was co-composed and co-written by BTS leader Rap Monster and Big Hit’s founder Bang Shi Hyuk. (Soompi)


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March 19, 2017


Watch: BTS’s Rap Monster And Rapper Wale Drop MV For Much-Anticipated Collaboration Track “Change”


BTS leader Rap Monster and American rapper Wale have surprised fans by releasing the music video for the collaboration that everyone’s been eagerly awaiting!


On March 20 at midnight KST, the duo shared the MV for their English-language track “Change” via Big Hit Entertainment’s YouTube channel. Wale recently travelled to Seoul to work with Rap Monster on this collaboration, after expressing his love for BTS in a recent track. (Soompi)




RM X Wale - “Change”


In what would be one of the most politically fraught BTS collaborations, RM and US rapper Wale linked up on their song “Change” to lament about everything from education, justice system to social media. Trading off verses in English with Wale, RM raps, “Kill people with fingers on Twitter / More than a gun, more than a knife / The tip of your tongue just glitter.” Tackling education system, he declares, “Oh, f--- the school / All we got is mad teachers and some visible classes / Divided spaces, and forever-lastin‘ stresses.”


The collaboration was initiated as Wale tweeted at RM, asking if he wanted to work together after discovering through a fan’s tweet that the BTS rapper had previously freestyled over Wale‘s “Illest Bit--.” (KPop Herald)



This unexpected collaboration left a significant impression on its audience. With a well-thought-out lyrical plan, rappers RM and Wale united to convey a strong societal message that expresses their desire to change the world. (Soompi)



>> CHANGE’s thread by LemonamuRM <<


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March 20, 2017


Wale & BTS’ Rap Monster Team Up for Politically Tinged ‘Change’


Months after connecting over Twitter, Wale and BTS’ Rap Monster teamed up to release “Change” on Sunday. The track is an East-meets-West, politically fraught banger filled with the pair’s hopes for a better world.




“Change” features Rap Monster, dubbed “RM” for the release, and Wale trading off verses about societal ills, primarily those currently causing divisiveness in the U.S. With the duo criticizing the “alt-right,” Twitter’s ability to “kill,” “racist police” and declaring “no faith in the government,” the unrestrained hip-hop track is one of the most progressive songs yet from the socially aware boy band BTS.


Though most K-pop acts shy away from politicizing their music, or even touching on seemingly controversial topics, the Rap Monster-led K-pop act has addressed politics and cultural issues in their songs on multiple occasions, with a particular focus on youth-related issues such as mental health, bullying and suicide. The atypical approach has made BTS fan favorites in the U.S., leading to them becoming the highest-ranked K-pop act ever on the Billboard 200.


The song also features a variety of puns and plays on words, including references to ARMY, BTS’ fandom, and Wale’s chart-topping “Folarin Like,” which itself had a nod to the Korean boy band.


The English-language collaborative track was released several months after Wale tweeted at Rap Monster in November, asking if he wanted to work together after discovering through a fan’s tweet that Rap Monster had previously freestyled over Wale’s “Illest Bit--.”


The two rappers got together in South Korea in March to record the track and film the accompanying music video. The video for “Change” features the pair washed-out by DayGlo hues as they drop their rhymes over depictions of people from different social strata, some actively changing their lives while others are, literally, strangled by technology. [ ... ]  (Billboard)


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March 20, 2017


Rap Monster, Wale collaborate on ‘Change’


Bangtan Boys’ Rap Monster and US rapper Wale on Monday released their song “Change” along with the music video via the K-pop group’s official social networking pages.


“The two artists have been interested in each other’s music and naturally came to work together,” said BTS’s agency Big Hit Entertainment.




Wale initiated the collaboration in November when he replied to Rap Monster’s cover of his song with a comment “Collab???!” which left fans excited.


Rap Monster has expressed his respect and admiration for Wale, and said he was proud to share the music video.


The English-language hip-hop track has the two rappers lamenting about everything from education to the justice system represented by “racist police,” urging the “crazy world” to change. (Source)




March 21, 2017


Wale Joins Rap Monster For New Song “Change”


South Korea's own Rap Monster, who we profiled on our list of 10 Korean rappers you should know, is back with "Change," a brand new track and accompanying visual featuring himself and Wale. The track both rappers looking for just what their song title suggests: change.


The video begins with Rap Monster pacing back-and-forth in an open warehouse as he raps about the "everlasting stress," kids experience when they're enrolled in school. As he spits his verse, we see an exasperated looking school girl hard at work in front of a textbook. The "Change" instrumental is a vibrant one, and features singing hook from Rap Monster himself.


Next up is Wale, who serves up one of his typically socially conscious verses for the Rap Monster track, rapping about the ills of the world. "What if I could change the world but they hold back/When it's time to go the people just be mad again/What if I could change the world with a pen and pad/When it's time to vote the people turn into manakins."


Wale continues to go from there, flaunting the verbal gymnastics that have made him one of the rap game's most potent wordsmiths. By the end of the video, Wale and Rap Monster are both kicking it together on screen as Wale's verse reaches its end. (Source)


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A review worth reading!!!  :eats:


Rap Monster and Wale Signal a “Change” in East-West Collabs


March 26, 2017. By Cjontai.


[ ... ]  An innocuous tweet by a fan of both Wale and Rap Monster lead to a collaboration that could be the start of more promising pairings between K-pop and Western artists. Originally, I expected this exchange to yield about as much results as a fart in the wind since it’s not always a guarantee that an actual collab will happen when a Western artist shouts out a K-pop idol. Even if the collab is a go, it doesn’t mean it will be good. Much to my surprise, not only did Wale follow through with his desire to work with Rap Monster, but they created a meaningful song that speaks to the social issues of South Korea and the United States.




What’s notable here is that Rap Monster starts off the song and video. Rather than reduce Rap Monster’s role to a feature, he’s given equal billing as he shares the pre-chorus and chorus with Wale throughout the song. He’s not being thrown into the song as a novelty that Wale discovered; he’s an actual partner in rhyme. This is part of the reason why this collaboration works.


Another commendable trait is the theme of the song itself. It’s steeped in social commentary, which is a risky move for both artists considering the political climates of their countries. While Rap Monster doesn’t touch on the recent impeachment of former president Park Geun-hye, he does continue to tackle more peer-oriented issues. He raps about the pressures South Korean youth face to succeed and how it cultivates a toxic online culture. This may come off as softball safe to cynics, but let’s not forget Rap Monster is still an idol. His public role mutes him to a fault, so he tackles these subjects as covertly as possible. If he was American, it would be another story, which brings me to Wale.


Coming from the west, it’s expected that Wale is less reserved in his expression. He does not disappoint as he takes a shot at the Americans who don’t vote, the alt-right, and racist police. He also takes a moment to shout out BTS and ARMY, which thematically seems out of place, but the laid-back pop synth beat complements these lyrics. Besides, let’s not act like ARMY didn’t lose their damn minds when they heard “BTS IS THE AAAARRRRMMMYYY!!!”




At this point, we’ve only seen Wale and Rap Monster in separate scenes, but with a minute left, the beat drops and changes tempo as we’re greeted with a visual of both rappers in the same room together. They volley bars back and forth as they interact with each other. At the end, we’re treated with a lighthearted moment as Wale moonwalks out of the frame while Rap Monster laughs at the sight. My inner mush ball loved this for no other reason than knowing that Rap Monster had to be thrilled to work with someone he admired.


Going into the other visual aspects of this video, I want to point out what else made this collaboration unique. As I mentioned, there is an underlying sense of respect between both rappers, which is not only heard, but seen as well. Not only did both men get equal screen time, but their silhouettes intertwined with each other during their earlier verses. This suggests a connection that extends beyond music; they relate on a personal level with the other person’s grievances. This shared sympathy echoes the theme of the song that calls for a change in attitude from society as a whole. Clearly, that change can only be achieved through compassion.


Aside from seeing themselves in each other, there are other people featured in the silhouettes. There’s something quietly poetic about the juxtaposition of their introduction in relation to how we see them later in the video. For example, we see an interracial couple leaning on each other for support, but when we see them again, they’re wearing virtual reality headsets. Could this be commentary on how couples disconnect from real human connection for a fake reality? Think about all of those social media posts by couples that appear to be living the perfect life. Maybe it’s an allusion to a need for people to portray their online selves differently from their offline selves.


There’s the student who escapes the pressures of studying by immersing herself in television and internet. A tattooed man expresses his feelings through his body art. An office worker finds himself literally tied down to his occupation. A handcuffed politician casually smokes a cigar while speaking to the press. It’s a lot to take in all at once.


I don’t necessarily hate this trait of the video, but it does hit a little too on the nose for social commentary. However, considering how difficult it is to digest anything with deep meaning in a BTS-related video, I’m actually grateful for the straightforward approach. For once, I didn’t feel like a clueless dingus trying to decipher a million clues about the video’s hidden message.


I liked this video for a number of reasons, but what truly won me was the chemistry between Wale and Rap Monster at the end. In both the song and video, there exists a mutual respect and bond between two rappers from different continents. It’s amazing to see that k-pop has come far enough to allow such a pairing to even happen. Hopefully, we’ll continue getting more collaborations of this caliber.


MV rating: 4/5  →  Change MV




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RM X Wale - “Change”


March 21, 2017


Teen Vogue: Rap Monster, you’ve just released a collaboration with rapper Wale, which came about through a BTS fan helping bring you guys together over Twitter. What can you tell us about working together?


RM: When he suggested the collaboration, that was a real shock. I thought about it, [and was] like, should we do a party song? But I wanted to do something different. The title is “Change” — in America. They’ve got their situations and we’ve got ours in Seoul, the problems are everywhere and the song is like a prayer for change. He talks about the police, and problems he’s faced since he was a child. For me, I talked about Korea, my problems, and about those on Twitter who kill people by keyboards. (Source)




Sep 29, 2018


Wale predicts that BTS’s RM will be amongst the greatest songwriters and producers in the industry:

“Rap Monster, his energy, his vibe is so good. I know he’s one of those dudes, if he spent enough time in America, he could be one of the best producer, writers. He’s that good, he’s that good, he’s that good.” - Wale





April 23, 2020


An army’s question: Wale, how was Namjoon in real life ??
Wale: One of the nicest I’ve met. If you see him tell him I finished this beat he gave me two years ago but I don’t know how to send it to him.





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Nov 4, 2020


BTS’s RM Charms With A Cozy Style In “BE” Comeback Photos


BTS released RM’s concept photos for new album “BE”!  →  Source (1) (2)





:heart2beat: H.A.N.D.S.O.M.E   :love:


Audio clips of RM talking about the different aspects of his room as the “curator.”


View the audio clips here → (1) (2) (3) or (1) (2)


Hello and welcome to RM’s room. I, RM am the curator of this room.
I present to you my warm and cozy room! 
It’s decorated with a white and wood tone color scheme.
This room evokes a sense of warmth, of being in someone’s embrance.
It has a clean, crisp feel, with a warm painting on the wall, but I think it would have looked even better with some made of porcelain.
I wanted to create a comfortable room that you don’t get tired of, a place you spend time everyday, which is why I chose this color scheme.

Does it look cozy to you too, ARMY?
It best reflects my philosophy--a long sleeved top paired with shorts is the best outfit.
What objects in this room do you think best represent me?
They are none other than objects made of wood, figurines, tables, wooden frames on the walls, and even the bonsai tree, I think these “wooden” objects best portray who I am.


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Nov 4, 2020

Netizens love BTS RM’s concept photos for ‘BE’


original post: theqoo


1. The room is full of what RM likes, I love this concept


2. That hairstyle looks good on him!!! His voice is also amazing…


3. Daebak… His eyes are so attractive


4. Namjoon is crazy ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ


5. Oh seriously, Kim Namjoon’s own concept photos are amazing


6. His face, voice, style, taste, and aura are all my ideal types ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ


7. The room feels warm like Namjoon


8. I like that room. RM looks handsome and charming. I’m looking forward to the other members


9. Namjoon’s room is completely my hobby


10. Namjoon-ah ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ Your eyes are crazy







BTS Instagram Update






Source (1) (2) (3)


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Nov 4, 2020  (RM Weverse Update)








Nov 2, 2020  (Tweet by Lea Salonga)


An oldie but a goodie. A pre-debut BTS RM. Check this out.




Vote is yours, but future is ours.
VOTE, or just shut up. - (RM, 2012)


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Hi, Anna :)


On 11/5/2020 at 5:12 PM, Anna Rusina said:

Oh my gosh... Actually, i've came here just from J-rock stuff but I found K-pop music as cool as japanese rock and visual key, BTS has really opened a new world for me, ...


Wow, that’s great! :thumbsup:


© gif_namjoon



Actually, there’s BTS thread if you want to look around.. :wub:


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March 27, 2017


BTS’s Rap Monster To Feature In Gaeko’s Upcoming Track


Fans will be able to hear BTS’s Rap Monster in Gaeko’s new song “Elephant”!

On March 27, a source from Amoeba Culture said, “Rap Monster participated in featuring in ‘Elephant.’”

“Elephant” will be released in early April. (Soompi)




March 30, 2017


Gaeko Reveals Why He Asked BTS’s Rap Monster To Feature On New Track


Dynamic Duo’s Gaeko will soon be releasing a new track featuring Rap Monster of BTS, and he has now talked about what it was about the young rapper that caught his attention.


“I’ve always thought Rap Monster has a good voice and also liked his tone,” explained Gaeko. “His energy is great, so it seemed like it would be good to work with him.”




Gaeko’s agency Amoeba Culture has shared a teaser for Gaeko’s new track “Gajah” (with the Korean title meaning “Elephant”) featuring Rap Monster, which is due out on April 5 at noon KST.


Rap Monster also previously announced the collaboration to his fans by sharing two photos of himself with Gaeko to BTS’s official Twitter. (Soompi)




(April 5, 2017) -  Dynamic Duo’s Gaeko is back with a new solo release in approximately two years and five months!


His single “Gajah” featuring BTS’s Rap Monster is a message to people in society about not hesitating in front of different choices who may struggle with losing their way in life.


The music video features 3D animation, unique graphics, and incorporates original stories. (Soompi)



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Gaeko feat. RM - “Gajah”


April 5, 2017


Gaeko of famed South Korean rap group Dynamic Duo recently released his latest single “Gajah” featuring Rap Monster of the group BTS. The release of the track is accompanied by dizzying visuals that start off chronicling a child’s trip to a dentist which takes a surreal turn into a computer-generated dream world. A bouncing soulful beat serves as the canvas for Gaeko and Rap Monster to display their rap prowess as the two go back and forth spitting bars in their mother tongue. (Source)



April 6, 2017


랩몬스터 피처링은 조금 의외였어요.


제가 본 랩몬스터는 열정도 엄청나고 무엇보다 힙합 자체를 너무 좋아해요. 가끔 신보 정보를 엄청 공유하는데, 얘기가 되게 잘 통할 정도로 음악 듣는 폭이 넓어요. 그러다 보니 자연스럽게 음악까지 연결이 됐어요. 어떻게 보면 랩몬 차체가 논쟁이 될만한 캐릭터죠. 아이돌 그룹에서 랩을 한다는 모순도 있고.


Interviewer: Rap Monster’s featuring was a bit unexpected.


Gaeko: Rap Monster that I’ve seen has a lot of passion, and more than anything, loves hip-hop in itself very much. Occasionally, we share of new information (about music/songs) with each other. He listens to a wide variety of music so we can communicate well. Eventually, we naturally connected musically too. In some ways, Rap Monster himself could be a disputable character. It’s also (considered) contradictory that he raps in an idol group. (Hypebeast Korea), (Bangtanintl)



April 7, 2017


Interviewer: You’re working with Rap Monster in this project. Is there a specific reason why you guys worked together?


Gaeko: I personally like Rap Monster’s voice, tone, and energy. I thought his voice would fit the song perfectly. (Dingo), (Bangtanintl)



April 14, 2017


A behind-the-scenes video of the production of ‘Gajah’ with Gaeko and RM. Source (1) (2) (3)


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