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[THE OFFICIAL] RM (알엠) / Kim Nam Joon (김남준) Thread ♪♫ “Smoke Sprite” by So!YoON! (feat. RM) OUT NOW!! ♫♪


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March 25, 2015


Tiger JK Credits Rap Monster for Changing His Views on Idols


Rapper Tiger JK praised BTS‘ Rap Monster for changing his prejudices against idols on the MNET TV show, “4 Things Show.”


On the March 24 episode of “4 Things Show” Tiger JK appeared and showed a life he had not yet shown on broadcast TV. During the show, Tiger JK introduced Rap Monster as “the industry junior who changed his preconceptions about idols.” He added, “Rap Monster is easy going and a compatible friend.”


Rap Monster also had praise for his senior, “I am a fan who grew up watching Tiger JK.”


“4 Things Show” is a program that explores the life and personality of celebrities through interviews. (Soompi)




[ ... ]  Rap Mon is then introduced, but this is his 3rd time on the show. He’s most famously known as BTS’ leader, but he was an underground rapper prior and grew up idolizing JK. As seen on his last appearance, people questioned him on why he joined a boyband. He vowed to change the views of these critics, and flash forward, he has a solo hip-hop mixtape and this collaboration with MFBTY.  [ ... ]


Rap Monster arrives a few minutes later without knowing MFBTY is in the middle of filming for 4Things Show. He is caught off guard at first, but tells the camera that Tiger JK is his idol. JK replies, “You’re my idol (play on words).” JK comments that Rapmon changed his view of idol rappers. Rapmon’s good-natured personality and natural skills rapping left a positive impression.  [ ... ]  Video (1) (2) (3)


As the show draws to an end, Bizzy, Tasha, and RapMon are asked their thoughts on Tiger. RapMon says, “He’s not ‘Ho-Rang-Ee’ JK. He is his own name, no translation. Just TIGER JK.”  [ ... ]  © drunkentigerintl


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Epilogue: Young Forever (debut as producer)


“Young Forever is my debut as a producer. I didn’t do everything on my own, but this song started from my draft so I’m quite proud. As I have just recently started arranging songs, I will show you a lot of good things about arrangement and track. Thank you always.” - RM




Young Forever’s draft  :scream:


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Spring Day




‘봄날’ 같은 경우는 랩몬스터가 이틀 만에 써온 가사와 멜로디가 너무 좋았다. 너무 미끈한 느낌이 아쉬웠는데, 외국 작곡가에게 받은 부분을 연결해보니 감동이 배가 되며 곡이 더 살았다.


“In the case of ‘Spring Day,’ the lyrics and the melody that Rap Monster wrote in just two days were so good. Unfortunately I did feel extreme sleekness, but when I connected it with the part I received from a foreign composer, the song lived more and doubled the moving feelings.” - Pdogg  (Korea JoongAng Daily)


Band member RM created the main melody of the song, which he wrote between November and December 2016 during a walk at Saetgang Eco Park in Yeouido, taking inspiration from the dried leaves that were blown off trees by the wind. (VLive / Wikipedia)



Hate → Love :transforms:

Here’s the story of 30 year-old woman hearing ‘Spring Day’ for the first time. She started liking BTS more passionately after reading RM’s tweets. (December 2017)


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Fake Love




Talking about the song, RM explained in a V Live broadcast that among all songs on the album, “Fake Love” was most difficult to work on. The main foundation of it was created by him, while the rest of the song-making process was handled by Pdogg and “Hitman” Bang. He also shared a demo version of the track during the broadcast, which he felt was “completely different” and “more depressing and deeper” than the recorded one. (Wikipedia)



[V Report Plus] RM reveals behind stories from making of ‘Fake Love’


May 29, 2018


In the broadcast where the BTS member introduced each track from the album, RM said “It is the lead track and it’s a song that we had the most difficulty with.”


“We don’t choose a lead track from many songs that we had worked on so far but instead we make the lead track with a clear picture and concept,” he said. “So we fix the lead track in the beginning.”


“When we heard the beats for the first time, we thought that it was definitely going to be a big hit. It’s very unique and (we thought that) this is it!” he said.


“Still that was why we had the most difficulty working on this song -- I wrote the melody for like 20 times,” he said.


The singer still remained humble saying what he did was just building the foundation of the song and the rest was mostly done by composer Pdogg and producer Bang Si-hyuk.


“I found producer Bang very amazing because he created a totally different song,” he said. “It was a great song to begin with but it was very much of a pop song so we had to think about whether we could do this, whether it’s our style and whether we could sing and perform this -- that’s why (making) lead track is difficult. You need the right tempo and melody for performance.”


“That’s the most difficult part and producer Bang solved that problem,” he said.


In the broadcast, he also played the initial version of the song which he worked.


“As you listen to it, you will know that there’s no guitar sound that covers the current ‘Fake Love’ overall,” he said. “It’s a completely different song. It used to be more depressing and deeper.”


“To adjust to voice range of our vocalists, we change the pitch in the end so rappers often have difficulty adjusting to that,” he said.


“(In case of this song), it went up by 6 1/2 pitches as far as I know. Six and half -- that makes a totally different song!” he said. “We adjusted to that pitch and added the guitar sound and there came the ‘Fake Love’ we listen to now.”


“The initial version of ‘Fake Love’ was quite depressing but I guess it wasn’t what we could pull off. With the guitar sound now, it became the ‘Fake Love’ that we could pull off,” he said. “It’s also much better to perform as well.” (KPop Herald)





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Black Swan




August Rigo and Vince Nantes composed and wrote lyrics for “Black Swan,” alongside BTS leader RM, multi-awarded producer Pdogg and rapper Clyde Kelly.


Although they never got the chance to meet, Rigo and Nantes had nothing but praise for their co-producers halfway across the globe.


“RM and the team over at Big Hit really helped take the song to another level with top-notch production… they really put together a masterpiece,” Rigo said.


“RM provided the additional touches needed and really sprinkled on the magic of what the song has now become,” Nantes added.  [ ... ]  (Source)


RM watched the movie ‘Black Swan’ before writing the lyrics, which made him think of the life of dancers. (Source)






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Jan 1, 2017


Listen: BTS’s Rap Monster Drops Moving New Track “Always”


BTS leader Rap Monster has now gifted fans with a new track entitled “Always”!


On January 1, Rap Monster shared his self-produced track “Always” via Soundcloud, as well as posted the lyrics and a short message on the group’s blog, in which he explained that he had worked on the song in early 2016.


“When I was going through a hard time, I didn’t want to just let those feelings pass, so I made a record of them, but thankfully I’m feeling a lot better now!” he wrote. “However, it would be a bit of a shame to just let the song go because the emotions have passed, so I’m sharing it.”


He added that although he had planned to work on it a bit more and edit it, he decided to just leave it as it was in order to preserve the feeling from that time. “Also because when you’re sad, a sad song can be the biggest comfort,” he wrote. “Happy 2017!!”


Take a listen to the track below.


Fans have responded to the release of the track by trending the hashtag “Always_love_you_남준” (남준 is Rap Monster’s real given name Namjoon) on Twitter, and it is currently at the number one spot worldwide. (Soompi)






JoongAng wrote, “The lyrics remind us that Idol members who live through so much finger pointing by so many people are also humans who get wounds in their hearts.” (Source)


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July 17, 2020







So cool...


And the reason for this is


"Taking the TOEIC after 10 years for fun.. :)"


original post: here


1. Even RM is studying for the TOEIC while I'm...

2. TOEIC??

3. Even BTS is living a hard working life while I'm trash....

4. His pictures are all pretty

5. Wow even RM is studying for the TOEIC

6. Even a kid who gave a speech at the UN is studying for the TOEIC...

7. TOEIC...?? This isn't even something that will be useful to RM but... he's impressive

8. Why is RM studying.....? He's already so good at Englishㅠㅠㅠ

9. Even Bangtan's leader is studying English...

10. He's working on their album and studying TOEIC??? Hul

11. What in the world.. even RM is studying for the TOEIC... (I'll reflect)

12. Our RMㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ he's the coolest person in the worldㅠㅠㅜㅜ

13. He's saying "for fun".......

14. For fun.....

15. So respectableㅜㅜ






Aug 19, 2020


[SBS Star] VIDEO: BTS RM Shares Why He Studies English All the Time Despite Already Being Great at It


K-pop boy group BTS' leader RM revealed why he continues to study English even though he is good at it.


Recently, one past video of RM at backstage began to go around online. The video was of RM speaking to one of the members of staff about studying English.


RM said, "A lot of people think I can just speak good English whenever I want, but my English is actually terrible." He continued, "If I don't speak English for like a month, I lose so much of it. I couldn't even talk to Halsey well the other day. I totally struggled."


He added, "I feel like you forget the language if you don't use it often unless you've studied or lived there. That's why I have to keep studying it."


Source/Video (1) (2)


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March 5, 2015


Rap Monster and Warren G Release MV for Collaborative Single “P.D.D”




Boy group BTS‘ member Rap Monster and American rapper and producer Warren G have dropped the music video for their collaborative single “P.D.D.”


“P.D.D,” which stands for “Please Don’t Die,” is a smooth hip hop track with a West Coast vibe. The collaboration caught the attention of the public earlier on when it was revealed that up-and-coming idol rapper Rap Monster will be collaborating with one of the biggest American rappers from the 90’s.


The music video shows Rap Monster traveling to Los Angeles to record the song with Warren G. It also shows the young rapper roaming the streets of the West Coast city. Rap Monster raps of his intent as a rapper in the song. (Soompi)




March 9, 2015


Warren G Praises Rap Monster, Compares Him to Snoop Dogg


American rapper and producer Warren G had a lot to say about BTS’ member Rap Monster. The two artists recently released a collaboration single titled “P.D.D.”


During an interview with CJ America, Warren G said about the young idol rapper, “I couldn’t understand all his lyrics, but I can say that it was very good, because his flow, style, and rhythm are all excellent.”




When he was asked about the differences between Korean and American rappers, he answered that there wasn’t a big difference, adding, “When I hear Rap Monster’s songs, it sounds like Snoop Dogg or me rapping with the beats we’ve made.”


During another interview with hip hop webzine Hiphopplaya, he further continued, “Speaking as an artist and a producer, [Rap Monster] is an exceptional rapper. His delivery is amazing.”


“P.D.D,” which stands for “Please Don’t Die,” was the first collaboration with a Korean artist for Warren G. (Soompi)





Collaboration new song greeting. (Melon)


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RM X Warren G - “P.D.D”




The groovy hip-hop smash, standing for “Please Don’t Die,” holds significant meaning for the BTS rapper, as the song was produced by hip-hop legend Warren G, who was also RM’s musical mentor while BTS featured on Mnet reality TV show “American Hustle Life” in Los Angeles in 2014.


Penned by RM himself, “P.D.D” is a shout-out to his naysayers who used to belittle the musician early on his career. Flexing on his haters, he raps in Korean, “Thank you for all the hating / Once I release my mix tape which is super cool based on that, try rating / I don‘t care that s--- go on twitter go share that s--- / Your narrow sight, prejudice, pride I’ll tear that s---.”


After tutoring RM on “American Hustle Life,” where the BTS member was tasked to write new lyrics for the hip-hop guru’s hit “Regulate,” Warren G reportedly reached out to RM to suggest a collaboration.


Showing his affection and respect toward RM, Warren G once said in an interview, “When I hear Rap Monster’s songs, it sounds like Snoop Dogg or me rapping with the beats we’ve made.” “Speaking as an artist and a producer, Rap Monster is an exceptional rapper. His delivery is amazing,” he added. (KPop Herald)



“P.D.D” (RM X Warren G) entered the top 10 of the Billboard’s World Digital Song Sales chart. Source (1) (2)
Peak position: #9
Peak date: March 21, 2015



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RM X Warren G - “P.D.D”


Namjoon’s voice is sexy, his brain is sexy too. What isn’t sexy.

The song is good.
Thank you for giving this song.
- Jin



From J-Hope, © bts-trans

We’re friends but (this is) incredible!!!! On endless repeat!!


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March 5, 2015


[STARCAST-BTS RAP MONSTER X Warren G] EP.01 When the new star of Hip Hop met the legend of Hip Hop!


[RAP MONSTER X Warren G @ California Sound Studios!]



Who? RAP MONSTER and Warren G
When? Feb 23rd to 24th
Where? City of Los Angeles
What? Completing their collaboration music work
How? Worked as hard as they could!
Why? To make a fantastic music!


On last Feb 23rd, RAP MONSTER went on a flight to the States to meet Warren G to finish up with their collaboration work. Is Warren G the Warren G that we are thinking of? Yes! The legend of hip hop, he is Warren G, the godfather of G-Funk :)


On March 5th the song <P.D.D (Please don’t die)> revealed which was made by the two men. You have not heard of it yet? That is no good! Hurry up! Turn the music on. Also enjoy appreciating a video, pictures, and an interview of RAP MONSTER and Warren G’s collaboration music work~ it is only available here at STARCAST!








[RAP MONSTER is answering to the questions, <P.D.D> is?]

SC: How did u meet Warren G?
RM: We first met via appearing together on Mnet reality program <American Hustle Life> last year. At that time he asked me first if we could work together after hearing BTS’s song. And here we are, revealing our albums.


SC: How was working with Warren G?
RM: We worked at his studio, and his engineers also helped us out on making the album. It was very exciting to work with the legend. It was a great honor for me.


SC: What challenged you the most when composing ‘P.D.D (Please don’t die)’?
RM: The tracks that Warren G made was full of 90s Hip Hop groove. It was different from the songs that I have been listening to. I tried hard to keep the G-Funk’s feeling and change the song in the way that suits into Korea’s culture and today’s trend at the same time.


SC: Is there any fun episode that happened while you were in the States?
RM: I and Warren G were having an interview with the local media, and all of sudden a reporter said “I know this might sound too crazy but can I please ask about one thing?” At first I got really nervous, but the reporter was me and Warren G’s fan! He had listened to all our song and he even bought our album <DARK&WILD>. He handed me a photo card and asked me to sign my autograph on it, I was so shocked!


Source (1) (2) (3) (4) (5)

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March 8, 2015


[STARCAST-BTS RAP MONSTER X Warren G] EP.02 When the new star of Hip Hop met the legend of Hip Hop!


[RAP MONSTER X Warren G “Language doesn’t matter in hip hop world”]



RAP MONSTER has released his collaboration track <P.D.D (Please don’t die> with Warren G on March 5, right? I’m sure that you did hear the news! Today, the 2nd episode of RAP MONSTER and Warren G’s STARCAST is revealed.


At the end of last February, RAP MONSTER flew to U.S.A to meet Warren G for finishing touches to his new songs. They interchanged opinions about the songs, sitting face to face with each other in the studio in L.A. It was the moment that his only individual skill, ‘Black English’ gives out light! He did well without an interpreter~ He has been apprehensive about the awkwardness they can feel as it is been a long time since they last met at Mnet’s reality program, which proved to be unfounded. There was no awkward atmosphere at all since they had often talked to each other on the phone and via e-mail.










Wrapping up the work of the day, the six-months-long project is finally completed. It was an honor just to work together on his music. But Warren G was unstinting in his nice advice to RAP MONSTER. RAP MONSTER said that he learned a lot.


“Even though I heard the music not knowing the meaning of the lyrics, I could feel what he wanted to say. I think language doesn’t matter in hip-hop world.” – Warren G


Also I’m so pleased that <P.D.D (Please don’t die)> is receiving a favorable evaluation by people. (Making a bow) Please expect to see RAP MONSTER’s work!


Q. How do think about RAP MONSTER’s rap?
Warren G: As an artist and a producer, he is one of the most outstanding rappers I know. The power of delivery he has is so amazing.


Q. To give a brief explanation for ‘P.D.D’?
Warren G: When I heard the rap of him, I couldn’t understand the lyrics but I liked the flow. And I came to like it more when I listened to RAP MONSTER’s explanation about the lyrics while working together. The lyrics say ‘Please don’t die until you see my success,’ which means that I will prove people who don’t believe in me. <HIPHOP PLAYA Interview>


[RAP MONSTER @ Art District]
RAP MONSTER: ‘Art District’ is a street full of art. It feels beguiling as the abandoned factory is coated with the colorful artwork of graffiti. I can never pass by the street like this! I took a lot of photographs and also filmed a video here. And there were some people taking pictures for their shopping malls as the street is beautiful :)










Source (1) (2) (3) (4)

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March 11, 2015


[STARCAST-BTS RAP MONSTER X Warren G] EP.03 When the new star of Hip Hop met the legend of Hip Hop!



RAP MONSTER X WARREN G’s STARCAST! I know it’s too sad but today is the last episode of RAP MONSTER X WARREN G ㅠㅠ I hope you enjoyed watching the video and pictures that we have taken at the States.
Revealing the last story of music collaboration work between Warren G who is the representative of 90s U.S.A hip hop and RAP MONSTER who is a rising star of 2015 Korea’s hip hop.




Source (1) (2) (3) (4)

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March 2015 (Interview with Hiphopplaya) - “P.D.D”




Q: How did working on ‘P.D.D’ happen?


RM: Through BTS’ Mnet reality program that was aired last year, I met Warren G for the first time. At that time, Warren G said that he wanted to give us a beat. After discussing how and which album it would be good to be worked on, I ended up releasing my solo single.


Q: There’s a story that you guys bribed him with money (laughter). If you could clear up the story please.


RM: While filming the program, we got a working offer first from Warren G’s side. Warren G personally said it, and I remember Warren G’s manager really positively proposed it. Truthfully, besides ‘P.D.D’, Warren G said that he wished to remix one of BTS’ tracks and place it on the album. At first, I thought he was just saying these offers. But he said he was ‘serious’, and then I realized at that moment that it was real. He said, ‘When you guys go back to Korea, I’ll officially talk about it with your company.’ Maybe it was in order to try out something new. Although, there are probably those who don’t want to believe it and will end up not believe it (laughter).


Q: I heard that you guys first received a few songs.


RM: At first, we received 3 songs. However, the feeling didn’t really come to us well. This wasn’t the Warren G feeling that I had thought of. I was looking forward to a song like ‘Regulate’ or ‘This DJ’, but it wasn’t that kind of song. That’s why I asked for another song to be sent, and I received 3 songs additionally. Among those, ‘P.D.D’ was a song that I thought was closest to Warren G’s feel.


Q: ‘P.D.D’ is definitely a song that has the traditional vibes of west coast hip-hop. Was there a specific reason in adding these kind of lyrics to this kind of sound?


RM: As soon as I heard the song, the words of ‘Please Don’t Die’ naturally came to my mind. I think I unconsciously thought that it would be fun to speak of a slightly brutal story on top of a soft beat.


Q: When you think of a ‘battle rap’, people normally think of very straightforward lyrics. Something like, “I will kill all of you!” (laughter). However, this song felt somewhat like an indirect speech.


RM: It reflects how I feel lately towards those who hate me and criticize me. I used to find it really upsetting and got very angry a long time ago. However, I’ve been able to rise above that a bit more that. I wanted to truthfully add that feeling. This is also the reason behind the lyrics of “If you want to come with me even now, then let’s go.”


Q: When I see those lyrics at the bridge, I feel that you have more ease than before.


RM: That’s true. It’s not made with force, but it really feels like that lately. If there’s any person who made personal attacks towards me, but want to come with from now on, then I want them too. I’ve gained that much ease. I also feel that I have matured a bit as well.


Q: For those who don’t know the various narrations of battle raps from traditions of west coast hip-hop sounds or the specific hidden beauty of hip-hop, could continue to view this song as boring or nothing great.


RM: I just accept it. I respect the tastes of those people. I don’t want to force it upon them or explain it. Although I’m thankful to those who understand my intention or feel enjoyment.


Q: To be honest, ‘P.D.D’ has some similarities with ‘Regulate’ if you look at it. Although ‘Regulate’ received a lot of love from Korea with a gentle sound, it’s a song that has a meaning on its ‘storytelling’ aspect as well, and more than anything, if you look at the lyrics for ‘Regulate’, it’s quite brutal and doesn’t seem to fit with the sound.


RM: That’s true. I received a lot of influence from ‘Regulate’ without knowing it. To be honest, when I first heard ‘Regulate’, I thought it was a bit weird (laughter). “The sound is good, but why are the lyrics like this?”, “Why does he talk about getting robbed so gently like this?” is what I thought.



Q: Do you normally enjoy writing lyrics to battle raps like these? Even if you’re not specifically attacking anyone.


RM: That’s it. I enjoy writing it. And I also think that you don’t need to specifically attack something.


Q: What do you mean exactly when you say that you don’t necessarily have to attack any one?


RM: I’m not the type that enjoys attacking. Even if I were to attack, I’m not the type to attack with an immense amount of aggression. However, I’m the type that has to say everything I want to say. No matter what the nuance may be, should I say that it should be resolved through music. Although someone may think “if you were going to attack someone, you should have done it properly” after listening to ‘P.D.D’, but this is my tendency and method.


Q: From the perspective of the listener, there was one place that was quite amusing. The phrase of ‘ride wit me’ comes out repetitively during the bridge, and of course, I understand that it’s a symbolic expression to say “come with me”. However, when you listen to west coast hip-hop music a lot, don’t they normally use very direct expressions rather than the expression of ‘ride wit me’? Something like, “ride my car and ride towards the seaside of Long Beach” (laughter). Should I call that ‘driving music’. While listening to the song, things like this strangely overlapped.


RM: To be honestly, while writing the lyrics, I really wanted to include the expression of ‘ride’. The west coast hip-hop music videos that I normally had watched a lot started coming to mind, and I thought that it was a word that fit well with the west coast hip-hop vibe that the sound had. I thought that it would be good if people accepted these lyrics as a ‘medium’.


Q: I heard that you received a lot of mentoring from Warren G.


RM: I wanted to ask Warren G a lot about hip-hop. Like Warren G stated, things like ‘shooting guns, doing drugs, robbery’ aren’t things that are hip-hop itself, but a negative side that’s included within hip-hop. It’s like an uninvited guest that shoved its way into hip-hop, but people said that that’s hip-hop. He also told me that hip-hop is something that’s open to everyone despite what race you may be or what language you may speak. I heard a lot of great things from him besides those as well. Although it may seem like a very obvious thing, but the weight of it just felt different when Warren G said it. And after everything he would say, Warren G attached “It’s all Good.” When I heard those words from the side, then my mood felt really good. Should I compare it to the feeling of a grandfather telling good stories next to you (laughter).


Q: If you were to grade Warren G when he “wears glasses” vs when he “takes them off”.


RM: Since time has passed, I think it’s much better when he wears glasses. Long ago, he was really ‘very good-looking’… If you look at pictures or music videos from then.


Q: Then I’ll just wrap that up as that he looked better long ago without glasses, but looks better now with glasses. Is there anything more you have to say about ‘P.D.D’?


RM: Emm.. Putting everything aside, it was really just a very fortunate event to be able to rap to Warren G’s beat. Although someone may try to cut me down for this or that reason, I’m proud and it was a good experience.




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Oct 24, 2020 (RM Weverse Update)


RM: My hair’s grown a lot, right?









Oct 25, 2020 (BTS Instagram Story Update)


What makes you feel alive?
RM: When I sing/perform!





Source (1) (2)

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October 2020


“Intro: Persona” being played on the USA radio  :w00t:
“Intro: Persona” @KXFM_ 104.7 FM Laguna Beach, USA.




July 2020


This producer praised RM’s rap and flow.

“He’s great at changing of rhythms. Wow, he’s really good at all.”



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