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[THE OFFICIAL] RM (알엠) / Kim Nam Joon (김남준) Thread ♪♫ “Smoke Sprite” by So!YoON! (feat. RM) OUT NOW!! ♫♪


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June 19, 2017


Rapmon said on Yangnamja show that he really liked Nu'est “Hello” last February. He also said that he wished “Hello” would climb up the charts.
At that time, the song climbed up to Melon's real time #1 and Kim Jonghyun went on Instagram to thank BTS.



“Nu'est's Hello, It's seriously a song that I like, I really hope that the song climbs up the charts.”


post response:


I'm an army and I remember really liking the song when I listened to it ㅇㅇ I still remember how it went on the real time charts of Melon when Rapmon mentioned it. I remember Jonghyun supporting Spring day on his SNS too


Thank you Bangtanㅠ....


Ah right, I remember Rapmon mentioning it and wartortle took a screenshot of Melon and thanked himㅋㅋ


I'm going out of topic but Kim Namjoon is fascinatingㅋㅋㅋㅋWhen Hyuk Oh released Wing Wing and Zion T released Yanghwa bridge, he said that it would become the trend and it actually became the trendㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋHe has sharp eyes..


For real whathever Bangtan says always ends up happening


Seriously don't all the songs that Rapmon recommend always hit big? Even for Hyuk Oh



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200927 RM (+ENG)



[ ... ]  “Music truly transcends every barrier like language.” Even while RM was saying that, he questioned himself if he indeed believed this. :(


“There are songs that are good even if you don't know the lyrics, songs that are better when you know the lyrics, and songs that are a little worse once you know the lyrics, of course lyrics are important in a song, but music is fundamentally an auditory and visual aspect these days.”


“If we can bring joy to lots of people, that's enough for us.”


RM's been thinking about the beginning these days, why he chose this path, why he wanted to do music, why he started doing music. He's been reflecting on these again, said it's something he always fought with. RM felt lost sight of his musical purity with the non-music things they have to do.


RM's been reflecting on his younger self, when the simple action of holding a mic, making rhyme notes, and writing lyrics were fun enough for him. “What did I have in my heart then?” :tears: He's trying to reawaken the sense lying dormant within him. He needs to keep his radar ‘on.’


RM recognises that he still loves music. Just walking and humming a tune makes him happy. He can't live without it. But he still wants to rekindle what he had before at first, that purity, that earlier mental satisfaction.  [ ... ]


Source (1) (2)


response from fans





“With dynamite's success and getting the #1 hot billboard, it feels to him that only english is accepted and the fact that dynamite's lyrics aren't as deep as BTS and RM's lyrics, it's just a light song, it feels to him that lyrics aren't as important anymore. So he (RM) seems so confused about all what he did before.” (Source)


>> I hope RM still writes lyrics based on his heart. Don't doubt yourself!! Don't be swayed by anyhing!! <<




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On 9/24/2020 at 11:20 AM, bohmi said:

RM and Lyrics


RM and Lyrics Pt. 2


June 30, 2019


Comedy writer Jung Jinyoung mentioned BTS and RM in an interview. She wrote the popular sitcom Soonpoong Clinic.


Q : “Where do you get inspiration for your creations?”

“I'm into BTS. These days, they're artists who whip me and give me a lot of creative desire. RM's lyrics are in touch with what I'm looking for. It reminded me of my forgotten outlook on life and my philosophy of writing. It also reminded me that the process of people grew up was touched me.”


Jung said she wants to have a positive influence on the public like BTS.






April 28, 2018


A middle school teacher used the lyrics of Dead (Autumn) Leaves for 8th grade Korean exam. The question asked what is common between the given poem and the lyrics of Dead Leaves. The answer was that both repeat the same ending for tail/end rhyme. The teacher used RM's verse. Source (1) (2)







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On 10/1/2020 at 3:37 PM, bohmi said:

RM painted using “pointillism” technique


Finished!! RM first-ever painting!!  :omg:





Oct 7, 2020


RM’s ‘mono.’ ties Ed Sheeran’s ‘Divide’ as the album reaching #1 in the most countries in iTunes history (120 each).




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Oct 9, 2020


Collection of Korean lyrics to celebrate Hangeul Day
It’s pretty in writing and it’s better if you listen to it in songs


Hangeul Day! K-POP Idol’s beautiful & sentimental Hangeul Lryics
#BTS (RM) #IU #DAY6 (Young K) #SEVENTEEN (Woozi)




세상은 절망의 또 다른 이름
나의 키는 지구의 또 다른 지름
나는 나의 모든 기쁨이자 시름
매일 반복돼 날 향한 좋고 싫음


The world is another name for despair
My height is another diameter of the Earth
I am all of my happiness and anxiety
It repeats everyday, the love and hatred directed at myself


RM - Reflection.





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In July 2016, two books called “HipHopHada” were released. They consist of the self-written life histories of 42 Korean hip hop artists, including RM. Written by Song Myoung-sun.









The book description from Kyobo Book web-store :


『Hip-Hop: Korea, Hip-Hop and Life』is a book about the people who make the history and trend of Korean hip-hop. 42 hip-hop artists representing Korea were divided into two volumes, freely depicting the time they lived in their own way. This book defines each artist’s own future and hip-hop after reflecting on his or her growth process and hip-hop life.


The author has conducted interviews with artists in the process of writing a dissertation that highlights the social and cultural significance of Korean hip-hop, and designed this book based on qualitative data. During the planning process, the history of Korean hip-hop was divided into people-oriented and tried to capture the lives of Korean hip-hop artists in a book. Throughout the book, the history and trend of Korean hip-hop are arranged in alphabetical order, and the period and field of activity, the label, the crew, and gender are presented in a balanced manner.






RM’s part has been translated into english by Tongue Technology.
[Part 1], [Part 2], [Part 3]


This is worth reading!!


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Nov 14, 2019


Journalists talking about RM as the best K-Pop idol leader


>> Video <<


  • (RM's charm and ability)

[Park Hyun-min] ... If you ask me to talk about RM's charms, I could praise even the way he breathes and it'd still make sense. Everyone would agree with me on this one.


[Gang Nae-ri] I remember him being really charismatic when he sang Dionysus at Wembley Stadium this year.


[Ji Seung-hoon] ... RM isn't just the leader of BTS, he's active in a lot of areas. This is my personal opinion, but I think RM has the most stakes in the group. If you look at RM's fans, they're not just teenagers. There are quite a few in their 30s to 50s. In their comments, they say that they wish their sons would grow up like him. He's definitely a good role model. Even parents think so.


[Cho Hyun-joo] I saw them on "The Ellen Show" and "The Late Show." RM played such a huge role on those shows. He communicated really well. He steered the conversations skilfully too. He translated for his members, interpreted what the MCs said for the members. His language skills were outstanding.


[Park Hyun-min] None of the BTS members have studied abroad before. Other groups usually have members who did. People who don't know him would think that he studied abroad. With his name being RM, many people would think he studied abroad or is an overseas Korean. The number one hot topic involving RM is definitely the UN speech. I think that's a given. I believe it's something we may never see again in Korean history.


[Gang Nae-ri] He's known as a sexy nerd. BTS is now a global group. They actively promote and tour abroad. They have no issue communicating with the press. That's all because of RM. He's responsible for so many things. Isn't it such a cool nickname?


  • (What do journalists think of RM?)

[Ji Seung-hoon] As a K-pop journalist, I've been to many showcases. If you go to a K-pop group showcase, they only say the things that their agency has allowed them to. But with RM and other BTS members, they speak in their own unique ways. It's because RM has a habit of writing things down. He writes down the questions and then thinks about how to answer them. We see the effort he puts in. It's become really famous. You can see other artists doing that at their showcases now.


[Park Hyun-min] They did lots of interviews at media companies back then. They'd say their group greetings. They didn't have to go that hard, but they were so passionate and energetic. This is common for groups who go through difficulties early on in their careers. If they go through hardship before, they become much more solid after success. Since they know what the flip side is like. Groups that succeed right off the bat can get ahead of themselves. But BTS has done so well even in their later years.


  • (What kind of leader is RM?)

[Ji Seung-hoon] He wasn't simply a leader by name. From the way he acts, talks and responds to questions at events to the way he leads the other members… He is like a true, perfect leader. He leaves an impression.


[Park Hyun-min] I think the true test of a leader is in this moment. When they're most successful. When they shine the most. When they're not doing very well, the leader is definitely important too. But then, they can just spur and rely on one another. It's actually most crucial once they become famous. Whether a group maintains its reputation depends on how well the leader does. And look at BTS. They're doing so well, and everyone acknowledges that. This means RM is really doing his part. Even when the fans are going crazy over them, he's the one that keeps everyone grounded. That's what everyone is saying.


  • (What do you want to say to RM?)

[Park Hyun-min] Back then I would tell them to cheer up, since it must be hard on them. If anyone felt that way, looking back now, they'd think, "Who am I to worry about them?" "How dare I?" "I should worry about myself." I was one of those people who didn't recognize BTS' potential back then. I keep repenting about it. They've become a perfect group now. They're the no. 1 group in the world. They know how influential they are. There's no way they wouldn't know. With that influence, I hope they reach even more people. I hope RM continues to be a great leader who influences and leads people in a positive direction.


[Ji Seung-hoon] He always says meaningful things. He even says things like, "I want you all to love yourselves more than us." Just as RM always says, "Love yourself. Speak yourself." I didn't take them as empty words, those words really touched my heart. I hope for RM to continue representing BTS and influencing others through music.


[Cho Hyun-joo] When I interviewed BTS in 2015, this is the last thing that RM said. "We'll work hard in an earnest and composed way." That really stuck with me. That made me even more interested in them. It made me proud to watch their journey to becoming world stars.


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June 4, 2020

DJ Coolna and Lee Sang Hwa (a manner counselor) talked about BTS’ good manners.


(RM’s part starts at 35:33)



Lee Sang Hwa :

[ ... ]  I love the way RM in his 20s shows us now, which is very adorable, but I even look forward to see RM in his 30s, 40s, 50s.


[ ... ]  As he gets older and experiences more and more, I can’t wait to see what he’ll wrote in his songs, show us through his life. I’d recommend you to keep your eyes on RM’s journey of life. Don’t un-follow him forever.  [ ... ]

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Korean hip-hop group MFBTY on working with RM from BTS and why they still get stage fright

By Sarah Deen | 21 Nov 2019 (Source)




MFBTY (which stands for My Fans [Are] Better Than Yours) previously worked with BTS rapper RM on the dark and rumbling hip-hop track Bucku Bucku.

A big fan of Tiger JK, they decided to collaborate after meeting at an awards show.

Recalling the experience, Yoon Mi-rae described him as ‘helpful and sweet’.

‘When he came to the studio we were all amazed,’ she told us.

‘There’s a stereotype with idol groups that they’re not as talented or whatever, but when he got in he knew what he wanted. He laid down his verse really quick.’


‘He was talking to the engineer and he knew all the terms, and he wasn’t cocky about it. He was helpful and sweet. And Bizzy, JK and RM just hit it off and got closer with the other [BTS] members and kept going from there.’




EXCLUSIVE: MFBTY’s Yoon Mi-rae opens up about the group’s new album and reveals what it was really like working with K-pop superstars BTS

By Jacques Peterson | 16 Nov 2019 (Source)




She also opened up about collaborating with RM of K-pop super group BTS.


RM worked with MFBTY in 2015 on the track Buckubucku, which was released right before BTS blew up and became one of the biggest bands in the world.


‘He was super fun to watch,’ Tasha said of working with RM in the studio.


‘He knew exactly what he wanted and went for it. After he dropped his verse he sat with our engineer and was, ‘yeah let’s pan this part to the left and can we lower this.’


‘[Laughs] He was confident but not in an obnoxious way, which a lot MCs I’ve met are. It didn’t come as a surprise at all when BTS conquered the world the way they did.’


She added with a laugh: ‘We’re both happy and proud. And it doesn’t hurt that we confidently say we were there from the jump!’


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Aug 12, 2020


Rina Sawayama says she’s written a song virtually with Namjoon



“We’ve actually spoken, we’ve written virtually together, which is sort of, a bit top secret, but I don’t think anything happened to that song :(, but maybe if you guys pester him enough, he’ll work on it or something :lol:, I don’t know man, they’re just so busy that I’m just like whatever is cool, that’s a cool...”


Source (1) (2)





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