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[THE OFFICIAL] BTS RM | Kim Nam Joon (김남준) Thread - ‘Bicycle’ new song by RM out now :) ❤

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Rapper, Songwriter, Record Producer       #PROFILE# Stage Name: RM (formerly known as Rap Monster) Also Known as: Runch Randa, Largo, leader of BTS Birth Name: Kim N

BUTTER   © gif_namjoon     © MoNiJunNi            

The K-POP started to be very popular recently when they got many awards for their performances in different countries. Sadly, because of the Covid-19 they couldn’t attend an event, but they were onlin



May 1, 2014


IZE Magazine Korea (Interview)


1. What do you do aside from your schedule?
All I do is work on music. This might just be me talking, but I find it hard to wander around freely. If I could, I’d love to just throw on a hoodie and visit places like Gyeongbokgung Palace or Gwanghwamun while listening to music. I used to do that often when I was a trainee, but nowadays I’m usually stuck in the studio so lyrics don’t come to me that easy. I should spend more time watching, listening, talking to my friends.


2. You once wrote a short poem “Will you be broken / Will you be immune” on entering into work life as someone in their early twenties. What was the hardest part for you starting out?
I guess the hardest part was that I couldn’t say what I wanted and had to say things I didn’t want because of my responsibilities and obligations as the group leader. It’s tough when it feels like I’m becoming fake or being rejected.


3. Despite it all, what have you learned in the past year?
I think there are things I learned in theory but not yet in practice. I know it in my head, but my actions don’t follow. For instance, I’ve learnt you can find a middle ground and get positive results in an argument by respecting the other person and complimenting them. Before, I used to keep pointing out things, and I feel like it must’ve been frustrating for the other side. For those who don’t know me well, they might think I’m pretty mature, but people who know me better see me as a kid. (Laughter) So another thing I learned in the our first year is that I can be such a “kid!”


4. Do you have many fans who are still young?
I get a lot of letters from young fans who are fourteen or fifteen. They say things like “Oppa, you were an ace student and found your passion early, but I didn’t know what I was doing. I started thinking about what my dream is listening to your music.” Or there are people who tell me they don’t listen to songs like “No More Dream” in the exam period because they feel guilty and as though they’re “getting smaller.” Reading this sort of feedback helps me reflect on myself.


5. What do you think you would be doing now if you hadn’t done music?
Re-doing college exams? If I’d got into university like others I would probably be drowned in assignments by now, and begging professors for mercy. I think I wouldn’t have been able to let go of my passion for music completely, and probably joined a music society or watched gigs at Hongdae. I don’t think I would’ve cared much about grades, just enough to graduate. (Laughter)


6. What’s the most deviant behavior you could think of at the moment?
Maybe miss a song deadline by a little, or go to a park to write a song. I wrote the lyrics for “No More Dream” at Hakdong Park after tossing my keyboard and mouse away because I couldn’t focus at the studio.


7. Do you sometimes wish you were less thoughtful?
All the time. I feel like my thoughts get in the way of my creative work. Out of all the songs I wrote, most of the ones that got the best response were written where I’d just kind of exploded. But normally I have too many thoughts in my head to organize into lyrics. I guess there are two sides, since all of my complicated thoughts do provide a foundation for my music at the end of the day.


8. If you could get all your life’s luck in one day, where would you use it?
Let’s leave out music because that requires effort and not luck, but can’t I choose two things? (Laughter) I suppose I would use my luck for falling in love with someone I truly love and getting married to that person. Another one would be to have two friends from kindergarten that never ever change. I think that sort of thing comes with luck, because with life you never know.


9. What do you think art is?
I think it’s visualizing the world that you see and delivering it to others. That’s why I think anyone can become an artist.


10. What sort of artist do you think you are?
I’m someone who thinks a lot about contradictions. For instance I want to wander the unknown but at the same time I want stability. I think about what I would lose if I gain a certain thing. Sometimes I want to hurry up and get a stable life and enjoy the nature, gaining inspiration from my daily life - but I also want to be successful already and challenge myself even more. I think whatever you have you’re faced with a dilemma. Everything in life is contradictory in some way.


Source (1) (2)


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For BTS, something meaningful is getting nominated for a Grammy months after performing at the Grammys—and being the first Korean group to do either. They released their fifth Billboard Hot 200–topping album in a row with BE. They landed three No. 1 songs on the Hot 100, including their first English-language single, “Dynamite,” and their dark-horse hit, “Life Goes On.” Although “Dynamite” is BTS’s biggest song thus far, RM said the latter achievement made him feel “double the joy because, as you said, it was a Korean song. It’s a title given to us by our fans.” Unlike “Dynamite,” “Life Goes On” received virtually no radio play, so purchases and streams by fans pushed it to the top of the chart, making it the first Korean song to get there.


Source: The Atlantic (December 26, 2020)


Photos from Big Hit Labels’ 2021 New Year’s Eve Live Concert Countdown


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RM Weverse Update (201229)


While I was waiting for the bus, the snow.. (started falling)







   School Hello GIF by BabyFirst   BUS STORY






Faded jeans and a white shirt:Megathanks:





Source (1) (2)


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Rapper Sleepy unboxes BTS RM’s edition of Dicon magazine


Translation (from twitter) → (0:47 - 1:00)
Sleepy said he wants to receive RM’s signature like on the first page! He’s looking through the pictures and says there are many many! He called RM a cutie. Sleepy said when RM raps, he is very tough, but he has a very cute side.



On 9/9/2020 at 9:23 PM, bohmi said:

Sleepy discovered Rap Monster during an audition when Rap Monster was only in his third year of middle school, and afterwards introduced him to producer Pdogg at BigHit Entertainment. The rest, of course, is history, as Rap Monster went on to be trained at the agency and debut as the leader of BTS.


When asked about this during a recent interview (September 8, 2017), Sleepy said, “I heard that Rap Monster was the first one to be chosen as a member of BTS. He’s gotten to where he is now because he’s good.” He added with a laugh, “But I wonder if it wouldn’t have happened if it hadn’t been for me. I’m proud that I was the one who discovered him.”


“Recently, I opened up a hard drive that I’d used in the old days,” Sleepy continued. “I found some raps that Rap Monster had done before his debut, back when he used the name ‘Runch Randa.’ I have about ten songs.”


He explained that Rap Monster had rapped together with him to the beats that Sleepy had created. Sleepy said, “Listening to them now, there was a different feeling. There was one where he rapped, ‘Sleepy is sleepy but he’s by my side, Randa boy.’” (Soompi)


On 9/9/2020 at 9:23 PM, bohmi said:

On September 5, 2017, rapper Sleepy appeared on SBS radio program “2 O’Clock Escape Cultwo Show.”


During the show, he revealed the story of how he first discovered Rap Monster. He shared, “I went to the venue for an underground crew audition, and the young kid was so good at rapping.”


He continued, “I got his phone number, called Big Hit Entertainment, and asked them to take a look. Rap Monster was in his third year of middle school at that time.”


When the DJs asked why he didn’t take Rap Monster in himself, he drew laughter as he responded honestly, “I wasn’t capable of doing something like that.” (Soompi)







November 13, 2020


[Weverse Magazine] A look at RM’s recommended film, The Social Dilemma




On October 4, BTS member RM went on Weverse to deliver a “what I’m watching” update, where he recommended the Netflix original film The Social Dilemma. Part documentary and part drama, The Social Dilemma sheds light on the influence that YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media networks—and, by extension, their algorithms—have on their users’ lives. The movie criticizes the way in which the algorithms, designed to expose users to advertisements, have led to severe social problems such as sensationalism and polarization. As Sophocles said, “Nothing vast enters the life of mortals without a curse,” and now, social media’s pursuit of short-term gains has saddled us with the “social dilemma” of a culture that is impossible to sustain.


Read the whole article here


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The members said something about RM.:dorashakes:



— Jin (2020 UN General Assembly Speech, Behind the Scenes)




“Namjoon-ah, I’m so happy that you’re a part of our team. If you were the enemy, I’d be terrified but if you’re an ally then you’d be a reliable one, you know what I mean, right? It’s so great that you’re a reliable ally.” — Jin (2020 BTS Festa, Rolling Paper)



“It’s 10 years that we’ve spent together, I haven’t said this in the past 10 years but I depend on you a lot. Thank you.” — Suga (2020 BTS Festa, Rolling Paper)



“Because Namjoon really has double, triple amount of work to do compared to us.” J Hope (VLive in 2019)




“We said to Namjoon, it’s because of you that we accomplished all of this.” — Jimin (Dynamite Hot 100 press conference)


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December 31, 2020


Throwback Thursday Song by RM


:getmygrooveon:Intro: Skool Luv Affair


No matter what you take from me, I'll love you like I'll give you more
This in a word is the Bangtan style.


#ThrowbackThursday #SkoolLuvAffair_SpecialAddition #SkoolLuvAffair




Source: @bts_bighit




Full pictures posted on Weverse by RM.






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Posted (edited)



December 29, 2019


Younha will be releasing a new song featuring BTS’s RM!


On December 29 at midnight KST, Younha unveiled the track list for her upcoming mini album “Unstable Mindset.” The first track, entitled “Winter Flower” and composed by Eden, Ollounder, and Leez, will notably feature RM.


According to the track list, RM also contributed lyrics for the song alongside Younha and Eden.




RM has often named Younha as an artist with whom he hoped to collaborate, and he has also been consistently vocal about his love of her music, frequently recommending her songs to his fans. Earlier this year, RM shared his enthusiasm about her most recent release—the mini album “Stable Mindset,” which dropped in July—on BTS’s official Twitter account, writing, “Younha’s album is out. All of the songs are really great. I’m being sincere.”



Younha’s fifth mini album “Unstable Mindset” will be released on January 6 at 6 p.m. KST.


Source: Soompi


Namjoon’s ‘succesful fan’ stories here





January 6, 2020


Younha Releases 'Unstable Mindset' EP, Which Features BTS' RM: Listen


The most high-profile song on the album is “Winter Flower,” which features BTS’ RM and is an epic, comforting power ballad through which the pair lyrically offer assurance to listeners that they’ll be by their side and help them bloom like the titular frigid fauna.



Read the full article here





February 25, 2020


To celebrate 10 million streams on Spotify, C9 Entertainment released a music video for Younha’s “WINTER FLOWER” featuring BTS’s RM. Watch it here!


Source: Soompi


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January 6/7, 2020


Younha & RM’s “Winter Flower” Reaches #1 On US iTunes Sales Chart (Update)

“Winter Flower” is on the rise on US iTunes.


Updated: By early Monday afternoon, Younha’s new “Winter Flower (featuring RM from BTS),” is #1 on the US iTunes sales chart.


The buzzy collaboration appears on the artist’s new “Unstable Mindset” EP.


Original article: In a rather predictable outcome, Younha’s new “Winter Flower,” which features RM from BTS, is making waves on iTunes.


Released early Monday, the song was up to #5 on the chart by press time at 10:30AM ET.


The only songs currently selling at a faster pace are Justin Bieber’s “Yummy” (#1), Tones and I’s “Dance Monkey” (#2), Post Malone’s “Circles” (#3), and Maroon 5’s “Memories” (#4).


Given its rapid rate of gain, it would not be surprising if “Winter Flower” moved ahead of some — if not all — of the aforementioned songs in the coming hours.


“Winter Flower” appears on Younha’s just-released EP “Unstable Mindset.”


Source: Headline Planet





January 7, 2020


‘Winter Flower’ tops global charts

“Winter Flower,” singer Younha’s collaboration with BTS’s RM, topped iTunes’ single charts in 43 countries Tuesday, her management agency said.


The first track of Younha’s new album, “Unstable Mindset,” released on Monday, made her the first Korean female soloist to top the U.S. iTunes Top Song chart as the track sat atop the iTunes single charts in 43 countries and regions, according to C9 Entertainment.


Including the 43 regions, the iTunes single charts from a total of 70 nations and regions had the Younha-RM song listed in their top-10 lists, according to C9.


The collaboration came after years of friendship between the two artists.


“RM and I have talked about our desire to collaborate for many years […] but I have been unable to suggest a collaboration without a proper subject or music for synergy, and [with the new album] I officially requested it,” Younha said in a press release, referring to her joint work with RM.


RM has been known to be a dedicated fan of Younha, supporting and recommending her music.


Upon the release of Younha’s new album on Monday, BTS uploaded a captured image of Younha’s new album jacket on its official Twitter account, throwing support behind her music featuring RM.


“Dark Cloud,” the first track off of “Unstable Mindset,” also topped the single charts of local music streaming service providers, including Genie Music and Soribada, as of Tuesday morning.


Source: Yonhap via Korea JoongAng Daily





January 7, 2020


Younha Becomes 1st Korean Female Soloist To Top US iTunes Chart With “Winter Flower” Featuring BTS’s RM


Original Article:


Younha has reached No. 1 on the iTunes Top Songs chart in the United States!


On January 6, Younha released her fifth mini album “Unstable Mindset,” which includes the title track “Dark Cloud.” One of the b-sides on the album is “Winter Flower,” which features BTS’s RM, who also took part in writing the songs’ lyrics.


The song “Winter Flower” quickly rose on iTunes charts around the world, and early in the morning of January 7 KST, it hit No. 1 on the Top Songs chart in the United States. Younha now becomes the first ever Korean female soloist to reach No. 1 on an iTunes chart in the United States.




While Younha is the first to reach No. 1, other Korean female soloists who have reached the Top 10 on the iTunes Top Songs chart are Lee Sora with “Song Request” (featuring BTS’ Suga) and BLACKPINK member Jennie with “SOLO.”


“Winter Flower” has also topped songs charts in many more regions around the world. Stay tuned for news on the total!


Younha is a Korean soloist who first made her debut in Japan in 2004 before debuting in Korea in 2007. She has released popular tracks including “Comet,” “Password 486,” “Rain Shower,” “Waiting,” “We Broke Up Today,” and many more. RM is a longtime fan of Younha and often recommends her music on BTS’s Twitter.


Updated January 8 KST:


Younha’s agency C9 Entertainment has now announced that her song “Winter Flower” featuring BTS’s RM reached No. 1 on the iTunes Top Songs chart in 43 regions!


In addition, the song made it into the Top 10 of the Top Songs charts on iTunes in 70 regions.


On Korean music charts, her title track “Dark Cloud” was at No. 1 on Soribada and Genie Music at 8 a.m. on January 7. “Winter Flower” took No. 1 on Bugs at the time while “Dark Cloud” followed at No. 2.


Source: Soompi


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January 20, 2020


Younha and BTS' RM Earn First No. 1s on World Digital Song Sales Chart




"Winter Flower" is RM's first chart-topper nearly five years after his first appearance on the tally.

RM is kicking off the new year with a new No. 1 to add to his collection.


Younha's new track "Winter Flower" that features RM of BTS debuts at No. 1 on Billboard's World Digital Song Sales chart, selling 5,000 copies in the week ending Jan. 9, according to Nielsen Music/MRC Data. This marks not only the first appearance on the chart for singer-songwriter Younha, but also the highest chart position yet for the BTS leader.


The comforting-yet-surging ballad track marks RM's ninth appearance on World Digital Song Sales as a solo artist. The rapper-singer first appeared on the tally as part of his collaboration with Warren G titled "P.D.D" in 2015 (which hit No. 9 in 2015, when RM was known as Rap Monster), which landed six songs on the chart from his Mono. mixtape project (lead by "Seoul" which peaked at No. 5 in October 2018) and most recently hit the chart with a featured spot on TigerJK's "Timeless" (which peaked at No. 4 in November 2018, his previous high).


In the past, RM has proven to be a valuable collaborator with a featured spot leading to new chart highs for the likes of Younha and Tiger JK, in addition to big sales week (after jumping on the remix to Fall Out Boy's "Champions" the track sold 18,000 copies and led the song to a new peak on the Rock Digital Song Sales chart).


Among all the BTS members, RM now joins J-Hope as the only other member to top World Digital Song Sales so far.


When it comes to Younha, the singer is now just the third solo female star from the K-pop world to top the chart following CL (who first hit the top spot with PSY as the featured artist on "Daddy" in 2015) and Jennie's "Solo" (which topped the chart in late 2018). "Winter Flower" is the opening track to her newly released Unstable Mindset EP which is fronted by the single "Dark Cloud."


Source: Billboard





January 20, 2020


Younha’s “Winter Flower” Featuring BTS’s RM Debuts At No. 1 On Billboard’s World Digital Song Sales Chart




Younha has topped Billboard’s World Digital Song Sales chart with her new collaboration with BTS’s RM!


After making history earlier this month by becoming the first Korean female soloist to hit No. 1 on iTunes’ Top Songs chart in the United States, Younha has now topped yet another music chart.


Her new song featuring RM, “Winter Flower,” debuted at the top of Billboard’s World Digital Song Sales chart for the week ending on January 18.





In addition to performing well on Korea’s realtime music charts, “Winter Flower” has also topped iTunes Top Songs charts in at least 52 different regions around the world.


Congratulations to Younha and RM!


Source: Soompi





January 16, 2020


Gaon Chart has revealed its chart rankings for the week of January 5 to 11!


Younha claimed two of the top five spots on this week’s download chart: her new title track “Dark Cloud” debuted at No. 2, while “Winter Flower,” her collaboration with BTS’s RM, debuted at No. 4.




Source: Soompi


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December 29, 2020


Why Younha & RM’s “Winter Flower” Should Have Been A Pop Hit In 2020


In snubbing “Winter Flower,” radio deprived mainstream audiences of one of the year’s best songs … from any genre.


Not all songs are capable of connecting with mainstream radio listeners. Some, however, possess that unique ability but never get the chance to prove their resonance.


As part of an ongoing feature, Headline Planet is highlighting the latter group of songs. It is exploring singles that, despite undeniable musical quality and clear indicators of potential resonance, never received meaningful US pop radio airplay.


Previous “Should Have Been Pop Hits” selections include BLACKPINK’s “Lovesick Girls,” Cardi B’s “WAP (featuring Megan Thee Stallion),” and Luke Combs’ “Forever After All.”


The fourth pick follows.


Selection Four: Younha’s “Winter Flower (featuring RM of BTS)”


With a gorgeous melody, powerful lyrics, a hauntingly beautiful lead vocal performance, and a passionate rap verse, “Winter Flower” has all the qualities of a massive pop hit.


But in an absolute travesty, radio did not pay mind to the stunning release. In snubbing “Winter Flower,” radio deprived mainstream audiences of one of the year’s best songs — from any genre.


The Younha single, which features rap from RM of BTS, is devoid of insincere calculation. It is an honest, vulnerable discussion about perseverance in the face of mental anguish. Rich with powerful imagery and free of the usual empowerment clichés, “Winter Flower” does what the best songs do: confronts feelings from a place of authenticity.


That reality, alone, should have earned “Winter Flower” serious attention from mainstream music gatekeepers. This is the kind of art the industry is supposed to be celebrating.


Sadly, not all decision-makers will take the time to appreciate such lyrical brilliance. All, however, can recognize a radio-friendly sound. “Winter Flower” fires on that cylinder as well.


Technically proficient yet overflowing with raw emotion, Younha’s stellar vocal performance was one of 2020’s musical highlights. With RM’s poignant rap delivery proving equally engrossing and wholly complementary, “Winter Flower” is a musical force capable of stopping all listeners in their tracks.


Featuring the best qualities of pop, modern rock, and hip-hop songs, the production raises the bar even higher. The end result is a song that strikes all the right radio-friendly chords while maintaining its distinct feel.


Given that BTS’ own songs have routinely struggled to receive meaningful radio support (despite US label backing and even stronger commercial metrics), it should come as no surprise that a member’s outside collaboration went unnoticed by programmers.


Predictability is not, however, sound justification. Shallow hang-ups over language barriers or label support should never supersede undeniable quality and resonance.


In sending “Winter Flower” to #1 on iTunes in dozens of countries, listeners proved capable of focusing on and falling in love with the music. Why are radio programmers — all of whom are supposed to be catering to audiences — incapable of doing the same?


Written by Brian Cantor (Headline Planet) / @headlineplanet





January 6, 2020


Younha and BTS's RM Release "Winter Flower" Song About Mental Health

Younha and RM teamed up for the best collab of 2020 so far.


Korean singer-songwriter Younha and BTS member RM have teamed up to start 2020 off with a bang(tan).


On Jan. 6, Younha dropped her mini album Unstable Mindset, which has five songs that range from emotive piano ballads like "See You" to an almost pop-punk sensibility on songs like "26." But one track in particular has BTS fans pretty thrilled: "WINTER FLOWER," which features RM (a.k.a. Kim Namjoon).


The song is pure power-pop with a message: as Younha soars in her English-language chorus, "Hold on, hold on, hold on. I will take it away, before you stumble/I will stay by your side, until you survive." RM has a writing credit on the song (along with Younha and fellow Korean artist EDEN), and in his verse, he raps about struggle, mental health, and where to find sources of comfort. "They say life is full of paradox/All you gotta do is gettin’ used to this marathon," he says in English before switching to Korean.


He then quotes what people often tell themselves when things get hard. "'Do you think the world is harsh on you only? Everyone has it hard,'" the Genius translation reads. But he knows that kind of self-abasement, while sometimes good for perspective, isn't always helpful. Per fan translator Wisha, he finishes the line with, "To you, who has become an adult, these words cannot be ones of comfort."


The changing of seasons and what to do with difficulty are themes RM has touched on previously in his work. On "everythinggoes" from his solo playlist mono, he says (per Wisha's translation), "Just as the night passes and the morning comes/just as the flowers fall and the fruit ripens/when spring passes and summer comes/all things must hurt." Additionally, Younha has been open about her experiences with burnout and depression; in 2018, she spoke with The Korea Herald about how she channels those experiences into her music.


The timing of "WINTER FLOWER" couldn't be more appropriate. As "new year new me" fades to just normal life again, and Seasonal Affective Disorder sets in for many people during the harshness of winter, the song is a rare inspirational pop anthem that doesn't feel like a cliché: find people who are there for you, who will be by your side when things inevitably get hard. "WINTER FLOWER" ends with a wish, as Younha proclaims, "I hope that you bloom."


Written by P. Claire Dodson (teen vogue)


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Mental Health Commission of Canada tweeted,


Younha and RM's "WINTER FLOWER" Brings Light to Mental Health Struggles






Winter Flower” used as theme song for "The Good Doctor" ad on the private Spanish television channel Divinity.


Source: Divinity via @LemonamuRM





The Meaning Behind RM & Younha's "Winter Flower" Lyrics Is So Beautiful by Elite Daily.


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January 7, 2020


Younha Shares Story Behind Collaboration With BTS’s RM




Younha talked about how she ended up collaborating on her new track “Winter Flower” with BTS’s RM!


The song is a b-side on Younha’s new mini album “Unstable Mindset,” which came out on January 6. RM both features on the track and also took part in writing the lyrics for it. He is known to be a huge fan of Younha and often recommends her music on BTS’s Twitter.


On January 6, Younha shared, “RM and I have said for years that it would be great if we could collaborate.”


“There wasn’t any music that would have the right topic or synergy, so I didn’t suggest anything, but then [the musician] Edenary drew me a picture, and I finally sent RM the suggestion,” she said.


“It wasn’t easy to coordinate the timing so we worked on it over the phone, and we communicated about the lyrics by exchanging so many e-mails with prose,” she explained. “We praised each other by saying we’d fought a good fight.”


Younha’s fifth mini album “Unstable Mindset” features the title track “Dark Cloud.”


Source: Soompi





January 13, 2020

[SBS Star] YounHa Talks About Working with BTS RM for Their Recent Collaborative Track




K-pop artist Younha talked about working with boy group BTS' leader RM for their recent collaborative track.


On January 10 episode of KBS' music show 'Yoo Hee-yeol's Sketchbook', YounHa was invited as a guest.


During the talk, Younha mentioned how RM came to feature in one of her latest tracks 'WINTER FLOWER'.


Younha said, "RM and I knew each other for some time; we would say hi whenever we see one another at shooting sites and stuff. Previously, we spoke about releasing a song together one day."


She continued, "It was just an idea then, but I had recently received a perfect song for us. So, I officially asked him if he could join me on this song. He said yes without hesitating for a second."


The K-pop star went on, "We couldn't meet up for our song though. Therefore, I had no choice but to send him a lengthy e-mail that explained what the song was about as well as some details of my album."


She added, "I thought he would be too busy to read my e-mail properly, let alone reading it at all. Not long later, he sent me a long reply. I was really impressed. At that time, I thought to myself, 'Wow, successful people are successful for a reason. This is why he was able to reach that high.'"


Meanwhile, Younha's new album 'UNSTABLE MINDSET' which includes 'WINTER FLOWER' came out on January 6.


Source: SBS Star





October 17, 2020

And in a recent interview with Get TV, Younha described her collaboration with RM as the most memorable.


“I think my collaboration with RM left the biggest impression. He was traveling all over the world at the time. So he sent me emails that were this long (gestures with hands). RM played a large part in the depth of the song. He created a lot of those details. I’m really thankful to him about that. He’s very, very detailed. With every single mix or tune, he’s so detailed.”


But the interviewer expressed that that’s probably what makes him the great artist that he is today. And Younha fully agreed.


“Great artists are different.”



Source: (1) (2) via Koreaboo


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October 2019


Such an interesting analysis from an army.


I have always been curious/fascinated by how Namjoon always used the letter ‘R’ for his other names (Runch Randa, Rap Monster, RM) and I just realized its because the 2nd syllable of his real name ‘남’ in hangul is actually an upside down ‘R’ in latin alphabet.


김 (Kim) = family name, 남 (Nam), 준 (Joon)







November 21, 2020


RM’s ‘Thanks To’ for “BE”




“I would like to be your pebble.”


RM offering himself as a “pebble” to listeners is such an RMism — his mind tends to find metaphors and meaning in nature in very unique ways. Pebbles are small, light and can be skipped over water, across far distances; they’re strong and unchanging in shape and won’t “shrink” or “wither”; they’re resilient and immovable as they let water rush over them. And while he is a tiny pebble, the rest of us are his sun, moon, and stars.


“I love you,” he adds. Well, that needs no translation.


Read the full translation here










Source: @seokjinhie


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March 12, 2020


RM, Tablo, and the last episode of Sky Castle.


Tablo talked about the “Sky Castle” finale in his podcast and he mentioned RM.



So, more musicians texted me that day than they normally do :lol: Even more than when my album comes out. That night as I was watching like 20 minutes in, Crush texts me...


And then RM texts me. And he’s like, “I can’t believe it.”


I’m like, “Me too. I’m just in awe right now. How can they turn the tables on us like this? Like how could they betray the last few months of our lives?” :joy:


RM also told Suga not to watch the last episode of Sky Castle. :D



Remember this? :lol:

On 11/9/2020 at 11:13 AM, bohmi said:

Epik High  When you have BTS’ RM’s phone number :joy:


The only quality → he knows RM’s phone number

Tablo: “The only thing that gives his life his existence value, he knows RM’s phone number.”  :lol:


Source: @andytrieu tiktok via @rkive_nmjoon







May 17, 2019


The “16 Personalities” website has added RM (Kim Namjoon) to their list of famous ENFP in the “Campaigners You May Know” section. Other famous lists in the same section → Robert Downey Jr., Robin Williams, Quentin Tarantino, Will Smith, and many more.




RM has been there for more than a year.


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On the January 3 broadcast of KBS2 TV’s “The Return of Superman,” William and Bentley Hammington visited Big Hit Entertainment and a restaurant that BTS used to come as trainees.


The kids look cute, unfortunately they didn’t meet BTS. :(
William named RM as his favorite member of BTS. William really adores RM. He kept saying, “RM hyung.” :bawling:



❤️ William dressed as RM. He even got his hair sprayed blue. :mrgreen:


On 11/26/2020 at 9:24 PM, bohmi said:

William Hammington from “Superman Is Back” says he likes RM and wants to dye his hair blue like him. He likes Dynamite and Old Town Road Remix (Seoul Town Road).





❤️ William immitating RM’s dance → “look at my feet (look down)” :relaxed:





❤️ Captions: “RM hyung-ah really likes noodles.” (Hat says “RM expert”) :glasses:





❤️ William immitating pose of RM’s profile picture. :love:




❤️ Even copying RM’s habits of putting one foot on top of the other. :lol:





❤️ Captions: “My idol RM, who I want to resemble even right down to the bones.” :bawling:





❤️ William eating what RM likes. :kiss_wink:




“The pure love & admiration William has for ‘RM hyung’ moved me. He kept asking where RM sat, looked out for similarities between RM and himself (like floorball), felt emotional wanting to see RM.. this little ARMY looks up to RM so much.” :bawling::heart: by @dulcetbang



❤️ William tried to unlock the door by using RM’s birthday (0912). :scream:






❤️ William and Bentley’s letter to BTS. William was bowing to Hueningkai because he said he will tell RM and BTS about the letters. :bawling:








Other clips





Hopefully BTS and Hammington brothers will meet soon. :heart:


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January 5, 2021


Sunwoo Jung-A, “BTS RM, Thank You for Liking My Song.”


DJ Ahn Young-mi: “I heard Sunwoo Jung-A is a musician’s musician. BTS RM also said he liked the song ‘Run with Me.’”

Sunwoo Jung-A: “I’m just grateful. I don’t know what to do.”


Source: Naver


On 11/17/2020 at 9:29 PM, bohmi said:

“I’m a huge fan,” RM said. “I really enjoyed listening to her song ‘Run with Me.’” (Soompi)


RM has ever shared Sunwoo Jung-A’s song “Run with Me” on Weverse before. (December 2019)









RM Twitter Update (210107)


DTS..  #쭌


Ducktan Sonyeondan (DTS)  :smooches2:


:lol:  Credit. @nappynapkin


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