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[THE OFFICIAL] BTS RM | Kim Nam Joon (김남준) Thread - ‘Bicycle’ new song by RM out now :) ❤

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Rapper, Songwriter, Record Producer       #PROFILE# Stage Name: RM (formerly known as Rap Monster) Also Known as: Runch Randa, Largo, leader of BTS Birth Name: Kim N

BUTTER   © gif_namjoon     © MoNiJunNi            

The K-POP started to be very popular recently when they got many awards for their performances in different countries. Sadly, because of the Covid-19 they couldn’t attend an event, but they were onlin

June 14, 2019


Update: BTS WORLD Drops Teaser For RM And Suga’s OST Collaboration


Updated June 19 KST:


A teaser has been unveiled for RM and Suga’s upcoming song for the soundtrack of BTS’s interactive game BTS WORLD!


Original Article:


BTS’s RM got their fans ARMY excited with a tweet about his upcoming collaboration with Suga!


So far, BTS has released two OSTs for the upcoming mobile game BTS World — “Dream Glow” by Jin, Jimin, and Jungkook with Charli XCX and “A Brand New Day” by J-Hope and V with Zara Larsson.


On June 14, RM shared a selfie with the caption, “We just finished up rehearsal!! There are already two BTS World OSTs released!! The song by Yoongi and me is really great too. Hurry and come out.” He added in the hashtags “Dream Glow” and “A Brand New Day” as well as “RMxSUGA.”



With RM’s confirmation that the two members are up next for the BTS World OST, “RMxSUGA” quickly became one of the top trends worldwide on Twitter!




Source (1) (2) (3)





June 20, 2019


BTS & Juice WRLD’s “All Night” Arrives At 5AM ET Friday Morning


The third taste of “BTS World” will arrive Friday morning.


Two weeks ago, BTS revealed “Dream Glow (with Charli XCX),” the first taste of the “BTS World” video game soundtrack.


Last week, the group released another song from the soundtrack: “A Brand New Day” with Zara Larsson.


Friday morning, BTS will reveal the third pre-release track.


Entitled “All Night,” the song finds BTS members RM and Suga joining forces with hitmaking hip-hop artist Juice WRLD.


“All Night” is a moderate tempo hip hop song with a 90’s chill vibe featuring RM and SUGA of BTS along with Juice WRLD, the emo-rapper who has topped the charts with hits like “Lucid Dreams,” says the Netmarble press release.


RM also produced the track, which features beats from Powers Pleasant.


The “All Night” drop precedes the June 28 release of the full soundtrack. The game itself arrives June 25/26 (depending on time zone).


Source: Headline Planet





June 21, 2019


BTS' RM and Suga Team Up With Juice WRLD For 'All Night': Listen


Stay up “All Night” listening to the latest soundtrack offering from the upcoming BTS World mobile video game. Released today (June 21), the new song features BTS’ RM and Suga as they collaborate with Juice WRLD.


A groovy hip-hop track with mellow vibes, “All Night” features the trio of rappers as they sing about moving forward with their career momentum, comparing it to a ride at night with a lover, over beats produced by Powers Pleasant. “We don’t wanna put it on the brake, hold tight,” they assert on the chorus.


The track is described as “fan-mail” in the introductory verse from RM, while Juice WRLD directly refers to BTS’ fandom ARMY in one of his verses: “She calls me charming, need an ARMY/ Marching for your love, I’m a sergeant.”


“All Night” is the third song released from the BTS World soundtrack so far, and follows the release of Jin, Jungkook, and Jimin’s “Dream Glow” with Charli XCX and “A Brand New Day” featuring J-Hope and V with Zara Larsson.


The soundtrack will be released in its entirety on June 28, while BTS World, an interactive mobile game through which fans can manage BTS’ career, will be released on June 25 in the U.S. (June 26 in Asia). In the game, players will have the opportunity to communicate via phone with BTS’ members, which makes the inclusion of Juice WRLD’s line “If it’s not your name coming up on my phone, I won’t pick up the call” in “All Night” perfect for the soundtrack.


The game will be available in most countries, and available on both Apple and Android operating systems.


Take a listen to “All Night” by RM, Suga, and Juice WRLD below.


Source: Billboard


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June 21, 2019


"All Night," Third Song From BTS WORLD's Original Soundtrack, To Be Released On June 21


  • Featuring RM, SUGA of BTS and Juice WRLD
  • A 90s hip hop track produced by RM
  • Netmarble introduces another preview story from BTS WORLD


SEOUL, Korea, June 20, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Netmarble has announced that "All Night (BTS WORLD OST Part.3)," the third song available from the BTS WORLD original soundtrack, will be released on June 21 at 2 am PDT/6 pm KST. BTS WORLD, the highly anticipated mobile game from Netmarble offering the fantastic experience of becoming BTS' manager, will launch worldwide on June 25 PDT/June 26 KST.


"All Night" is a moderate tempo hip hop song with a 90's chill vibe featuring RM and SUGA of BTS along with Juice WRLD, the emo-rapper who has topped the charts with hits like "Lucid Dreams."


The track, produced by RM, incorporates beats by Powers Pleasant, the co-founder of the Pro Era collective and producer of hits like Joey Bada$$'s "Devastated," weaving itself a melodic singing rap.


The latest song joins "Dream Glow (BTS WORLD OST Part.1)" and "A Brand New Day (BTS WORLD OST Part.2)" as the third track released from BTS WORLD's original soundtrack. The full soundtrack, featuring all-new music from BTS unique to the game, will be available on June 28.


BTS WORLD is a story-based mobile simulation game that takes players back to the start before the band's debut to pursue the role of BTS' manager, with the ultimate goal of fostering BTS to become superstars.


Source: PR Newswire






June 21, 2019


BTS Drop Juice WRLD Collab, "All Night," In Lead Up To BTS World Release


New music Friday is always a good day, especially when your favorite artist drops a hot new bop you can't stop playing.


Well, K-pop heartthrobs BTS are always ones to warm their fans' hearts, and today they did just that, with a smooth new song, "All Night," featuring rising Chicago rapper Juice WRLD. The song features just RM and Suga of BTS, two of the group's rappers, and was produced by RM and Powers Pleasant.


The new single is the third release from the band's forthcoming BTS World Soundtrack, the musical accompaniment to their new mobile game of the same name. Both the soundtrack and game, where you can play the role of young Jin, V, Jungkook, Jimin, J-Hope, Suga and RM's manager, back when they formed the fab 7 squad, are due out next week. The game will be available to download in the U.S. on June 25 and the soundtrack drops June 28.


"All Night" marks the third week of releases for BTS, following last week's Mura Masa-produced summer-ready jam, "A Brand New Day," led by J-Hope and V, along with Swedish pop songstress Zara Larsson. The group tapped British alt-pop queen Charli XCX for the first BTS World song, the anthemic "Dream Glow," released June 7.


Source: Grammy





June 21, 2019


BTS Release ‘All Night,’ The Latest Single From Their Upcoming Album ‘BTS World’




For the past two weeks, BTS has released a new single every Friday, and now they’ve followed suit for the third time, giving their fans yet another reason to celebrate.


The group’s new track “All Night” arrived early in the morning on Friday (June 21), a time that makes sense for the tune. “All Night” is a slinky, sexy affair, one which should be played after the sun goes down.


“All Night” features American rapper Juice WRLD, who shot to superstardom last year with his breakout track “Lucid Dreams.” The hip-hop star adds his two cents to the cut, and it fits in perfectly, as this song blends a smooth, slowed-down beat with rapping from all three vocalists who take part.


The track is the third taste of their upcoming album BTS World, which will serve as the soundtrack to their to-be-released mobile game of the same name. Two weeks ago, the K-pop superstars dropped “Dream Glow” with Charli XCX, and last Friday, “A Brand New Day” with Zara Larsson appeared. BTS World will be the group’s second album of 2019, following Map of the Soul: Persona, which topped the Billboard 200 back in late April.


Source: Forbes


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June 21, 2019


RM, Suga (BTS) drop "All Night" featuring Juice Wrld


Netmarble (director Kwon Young Sik) said the third unit song "All Night (BTS World OST Part.3)" included in the OST album of the game called "BTS World", in which players role-play BTS' manager, will be released at 6 pm (KST) June 21 in the form of a digital music single.


Performed by RM and Suga (BTS), "All Night" is a hip hop track featuring the 90s vibes. The song has the participation of Juice WRLD - the representative of Emo hip hop who is famous for "Lucid Dreams". He teamed up with RM and Suga with the singing rap style. The rap verse presented in each artist's way prevents listeners from feeling bored.


This song shows the image of pursuing dreams regardless of day and night and is comprehensively produced by RM alongside Powers Pleasant - the producer under the hip-hop group Pro Era renowned for "Devastated" by rapper Joey Bada$$. Powers Pleasant contributed the beat to RM's production to bring out the moderate tempo and smooth melody.


Source (1) (2)





June 21, 2019


Listen: BTS Drops “All Night” Featuring Juice WRLD For BTS WORLD OST


BTS has dropped their final soundtrack for their upcoming mobile game BTS WORLD!


The third release off BTS WORLD’s OST is “All Night” produced by RM. The hip hop track incorporates beats by Powers Pleasant and features RM, Suga, and rapper Juice WRLD.




The first soundtrack to BTS WORLD “Dream Glow” was released on June 7, and the second soundtrack “A Brand New Day” was released on June 14. BTS WORLD’s full soundtrack album will be released on June 28.


BTS WORLD is an interactive game that has story-based simulations allowing players to view exclusive new photos and video clips as they virtually interact with the members. It will officially be launched on June 26.


Source: Soompi





On June 21, 2019, Powers Pleasant tweeted a photo with RM and Joey Bada$$.

He said, “I was in Korea for a show and RM hit me up to come to the studio, I wastS2wWcA.jpg




— Fun Facts —

  • In 2015, RM shared Joey Bada$$’s song, On & On on Twitter.
  • All Night (2019) is produced by RM, incorporating beats from producer Powers Pleasant, who’s producer of Joey Bada$$’s song Devastated (2016).


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The song treads along a smooth beat and squeaky samples, playing into a ’90s mix of R&B and laid-back rap. While “All Night” is just shy of four minutes, the song goes by quickly thanks to RM, Suga, and Juice WRLD’s personable rapping.





BTS and Juice Wrld released their new collaboration, All Night for the BTS World OST today. RM produced the track, which features beats from Powers Pleasant, and it’s already a smash.


Eric Alper



The track “All Night” introduces a new spectrum in the artistic landscape of BTS’ rap line. Using the metaphor of “party” and sensual tune that might hint towards vanity, RM and Suga turn the metaphor on its head as they talk about their never-ending perseverance to produce good music. Using the themes and terms that are connotative of leisure, the duo places the source of their enjoyment in “creation”.


Considering the theme, the song offers a poetic insight into BTS’ creative process as they transition in their discussion from “social forces” that dominate creation (or rather inhibit it) to the idea of “what constitutes authentic art”. Known for taking cues from literature and social doctrines, BTS are steadily creating their own discourse for art and artist.


Offering his own interpretation to the theme, Juice WRLD seems to offer a sub-rendition within the track. All the three artists get an equal space to showcase their interpretation of themes. While RM and Suga talks about pulling an all-nighter in same practice rooms, Juice WRLD talks about group’s gratitude towards their fans.


Celeb Mix



Suga and RM's "All Night" with Juice WRLD for BTS World will blow every '90s kid's mind.


Suga and RM's "All Night" with Juice WRLD for BTS World is here and it's straight '90s fire. And if you haven't heard this complete bop yet, you really need to go listen ASAP, ASAP.


A mid-tempo love song that'll transport you back to '90s era hip hop. The song is a legit rap masterpiece.


Elite Daily



“All Night” is a synth-laden track so smooth that the newfound trio of rappers don’t so much trade bars as seamlessly flow into each other’s verses. The midtempo ‘90s throwback centers around the theme of keeping the party alive–a slight deviation from the previous BTS World tracks’ shared theme of following your dreams.






“All Night” in charts



World Digital Song Sales — #1


Digital Song Sales — #19


Rap Digital Song Sales — #5


R&B/Hip-Hop Digital Song Sales — #6


Bubbling Under Hot 100 Singles — #18


Billboard Year-End World Digital Song Sales of 2019 — #23


Source (1) (2) (3)




This is so funny  :lol:





RM loves the nauseated face emoji.
Powers Pleasant uses the face vomiting emoji in his Twitter name.



Army: IsHMjmDae.jpgthisHMjmDae.jpghowHMjmDae.jpgyouHMjmDae.jpgandHMjmDae.jpgnamjoon (RM)HMjmDae.jpgcommunicate?HMjmDae.jpg
Powers Pleasant: AbsolutelyHMjmDae.jpgHMjmDae.jpg


Army: U and RM about to be best buds or nah?
Powers Pleasant: I wish, he’s awesome


Army: When you first met RM (namjoon) how would u describe him?
Powers Pleasant: I was amazed at how down to earth and humble he was


Army: How tall would you say namjoon is?
Powers Pleasant: Tall







© LemonamuRM


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April 15, 2021


RM is featured in the children’s newspaper in Gyeonggi-do (province) for K-stars that came from the province.


Who are the K-stars that were born in Gyeonggi-do?

Our country is now a cultural powerhouse. Let’s find out who the K-stars, that the world is enthusiastic about, are singers and actors that came from Gyeonggi-do!




BTS RM — Goyang (city name in Gyeonggi province)


RM, who grew up in Ilsandong-gu (district in Goyang) is an all-rounder. He’s a rapper, lyricist/songwriter, composer, producer, and he’s showing his talents in many areas... his musical ability [is clearly shown] goes without saying/without needing explanations. A few years ago, he gave a wonderful speech at the United Nations, he also shows great influence off-stage. He designed the KOYA character himself for BT21. We continuously look forward to RM’s success, the cool leader of BTS.


Trans © iIlejeons






[TinyTAN] RM — Unbreakable Cuteness






Source (1) (2)


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BTS members’ thoughts on the LOVE MYSELF Campaign


April 14, 2021


“We are extremely moved and thankful that our LOVE MYSELF campaign, which began with small steps, is now being elevated to a multinational MCA partnership – RM”








Source (1) (2)


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BTS (방탄소년단) “BTS, THE BEST” Japanese Album Jacket Photos.


The new album will be released on June 16, 2021.







Source (1) (2) (3) (4) (5)






Wow :scream: She has RM’s photocards from all BTS albums. :thumbsup:



Via RMphiles


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Posted (edited)

May 21, 2021


Some Fans Were Confused By This Teen Magazine's Interview With BTS Member RM, Turns Out, It Never Happened.



Source (1) (2)



RM was interviewed by Australian magazine “Total Girl” for May 2021 issue.




Source (1) (2) (3) (4)



Edited by bohmi
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The K-POP started to be very popular recently when they got many awards for their performances in different countries. Sadly, because of the Covid-19 they couldn’t attend an event, but they were online, and it went well. I like them, and I started to listen to their music, my favorite song being Dynamite. It was released in 2020, and I cannot stop listening to it. I appreciate their hard work and all their perseverance they put into achieving their goals. 

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Blackbear — an American singer, songwriter, and record producer who loves RM. He often mentions RM by “namjoon”.



1. October 9, 2019


i voted for bts :bawling: love u namjoon


Blackbear started following BTS on Twitter.



2. October 22, 2019


On his IG story, Blackbear posted a pic of Gradient App (Celebrity Lookalike App) that said he looks like Kim Namjoon.


with the caption “i wish....”





3. March 1, 2020


Blackbear shoutout to RM on “AskAnythingChat”.


Q. Collab with BTS.
Blackbear: This isn’t a question [but a request] WGyTIIo.jpg got it! I wish. Namjoon, tweet me please, just follow me back.






4. April 2, 2020


Blackbear gave Namjoon a shout out and chose “ON (feat. Sia)” in his recommended playlist, ‘Wash Ur Hands’.


BTS – “ON (feat. Sia)”
A bunch of pop stars that only make big records, shout out Nam-joon.




5. April 3, 2020


BTS finally followed him on Twitter.


Blackbear’s reaction after finding out that they are mutuals on Twitter now.






6. July 2020


“Namjoon” name appeared in Blackbear’s lyric video “Queen of Broken Hearts”.






7. August 2020


Blackbear: stream dynamite


Blackbear: namjoon






© RM_source & LemonamuRM / Links (1) (2) (3) (4) (5)


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D-1 We won’t wait any more.

Our new #HyundaixBTS film is coming out for Earth Day.

Stay tuned.






Source (1) (2)






RM’s UN speech is quoted in Reader’s Digest India magazine April 2021 issue.



Source (1) (2) (3)


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  • bohmi changed the title to [THE OFFICIAL] BTS RM | Kim Nam Joon (김남준) Thread — "Don't" new song by eAeon (feat. RM), releases on April 30th at 6 p.m. KST.

New Music from RM :bawling: :partyblob: :1646639759_ezgif.com-gif-maker(1):


April 21, 2021


‘그러지 마 (Don’t)’ — eAeon (feat. RM)


Korean indie singer-songwriter eAeon (also leader of the duo “Mot” and “Night Off”) will be releasing a new album ‘Fragile’ with a track featuring RM called ‘그러지 마 (Don’t).’ New album ‘Fragile’ will be released on April 30 at 6 p.m. KST.


‘그러지 마 (Don’t)’ is a sad song about the tragic end of love, and RM sings in his signature low tone.


eAeon said, “I only sent him (RM) the instrumental, saying ‘this is your part’ without any particular direction or advice, but he got back to me with lyrics, melody, and vocal arrangement all done perfectly. I later let him listen to the finished music and he said, ‘it’s so good to the point that I don’t think I can be more satisfied. I feel the happiest when I make good music,’ so I was also very satisfied.”


‘그러지 마 (Don’t)’ became their second collaboration after ‘badbye’ — a track from RM’s second mixtape, ‘mono.’


Source (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) (9) (10)








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April 23, 2021


eAeon gave an interview about his upcoming album Fragile and talked about working with RM on “그러지 마 (Don’t)” and his friendship with him.


Actually, eAeon wanted RM to feature on a different song, not “Don’t,” but after RM listened to the songs (“Don’t” & another song) together in the studio, RM chose “Don’t.”


RM wrote his part, recorded it, and sent it back to eAeon the next day. eAeon said that RM work was so good that it didn’t need any editing or re-recording. He also mentioned that RM even recorded and sent him the outro, said that RM just recorded it for fun. eAeon ended up using it as well because it was so good.


RM really listens to a ton of music. From domestic or foreign indie music to Billboard ranking music, he really listens to a variety of songs without caring about genre.  — eAeon


RM was one of the most knowledgeable people about music and he knew so much.  — John Eun





Source (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) (9)



Can’t wait:dorashakes::happydance:


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April 24, 2021


‘Waste It On Me’ has been certified Platinum in Canada!



#SteveAoki #RM #JK #Jimin








The Kims :hushed:




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  • bohmi changed the title to [THE OFFICIAL] BTS RM | Kim Nam Joon (김남준) Thread - ‘Bicycle’ new song by RM out now :) ❤

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