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[THE OFFICIAL] BTS RM | Kim Nam Joon (김남준) Thread - ‘Bicycle’ new song by RM out now :) ❤

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March 24, 2021


BTS appeared as a guest on tvN’s “You Quiz on the Block” on March 24.


They mentioned about this picture.


On 3/9/2021 at 1:42 PM, bohmi said:

Yoo Jae Suk was spotted following RM’s gesture.

#2018 Korean Popular Culture & Arts Awards






On the show, Jo Se Ho brought up an “incident” that occurred between Yoo Jae Suk and RM during the 2018 Korean Popular Culture and Arts Awards.


Didn’t Yoo Jae Suk see you make a peace sign during a photo and copy you?


— Jo Se Ho


And Yoo Jae Suk confirmed the adorable incident.


The photo is accurate. I looked to my side and saw RM making a peace sign. I thought it looked natural and cool, so I copied him.


— Yoo Jae Suk


Then RM took the opportunity to speak up about the time he met Yoo Jae Suk prior to that 5 years ago. He shared that he appeared on SBS’s Running Man where Yoo Jae Suk treated him with warmth. RM even elaborated on what exactly Yoo Jae Suk did that made him realize his true character.


I got there early in the morning. The staff were all tired, so they were sleeping. But Yoo Jae Suk came out to say some nice things, and he even asked how my parents were doing. That’s when I realized he’s the real deal.


— RM



September 18, 2015


Brainy Idols Kyuhyun, Yeeun, John Park, and Rap Monster to Appear on “Running Man”


The upcoming episode of SBS’s “Running Man” will feature idols who are known for their smarts — Super Junior’s Kyuhyun, Wonder Girls’ Yeeun, John Park, and BTS’s Rap Monster.


Apparently, the brainy idols amazed everyone with their academic backgrounds and achievements.


Kyuhyun and Yeeun placed first in their schools with their stellar grades. Also, John Park attended a prestigious university. Meanwhile, Rap Monster is known for having an IQ of 148 which is classified as having very superior intelligence.


“Running Man” cast members are surprised to find out all of this information and hilariously note that they see the four artists in a new light now.


Once the mission begins, the brainy idols engage in an intense strategy fight. You can find out how they fare during the race when this episode airs on September 20 at 6:10 p.m. KST.




Source (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6)






Currently watching “You Quiz” live
Namjoonie hyung is so funny ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ


— Jimin (Weverse, March 24)


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Rapper, Songwriter, Record Producer       #PROFILE# Stage Name: RM (formerly known as Rap Monster) Also Known as: Runch Randa, Largo, leader of BTS Birth Name: Kim N

BUTTER   © gif_namjoon     © MoNiJunNi            

The K-POP started to be very popular recently when they got many awards for their performances in different countries. Sadly, because of the Covid-19 they couldn’t attend an event, but they were onlin

Some comments about Namjoon after appearing on “You Quiz on the Block”




✔️ RM seems to be getting more handsome, really... He’s become more manly, but he seems to be more handsome and handsome because he seems to think deeply from what he says. It’s just so cool.


✔️ Namjoon is really handsome in person. I was surprised because Namjoon’s face was so small in person. He’s really tall.


✔️ Namjoon is my favourite member for 5 years. He’s so cool that he breaks my heart.


✔️ Namjoon has a brilliant mind, but he basically reads a lot of books.


✔️ He has great leadership. His lyrics make him deserve the Nobel Prize for Culture.


✔️ Our leader really has a different depth of thought. I’m so proud.


✔️ He’s so handsome. Especially, his eyes are cool. He’s getting cooler.


✔️ Yeah, he’s getting cooler and a really nice guy.


✔️ I’m a man like RM, but he is very mature and proud, I feel once again that the leader of the team is an important person and role.


✔️ Namjoon is eloquent.


✔️ Namjoon is big but cute. He looks very charismatic and cute.


Source (1) (2)




RM Weverse Update


March 25, 2021


You Quiz..
I mean, why did it end up being the Spring Day chorus right at my turn


For a moment all the options passed by me in a flash, but I just accepted it
Ah, I wasn’t scared..
That’s right, this is my melody
Sorry for not singing the guide version well, Seokjinie hyung ㅋㅋㅋ



Namjoon’s talking about this :lol:




It was a broadcast that made me think lots of things for the first time in a while, and it was very nice to have all these thoughts about the past, thoughts about the present, thoughts about the future


More than anything
If ARMYs are happy, then I’m happy too



Trans cr: Faith @ bts-trans




March 31, 2021


I miss you, everyone
I want to upload a photo but
There’s none that I’ve taken recently..
You’re doing well, right?


I’m doing my utmost each and every day
Whenever I get anxious, I remember that there are others under the same sky who live with similar feelings !


Let’s try gaining strength by looking up at the sky
able to be happy because we’re together !


Trans © doyou_bangtan



Another version


I miss you, everyone
I want to post a photo but
I don’t have any photos that I took recently..
You’re doing well, right?


I’m spending each and every day working hard
When I get uneasy, I think that
We’re [all] living under the same sky, with similar hearts !


Let’s look at the sky and have strength
I’m just
Happy that we’re together !


Trans © sebyul



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March 26, 2021


[KBS Entertainment Weekly]


RM ranked 5th for “Nation’s Uhmchinah/Uhmchinddal”



*Uhm Chin Ah (your mother’s friend’s brilliant son who you get compared to)
*Uhm Chin Ddal (your mother’s friend’s brilliant daughter who you get compared to)


*엄친아 (uhm chin ah) is short for 엄마 친구 아들 (mother’s friend’s son) so it’s like that perfect, well-rounded, successful, ideal kid that makes people jealous, it’s coming from when mothers compare their own kid to others’ kid.


They mentioned how RM has an IQ of 148, he’s in the top 1.3% student nationwide (clip from Running Man), he has a fluent ability in English, his TOEIC in 2nd-grade middle school was 850 and scored 797 on TEPS in 3rd-grade middle school.


They mentioned how RM answered interviews and interpret for the group when they’re on western schedules. Amplifying their voices all around the world through BTS’ (RM) UN Speech.


And recently, he took TOEIC test to “cool down” his head, he said he “messed up” (t/n: he did say he messed up the reading section) but he scored 915 nonetheless.


Trans © iIlejeons / Source (1) (2) (3)






[Special Interview] BTS Japan Official Fanclub Magazine


Q. RM who writes lyrics as if they come from how he thinks deeply about the world. What makes you want to write lyrics?


RM: Everything has two sides. Sometimes there are good times, so we can expect that there will also be bad times, and if there is light there are shadows. The world has many layers, and they are 3D. Ever since I started thinking like that, I’ve been able to accept everything in a straightforward manner. I get inspiration from those who can find a reason in things or phenomena that other people don’t really notice. For example when flowers are blooming, only a few people try to learn how many petals one flower contains. I also recently learned that Forsythia have 4 petals. I treasure these "realization/perception" rather than the facts that can be seen at a glance.


Trans © Hani


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BTS for Topclass Magazine June 2019


The Philosopher Who Raps
BTS’ start, RM




BTS’ leader RM is the start of BTS. He who have fell into Hip-Hop after listening to ‘Fly’ by Epik High during his elementary, he has already gotten acknowledgement from rappers during his middle school while going under the nickname Runch Randa. After Sleepy introduced him to Big Hit Entertainment, he has become founding BTS. Bang Si Hyuk explained, “I was impressed by the way RM dealt with subjects, the depth in his thoughts, fluent on usage of words, creative skill on rapping.”


RM usually told, “There is two ways you can change the world. First is become a revolutionist, second method is look at the world in positivity, I want to do both. I’ll achieve both.” And he has wonderfully achieved it. In 2018 September 24th, right before the opening of the 73rd UN General Assembly, UNICEF’s Generation Unlimited program RM has successfully delivered their message for 6 min 30 sec.


“I’m Kim Namjoon and also RM of BTS. I’m an idol and I’m an artist from a small town in Korea. Like most people, I’ve made many and plenty mistakes in my life. I have many faults, and I have many more fears, but I’m going to embrace myself as I hard as I can, and I’m starting to love myself gradually, just little by little. What is your name? Speak yourself.”


His speech gave a big blow. “RM’s English Study Method” which he learned through dramas gained attention, his speech was topic on test questions and assignments throughout the world. Not only Korea but US, Singapore, and Vietnam students were given an assignment to speak about themselves after reading RM’s speech. ‘Love Yourself,’ it was the moment his message resonated with the world.


Source: Topclass,  Trans © Aeonian_V






September 6, 2018


How RM melts fans’ hearts




As any BTS fan knows, RM, the band’s leader and main rapper, is a truly gifted musician -- a multitalented songwriter and performer who is fluent in English too.


And, though he’s known as a contemplative thinker and avid booklover, the voluble musician has also proven to be an influential speaker.


Whether it’s an intimate remark to fans or a formal statement to a roomful of reporters, RM has moved countless hearts with his passionate words. One music critic even said, “Interviewing RM is almost like talking with a philosopher. He is a great storyteller, and when he speaks with reporters he always gives out answers that are full of meaning and messages.”


Here are a few of RM’s most memorable sayings.


1. ‘Love Yourself: Answer’ press conference


RM recently impressed reporters during a press conference to publicize the group’s latest album, “Love Yourself: Answer.” This is how he explained the concept behind the album:


“We wanted our album to be like a festival. To throw a festival, a lot of preparations are needed, but it’s just a fleeting moment and all you’re left with is trash. Life is like a festival too. Good moments don’t last long. So we should love ourselves and enjoy those brief happy moments.”


When asked about the secret to BTS’ enormous success, he stated, “The public has a very high standard. They can tell what’s genuine and what’s not. While it’s difficult to be authentic and still be clever, we tried to stick to what we’re good at and used social media to effectively convey our messages.”


2. ‘The Wings’ concert at Prudential Center in the US


During the group’s sold-out show at Prudential Center in New Jersey in March 2017, part of the band’s “The Wings” world tour, RM couldn’t hide his excitement as he faced the crowd with its rainbow of glow sticks. And he welcomed concertgoers from all over the world with this powerful message:


“BTS in Prudential Center, two shows sold out. Am I dreaming?” he shouted out to fans in English.


“Music and performance transcend language, countries and races. Do you feel that?”


Fans waved their glow sticks to show their agreement.


“Yeah” he continued. “Like a rainbow, I don’t care if you’re red, blue, orange, green, purple, whatever. Thank you for celebrating this great night together.”


Fans reacted with comments like “He’s a beautiful human being inside and out,” and “Namjoon says a lot of inspiring things. I should just make a compilation of all the great things he’s said. A great leader.”


3. ‘2017 BTS Trilogy III The Wings Tour The Final’ in Seoul


BTS’ Seoul concert at Gocheok Sky Dome in December, part of the group’s world tour “2017 BTS Trilogy III: The Wings Tour -- The Final,” remains a favorite RM moment for fans, as it illustrates the band leader’s thoughtfulness and love for his fans.


After reminiscing on each member’s past and engaging in witty banter, RM delivered a speech that had many of his fans in tears -- and RM cried too.


“We were terrified when we just made our debut. We were really worried that we’d end up as failures, that we’d be hated. So we were like, ‘What should we do?’ ‘People won’t like us,’ and that’s all the stuff we’ve talked about,” he said.


“But I will hold on to this memory, I won’t forget it, because it is part of us, who we are. I’m sure things will not always go as they have, but now I know that so many people trust us and like us. So we will overcome the pain and sadness. That’s BTS.”


“What I want to tell you is that all of us were messy and small at first, but we made it. If our existence, music, photos or videos can influence your life and dreams, or lower your pain from 100 to 99 or 98, it’s enough to (make it worthwhile for us),” he added.


Source: KPop HeraldSoompi


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July 29, 2019


Korean Children Talk about BTS


Narrator: Look at them carefully and pick one who’s the most handsome.


Q. That oppa looks handsome? (referring to RM picture)
Kid with peach headband: *nod* *nod* :thumbsup:
Q. Which part do you think is handsome?
Kid with peach headband: Everything :kiss_wink:
Kid with peach headband: Feels like my ideal type





Watch the video here






March 24, 2021


In his recent Instagram story, Lil Nas X mentioned RM when he’s asked who’s the hottest BTS member.


On 12/23/2020 at 9:40 PM, bohmi said:

(November 2019) — During his interview with Quizface on Capital FM, Lauv was asked to pick “which BTS member smells the nicest.” He answered “RM.” (Source)


(March 2015) — Kim Ji Seok also said the same things about RM in television program “Problematic Men.”

Kim Ji Seok said to RM, “You smell nice.” :wub:







March 29, 2021


Veteran singer Lee Seung Chul said that if he will choose to collaborate with his juniors, it will be RM.


Singer Lee Seung Chul appeared as a guest on SBS Power FM’s “Cultwo Show” which aired on the 29th.


Comedian Moon Se Yoon who appeared as a special DJ on the day, asked, “Lee Seung Chul-ssi, you collaborated a lot, but do you have any juniors you want to work with?”


Lee Seung Chul said, “I pay attention to AKMU Suhyun, and I want BTS RM.”


Source (1) (2) (3) (4)






April 2, 2021


Yijun, son of Korean actor Kim Jae Won appeared on “Stars’ Top Recipe at Fun-Staurant” which aired on April 2. Yijun visited the KBS building and went searching for his father. In the process of searching his father, he saw a picture of his favourite group, BTS. Yijun said, “I like RM the most because he’s good at speaking English.”


He also mentioned Jungkook as his 2nd favourite member.



Source (1) (2) (3) (4) (5)


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November 2019


Paper Magazine


If you could switch talents with one of your bandmates for 24 hours, who would you choose and why?


RM: I would like to dance like J-Hope just for one day. What would that feel like?



May 19, 2016


Watch: BTS’s J-Hope Reveals Their Most Improved Dancer On “K-Pop Hidden Stage,” Also Featuring Tiffany, TWICE, And More


“K-Pop Hidden Stage” then visits BTS in their dressing room for an interview, which is led by none other than their leader Rap Monster, who reads off questions from fans.


When asked what the most difficult part of “Fire” has been, they all seem to agree that it’s the choreography, particularly in the bridge of the song.


The next question is for J-Hope, who is the dance leader in the group. He’s asked which member’s dancing skills have improved the most, and he answers without any hesitation, “Rap Monster!”


Rap Monster is thrilled by his answer, but the guys point out that Jin, who’s often called one of the worst dancers in the group along with Rap Monster, looks a bit jealous.


“I’m not jealous!” says Jin, and J-Hope adds that he’s been watching Rap Monster dance over the past seven years.




V: I want to borrow RM’s brain and make a whole bunch of songs.


Jungkook: RM. I want to write really nice lyrics and have deeper thoughts.






Source (1) (2)






BTS Break the Silence: The Movie (2020) Commentary




Jin: My dad saw Namjoon in that hat, and he asked for it.
Namjoon: That’s right :mrgreen: And we ended up giving it to him.
Jin: He asked me for 3 weeks.


Trans © cestlavie9090


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Japan Official Fanclub











April 4, 2021


RM Weverse Update






Source (1) (2) (3)


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Liiv M X BTS by Kookmin Bank (2019)







VT X BTS L’ATELIER des SUBTILS Perfume (2019)






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March 29, 2021 — [“Let’s BTS”]




Jungkook → RM





“For RM hyung, first of all, I’ve said this a lot before. He’s the reason I joined Big Hit Entertainment. I saw him rapping and it was awesome. As someone who has known him since before debut, I think he deserves to be the leader of BTS. Out of the seven of us, he’s the closest person to a leader. Musically and as a person, I have so much to learn from him. And I hope he can continue to be my leader in life.”


— Jungkook


Sumi Jo, who won the Grammy Award, shared on her Instagram story with a screenshot of Jungkook while talking about RM on Let’s BTS “RM hyung is my eternal leader” with the comment: “I agree with you, Jungkook! RM is truly a great leader for BTS. RM is just perfect!”






RM → Jimin





“As for Jimin, I could spend all day talking about this guy. He’s very likable. I think that’s his biggest asset. So many people like Jimin. He’s such a selfless guy by nature. He’s always putting others before him. And even on stage, he has the ability to captivate people. He’s an axis that the stage revolves around. He’s a great idol that can do it all.”


— RM


Watch the video here



Suga spoke about how without RM, they wouldn’t have achieved the things they achieved. The members heavily agreed with Suga. (via Koreaboo)


“We achieved a lot starting with the Billboard charts. But if we didn’t have RM, it would’ve been unimaginable.”


— Suga


Watch the video here



RM said when he goes to exhibitions or when he rides a bicycle he feels so good as if it makes the tears come out. Trans © Soo Choi




Source (1) (2) (3) (4) (5)


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May 22, 2020


“Strange” — Agust D (feat. RM)


“A round nail stuck in a square hole.” This is something that only RM could write. I was amazed when I read the lyrics. I thought that he did a really good job.


— Suga



“A round nail that’s been hammered into a square hole.”


Note: He’s (RM) probably refering to the Instagram logo (especailly given the ‘My feed explains me’ line above).  © doolsetbangtan






“So many artists participated this time (in Suga mixtape). First shout out goes to RM, then NiiHWA, NELL, and MAX. Thanks all to you.”


— Suga











J-Hope → RM


Namjoonie.. honestly, ah, really, he’s a person who truly enjoys life the way it goes. He humbly accepts what needs to be accepted, while being satisfied with his life. He keeps on doing what he needs to do. Also, he has a tight grip on himself/is able to control himself, in order for him not to become lazy. He’s also someone that has a very good self-reflecting ability.





RM → Jin


As for Jin hyung, something that I feel most grateful for and want to compliment him for is that Jin hyung always says things like “Are you up for dinner tonight?”, “Want to go fishing tomorrow?”


Honestly, it’s natural to feel hesitant to ask those kinds of questions to the members after spending 7~8 years together. So it’s something that I always feel grateful for, that he always approaches us without hesitating.


Even though he’s the hyung, he never shows any sense of authority. He’s always the one to approach his dongsaengs first. I want to say that he’s a very generous hyung.




Trans © iIlejeons


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April 6, 2021


“mono.” by RM has reached #1 in Dominica, and earned a total of 121 #1’s on iTunes worldwide. This makes “mono.” the album with the most #1’s EVER, surpassing Ed Sheeran’s “Divide”.





Source (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6)




A ‘playlist’ rather than ‘mixtape’, mono.’s tracks were stylistically produced to effortlessly flow from one song to another. Upon its release in 2018, it debuted at #40 but jumped up to #7 in just an hour!


[ADMIN] This screenshot was taken in 2018 to commemorate the achievement because Korean music didn’t often chart on Genius All-Genre charts back then.




Source: Genius Korea



:cutekitty: :issohappy:



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Billboard World Digital Song Sales (chart dated April. 10, 2021)


2. Intro: Persona (re-entry)  |  peak: #2  |  6 weeks on chart.  Source: Billboard








Mayoral elections today. RM, Jimin, Suga, Jin have voted.






Source: The Fact



Bonus :blush:



Photo. RM visited 2020 Galleries Art Fair in Seoul


The news said that RM visited the same event again on March this year. Source (1) (2)



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210405 | WEVERSE
Our Story Chapter 2. RM’s Fairy Tale Interview



Watch the video below for full RM’s Fairy Tale interview. Source (1) (2)  :love:



Q. Why did you choose this fairy tale?

I read many fairy tales when I was little and I was wondering which one would suit me well. "Daddy Long Legs" was among the suggestions. I thought I'd get to wear cool outfits if I chose "Daddy Long Legs" and since I'm the tallest in our group. I decided to go with that. :D


Q. What do you have in common with Daddy Long Legs?

I don't think we have much in common but I am tall. :D


Q. The most memorable moment in the story?

I've read it a long time ago. The most memorable scene would be when he tries to hide so that he won't be revealed.


Q. Do you have your own "Daddy Long Legs"?

My own Daddy Long Legs.. it would be my parents who waited and supported me in the past including my three years as a trainee and also our ARMY who are supporting us behind the scenes. I think they are my Daddy Long Legs.


Q. Please leave a fairytale like message for ARMY!

Nevertheless.. fairy tales are still fairy tales so I prefer to be in reality, where I'm with you rather than to be in a fairy tale.


"Would you rather" : Fairy Tales


Q. [The Honest Woodcutter] - [Say the gold ax is mine vs. Say the truth]

There are no secrets in this world, most of the times, lying is bad so I'll just be honest. Who knows? I might get a silver ax in return.


Q. [The Little Mermaid] - [Trade my voice for legs vs. Meet the prince as my true self]

It's ideal to meet him as my true self so I'd like to choose that option. If the prince cannot love her the way I am, I don't think we're destined together. So I'd try to face the situation in my original self.


Q. [The Ant and the Grasshopper] - [Rich but time-poor vs. Poor but time-rich]

Lots of time.. I'm not sure. I guess rich but time-poor ant seems a little better. :lol:


Q. [Peter Pan] - [Grow old gracefully vs. Stay young forever]

My father also dyes his hair and I tell him not to do it. I think it's nice to look natural when you get old so I think Peter Pan who grows old gracefully is way better.






April 9, 2021




The song ‘U’ by Primary (feat. Kwon Jin Ah, RM) was released on this day in 2015.




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April 17, 2020


8 Chill Songs To Feed Your Introverted Soul


Introverts don’t really need to go outside to be entertained. They have everything they want in the comfort of their own home: A captivating book to read in one sitting, an exciting movie or TV show to (binge)watch, and, of course, their good old playlist for every occasion.


This being said, the following songs may be just the thing to keep you company as you embrace your introversion and enjoy the moment. Listen for yourself!


BTS’s RM – “Forever Rain”


How many solitary individuals find extreme inner peace once it starts raining? In RM’s words, it’s a soothing moment that allows you to get lost in your thoughts and watch your environment suddenly get phased by a few droplets. It gives you a strange but comforting feeling of company and you simply wish the rain never stops.







March 29, 2021


Korean painter and artist, Kildren, shared a video via Instagram story of his visit to Gyeongbokgung Palace in Seoul, on a “Rainy Sunday” while listening to RM’s ‘Forever Rain’.


happy rain GIF by Ethan Barnowsky




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2020 Wrapped on Spotify


Top Male K-Pop Artists Globally (2020)


1. Agust D
2. Zico
3. Baekhyun
4. RM
5. Jay Park
6. J-Hope
7. Crush
8. Eric Nam
9. V
10. Shaun
11. Taemin
12. Dean
13. Chen
14. Chanyeol
15. DPR Live
16. PSY
17. Gaho
18. Loco
19. GD
20. Sam Kim



Top K-Pop Artists Globally (2020)

31. RM



Most Streamed Korean Hip-Hop Tracks Globally (2020)

3. “Seoul” by RM
9. “Moonchild” by RM
10. “Strange” by Agust D, RM






Source (1) (2) (3) (4)






2019 Wrapped on Spotify


Top Male K-Pop Artists Globally (2019)

1. Shaun
2. RM
3. Jay Park
4. J-Hope
5. Dean
6. Taemin
7. Chen
8. Eric Nam



Top K-Pop Artists Globally (2019)

1. BTS
4. EXO
5. Red Velvet
7. Stray Kids
8. NCT 127
9. iKON
10. GOT7
12. (G)I-DLE
15. DAY6
16. Chungha
17. Shaun
18. IU
19. TXT
20. RM



Most Streamed Korean Soloists Globally (2019)

1. Chungha
2. Shaun
3. IU
4. RM
5. Jennie



Most Streamed K-Pop Collaborations Globally (2019)

4. Waste It On Me (feat. BTS) - Steve Aoki, BTS



Source (1) (2) (3) (4)


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#LIVE #2018MAMA ] Ha Seok Jin and RM reunited!



RM and Ha Seok Jin had appeared together in the variety show “Problematic Men”. :wub:



November 21, 2015


10 Korean Celebrities That Are So Smart They’re Sexy


An extremely popular slang expression in Korea these days is the word “뇌섹남” (nue-saek-nam), an acronym literally translating to a “man with a sexy brain,” with its female counterpart “뇌섹녀” (nue-saek-neo), a “woman with a sexy brain.”


In the Korean entertainment industry, there has been a recent trend that emphasizes the intelligence of celebrities. Programs such as “Problematic Men” and “Abnormal Summit” have celebrities showcase their intellect by discussing the global issues that our society is facing, rather than the usual simple conversations about their everyday lives.


Here are some of the top 10 celebrities in Korea who have a sexy brain on top of extreme talent and gorgeous appearances. Let us know in the comments down below if your favorite celebrities made it on the list, or if there’s anyone we missed!


All rankings mentioned in the article were taken from the 2015 US News Education University Rankings.


BTS’s Rap Monster


One of the celebrities that caught me off guard was definitely BTS’s Rap Monster. Not only is the rapper capable of dropping sick beats, he is also extremely knowledgeable and has proven his intelligence with an IQ score of 148. He also ranked in the 99th percentile of students nationwide who took the Korean college entrance exam in the same year.






January 19, 2019


Celebrities Who Come From Engineering, Physics, And Math Backgrounds


Ha Seok Jin


Like Kang Dong Won, Ha Seok Jin majored in mechanical engineering at Hanyang University. During his college days, he also received a scholarship that is reserved only for students who rank in the top 10 percent.


He has appeared on the tvN variety show “Problematic Men” and in one episode, Jun Hyun Moo commented that the actor continues to apply his degree to his regular life by calculating the gravitational acceleration of new cars when they come out.








March 20, 2019


#ARMYs, what was your actual reaction to hearing the news that we’re getting our very own BTS dolls?! :lol:


Me: RM’s dimple :wub:



Source (1) (2)


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  • bohmi changed the title to [THE OFFICIAL] BTS RM | Kim Nam Joon (김남준) Thread - ‘Bicycle’ new song by RM out now :) ❤

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