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[variety] Heyheyhey Season 2!

Guest Izzie

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OMG!!! i loved this show it was so hilarious. I have to dl it...thanks for the links.

And does anyone have any links to season 1 episodes? I've been looking everywhere for them!

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Guest BLurBLur

the name of this show sounds familiar.... hm.... is this the show where in season 1 there were a segment where artists show their homes to the viewers?? i remember watching Jang Nara and Ha Ji Won showing the

viewers their homes... and i think the name of the show was Hey Hey Hey... but i could be wrong though.. :P

i haven had a chance to watch this show... but from the caps it looks very funny..... ;)

offtopic: waves to Kalena !!!!! so u r into this show too eh.. :P

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Guest aznchocol8luver

i luv tis show!! i remember watchin the season one of tis at korea...

wow the skit wif lee jong soo n shin dong yub.. haha tat kiss... LOL!!

itz sad how Bi didn't get to b in a skit.. :(

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Tomorrow's Guests:

Kim Sarang hey2_01.jpg


HaHa hey2_02.jpg


- S라인 현영의 엉덩이에 엄청난 사건이?!

(S-Line Hyun Young's Big Butt Problem?!)

- 짝퉁도 좋다!김원희-현영 <된장부인>

(Kim WonHui - HyunYoung <Traditional Wives>)

- 엽기미녀 김사랑! 그녀의 무서운 사랑법!

(Silly Girl Kim Sarang! Her frightening love!)

- 신동엽-이종수! 두 남자의 수상한 동거!

(Shin DongYup & LeeJongSu! - Roommates)

BlurBlur - Yeah, this is the same show, but that part of the show`s been cut out... since the first season too o.o;

& subs are not out yet guys ;3

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wave.gif back to BlurBlur!!! yup, it's always nice to find something new to watch. :P

Thanks for postin' the new info, Izzie. I was just looking at the site... doesn't that pic of HaHa look a lot like MC Mong?! :lol:

BTW, if anyone wants to check out some "original" episodes, iyagi's CB has 5 LQs available to d/l. ;)

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Guest silverwingz

HeyHeyHey Season 2 (061116)


Hyun Young's big butt one was really funny! U won't believe how big it is until u see it! hahaha!!

Roommate was hilarious as well..


- Lee Jong Su brought his girlfriend to meet Shin Dong Yup (poor Shin Dong Yup!)

- Shin Dong Yup has the funniest daydreams at the meeting (bagging the girlfriend in front of her, having a catfight with her, CONFESSING HIS LOVE FOR JONG SU AND THEN KISSING HIM!!!) lol...

- The scene where Shin Dong Yup cried at the end was soo funny.. his facial expressions were priceless. He's really good! hehe...

This episode was fun. MC Mong and some other lady I don't know will be on next week. The skit with MC Mong looks soo funny and gross!

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i<3this show

i still can`t get over the "19geum" couplee hahahahahahah

kim jung eun was so good at acting the byuntae!! haha i lovedd it when she kept on trying to grope shin dong yup...puahahah xD

&"roommate" with lee jongsoo&shin dong yupp...freakin hilariouss...

i LOVE the hostss!! kim wonhee, shin dongyup, hyunyoung, and lee jong soo! but i think park joon hyung is an MC too?? he's just not in the skits?? aahhh but man i love this show<3

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