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[Drama 2021] My Roommate is a Gumiho/Frightening Cohabitation, 간 떨어지는 동거


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I am actually enjoying the story so far. I have been watching a lot of heavier dramas recently and watching this feels like a breath of fresh air. I really hope it will maintain a light rom-com drama throughout its run and even when the inevitable crisis comes, I hope they will get through it quickly instead of dragging it.


Dam feels like a very typical college student. She can be fashionable if she wants too but she prefers to be comfortable. She clearly level headed enough even though she can be so random at times. I do appreciate she is representing what typical young adults like although a tad bit exaggerated. 


Woo Yeo aka Yeo Woo (fox) feels a bit confusing. But then just like what he constantly saying, he is a 999 years old Gumiho, I can't really expect him to act like human being. At least I'm thankful he is not like typical supernatural beings in other dramas who feels like they are better than human and it is okay for them to be a jerk. He clearly got tragic backstory that I can't wait for them to dive into. 


Kang Hanna's character is a hoot. I really, really love her and her interaction with Woo Yeo. Her character feels like she is a complete opposite of Woo Yeo but still likable. She do things her way and even though she got insulted by Woo Yeo, she didn't get offended much because she accepted that is who she is. Their banter feels like they are on equal footing and nobody is above one another. I really look forward for her own storyline. 

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Just finished EP 4 and I am really loving this drama. I was laughing real hard during comedic scenes and totally get caught into feelings during heavier scenes. Dam really proved how level headed she is by the way she confronted those sunbaes and her groupmates. I love how she took serious matter seriously, pointing out they were the bad people and nothing she did warranted their treatment towards her. She really is not typical pushover female lead in rom-com. I appreciate the depth the writer has given to her character. :heartxoxo:


I feel like referring Woo Yeo as Yeo Woo from now on because that wordplay really is messing with my brain. Based on what have been shown for now, he is not really different from any supernatural beings that has been depicted before, especially with the tragic backstory. But at the same time, he feels totally new and not like the other characters. He looks subdued, but he got the force that people ended up doing things the way he wants. He try to gives back with how much he has taken. He looks like he doesn't care about things but unknowingly those things affected him more than he realized and he actually thinks too much. I love when he simply relax around Dam and naturally let her lead him. 


I am glad that Dam confronted Yeo Woo with why he has been avoiding her and being so cold towards her. And I appreciate that Yeo Woo made an effort to respond to her well instead of being dismissive and prioritizes himself over Dam's right to be treated nicely like before. 


Kang Hanna's character blended well with them. The contrast between her and Yeo Woo is always fun to watch and they are bits that shown that they are closer than what they let on. She will definitely play the devil's advocate about Yeo Woo and Dam's relationship but not in typical infuriating ways. She might lacked of knowledge but she definitely better at reading people compared to Yeo Woo. And I am looking forward with her character and Jae Jin. They are a complete contrast with her having a lot of force while Jae Jin being so awkward around her. 


I feel like there is plenty of foreshadowing with how the story will unfold. Dam constantly mentioning how kind Yeo Woo is without expecting anything back while we know he is not doing it simply out of kindness. But the way Dam has been so mature and straight forward in resolving conflicts, I have confidence that they wouldn't let things dragged too much. I have a high hope for this drama now that I wish the rest of the episodes will not ruined it for me. 

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12 hours ago, kdramagrandma said:



I feel like there is plenty of foreshadowing with how the story will unfold. Dam constantly mentioning how kind Yeo Woo is without expecting anything back while we know he is not doing it simply out of kindness. But the way Dam has been so mature and straight forward in resolving conflicts, I have confidence that they wouldn't let things dragged too much. I have a high hope for this drama now that I wish the rest of the episodes will not ruined it for me. 

Yes this, I so agree.

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Me vs this drama. 


I didn't expect it, but I really like how this story is unfolding, especially the portrayal of characters. 


Here we have a male lead who is not cold, but quiet and pensieve. I like the times when he starts to smile at Dam's antics, and the interactions with the female gumiho. These two are his only relationships, both wildly different. One started several hundred years ago, yet the banter is fresh. He might be booksmart and scholarly, but as she likes to tell him: she managed to become human, he didn't. These two aren't friends, nor enemies. It feels like a squabbling sibling relationship, and I'm here for it!


Dam is a college girl and I like the portrayal here. Nothing about her screams "I'M SPECIAL HEAR ME ROAR!" while doing quirky things that nobody in real life would do. She is a girl who was thrown into an atypical situation and now handles the things coming to her, it feels natural, despite the unnatural fantasy line. That's what I really find refreshing about this character: she's really relatable, could be you or me, or someone you know. 


The way the two main leads communicate with each other is also adorable. They come from two different worlds and there's bound to be misunderstandings and mistakes, yet they find their way back to each other and the small conflicts get resolved smoothly without exaggeration.


I also have to say I find the comical effects on point, like the background effects. Bae In Hyuk's character reminds me of Han Seojun from True Beauty tbh, at first he was seen as obnoxious dude, but seeing his family life, it is just another guy who has trouble talking to females lol.



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This drama is my new crack 

I just cant WAIT for wed and thurs 

LEE DAM is such a model and I truly truly hope she doesnt change like ever.

TO be so social conscious and self aware is rare in k drama heroine and I am glad the drama is staying close to the webtoon. 

The last scene on ep 4 is such a new soft talk approach on blossoming love.  For those who dont know; the quote is from the book

'Love in the time of Cholera' - Its my new reading list


The only hitch is that she still calls him 'Orishin' but I am just going to throw that out the window as he is a legendary beast and age is off the table here.

The organic build of relationships is lovely, so is the campus hijinks that follows { that movie scene :loolz:


The only thing left is telling her the truth about the bead. I think he is so desperate to become human plus the bead is acting all odd inside her is keeping him hesitant. Sure he will not let her die, but I am sure he is going to have to GROVEL a LOT when she finds out the whole deal. 

But since he truly doesnt understand human emotions I think it will only come when its too late and for this drama its such a good conflict; hope they address that. 


There is more to Hye Sun that meets the eye. Someone so ditzy yet conniving; she is more self aware than Woo Yeo.  She is I feel the push needed for our 999,aparment singing, grandpa taste in ice-cream Gumiho to analyze his feelings.  I take it back; Orishin fits him 




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I found this drama is heart-warming and really looking forward for next episode. I never watch this two main lead drama before but they chemistry is amazing! Got some Goblin vibe as well when I saw the house. Just the female lead bff is a bit old for university student. 

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I started this Drama yesterday. It is really interesting. I find it better than Doom at Your service, especially the femal and male lead.  Ther have a very good chemistry. The story looks much better in this Drama too.

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Been liking this drama! I'm also watching Doom At Your Service, so this feels like a nice lighthearted drama to follow it... plus I'm thrilled that I get new eps Monday through Thursday! 


I don't want to, but I feel bad for Seon Woo... at least he's kinda trying right?

I guess Hyeri's reactions are a bit over the top sometimes and that's her charm LOL but it's so strange when you look at her vs the way that Woo Yeo acts, he's like waaaay too proper. The way he talks kind of reminds me of a hypnotist or something, his voice is so deep and calming. I guess opposites attract right? 


Interested to find out about the recent brutal murders...preview to next ep also looks interesting :) can't wait!

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