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[Drama 2021] Dear M, 디어엠 - Fridays @ 22:10 KST - Park Hye Soo & Jae Hyun - Premieres in 2021


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KBS Drama

Dear M


Network: KBS

Episodes: 12

Genre: Friendship, Romance, Youth, Life, School

Airdate: February 26th - May 14th, 2021

Airtime: Fridays @ 22:10 KST

Director: Park Jin Woo, Seo Joo Wan

Writer: Lee Seul (past works: XX, Love Playlist)

Website: HERE




“Dear.M” will tell the story of the campus-wide search for the mysterious “M,” an individual who is mentioned in an anonymous post on a Seoyeon University online community. The realistic romance drama will follow the changing relationships and budding romances between various characters in the wake of all the buzz about “M.”




Park Hye Soo as Ma Joo Ah

She is a cheerful second-year business administration major who has never had a boyfriend and is constantly meddling in others’ affairs due to her generous and inquisitive nature.


Jae Hyun of NCT as Cha Min Ho

He is a clever and imaginative second-year computer-engineering student who comes up with an idea to develop an exciting new app.


Bae Hyun Sung as Park Ha Neul

He is a student in the Business Administration Department at Seoyeon University and he is an honorary ambassador for the university.


Noh Jung Ui as Seo Ji Min


Supporting Cast:


Lee Jin Hyuk as Kim Mok Jin

Woo Da Vi as Hwang Bo Young

Lee Jung Sic as Moon Joon

Hwang Bo Reum Byeol as Choi So Ra

Eunbin as Min Yang Hee

Hwang Geon as Moon Taek Geun

Jo Joon Young as Ban Yi Dam


Character Chart:







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NCT’s Jaehyun and Park Hye Soo Will Show Fresh Campus Romance in New Drama ‘Dear.M’

by krishkim

KBS’s new drama Dear.M has confirmed its cast.

On September 3, KBS announced that NCT’s Jaehyun, Park Hye Soo, Kim Sae Ron, and Bae Hyun Sung will play the lead roles in Dear.M, a spin-off of the hit web-drama series Love Playlist.

Credit: SM Entertainment, Gold Medalist, Awesome ENT

Dear.M is a youth romance drama about the campus-wide search for the mysterious “M,” an individual who wrote the post on the online community that turned the entire college upside down. Expectations are high on how Park Hae Soo and Jaehyun will take a step into the Love Playlist worldview.

Park Hye Soo plays Ma Joo Ah, a cheerful second-year business administration major. She is always bright and loves meddling in others’ affairs. One other thing that stands out about her is that she was never interested in boys and voluntarily stayed single.

Jaehyun will make his acting debut as Cha Min Ho, a smart and imaginative second-year computer engineering student who comes up with an idea to develop an exciting new app. He and Ma Joo Ah have stayed as close friends for the past 12 years.

Meanwhile, Kim Sae Ron and Bae Hyun Sung will appear as Seo Ji Min and Park Ha Neul, the same roles they played in Love Playlist: Season 4. In Dear.M, they will continue to give viewers butterflies as a beloved campus couple.

“It expresses the real life and love of young people,” an official said. “It contains not only the excitement of campus life, but also the harsh reality. We will give sympathy to the younger generation and bring back memories for the older generation.“

Love Playlist writer Lee Seul has joined forces with to. Jenny director Park Jin Woo and director Seo Joo Wan, known for I Hate Going to Work and Love Revolution, for Dear.M.

Dear.M plans to premiere in the first half of 2021.


Source (1)




CLC’s Kwon Eunbin to Star in ‘Dear.M’ as a College Student Who Develops a Crush on NCT Jaehyun’s Character

by M.B.

Credit: Cube Entertainment


CLC member Kwon Eunbin will star in the upcoming drama ‘Dear.M.’

According to StarNews, Kwon Eunbin was cast in KBS 2TV’s new drama ‘Dear.M’ (script by Lee Seul, directed by Park Jin Woo and Seo Joo Wan, produced by Playlist and MonsterUnion).

Kwon Eunbin asked fans to support and look forward to ‘Dear.M’ and her character on her Instagram Story.

‘Dear.M’ is an unfiltered and realistic youth romance drama about the search for an anonymous user named “M” who turns Seoyeon University upside down after posting on the school’s online community forum.

Kwon Eunbin will play Min Yang Hee, an engineering student who ends up falling for Chang Min Ho (played by Jaehyun). Since she grew up pampered and indulged, there are times when she seems tactless. Sometimes, because of her unintentional ignorance, she is a pain in the back for others. However, her charms make it hard for anyone to dislike her.

Earlier today, the production team of ‘Dear.M’ confirmed that NCT Jaehyun, Park Hye Soo, Kim Sae Ron, and Bae Hyun Sung would be starring in the upcoming drama.

CLC recently had their comeback with “HELICOPTER” on September 2nd.

Source (1)

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  • Guest changed the title to [Upcoming Drama 2021] Dear M, 디어엠 - Park Hye Soo & Jae Hyun
  • Guest changed the title to [Upcoming Drama 2021] Dear M, 디어엠 - Fridays @ 22:10 KST - Park Hye Soo & Jae Hyun - Premieres on February 26th

I can't help but really anticipating this drama for Jaehyun debut as an actor. I am silently praying he will do great and got recognition for it. I am a little bummed when Kim Sae Ron dropped this drama because I miss watching her in a drama. Park Hye Soo as a college student will always be a delight and I still re-watch Age of Youth sometimes. 


Since the drama is still weeks away, I guess I will just make do with Jaehyun's content on Youtube. 

I hope he is able to flex his voice in the drama too. :bashful:



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Not to jinx or anything but the drama keep getting trouble from the start.


From the casting naming problem between kim sae ron and park hye soo. And now this. 


I hope this drama can air without problem. 


But if there is any even bad image for the FL because of the scandal i see no chance for National tv. 


Such sad scene right here ( actually i am a bit pissed not to see kim sae ron comeback here because of the casting scandal but well... )

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Bullying rumors went rampant this week and it is inevitable for the production company to do damage control. I just hope that the drama will still air no matter how late it will be. It is unfair for the others who worked hard to make it work just for the project to get shelved. :brokenheart:

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  • Guest changed the title to [Upcoming Drama 2021] Dear M, 디어엠 - Fridays @ 22:10 KST - Park Hye Soo & Jae Hyun - Premieres in 2021
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  • liyahsbutterfly changed the title to [Drama 2021] Dear M, 디어엠 - Fridays @ 22:10 KST - Park Hye Soo & Jae Hyun - Premieres in 2021

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