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Annyeong! :waves:

Lil sis @mirmz has been MIA during her summer vacation, and we've been waiting for her to log in again. While we wait, how about reviving her meme theme thread.

So without further ado, I am launching this week's meme theme.... dun, dun, dun...






You know how we've all been stuck at home during the pandemic? You might be looking at photos of your summer vacation trip 3 years ago, because you barely remember what a vacation abroad is?

Maybe you had plans to travel in the summer of 2020 but your flights were cancelled?

You might be thinking back at the times when someone sneezing or coughing on a packed Charles Bridge in Prague didn't cause you to run away in panic....?


And now with the world slowly opening up again maybe... just maybe... you are starting to feel the itch to travel again? Hoping that you could book a trip somewhere? :kiss_wink:


So, let's share our best travel memes here on this thread, to get into the traveling mood. :glasses:








@Lmangla @partyon @Sleepy Owl @larus @Min2206 @elan1 @gm4queen @Thong Thin @kokodus @pompyavi  @SilverDawn @Ayame @nrllee @MayanEcho @joccu   @joccu @sadthe1st @twinkle_little_star@Sarang21 @Ameera Ali  @cenching @Gretule @strongtower @Nicky @Wuzetian @willenette @agenth @confusedheart @LeftCoastOppa @Sky Kang @anjuliet @Emily Bett @hsmz @Wuzetian 

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Oooffff, there's always one who does this! Pretends to be here and there, and also using other people’s pics!








Just how does one really losses luggage all the time? Never happened to me, but then, I can spot my neon green luggage very easily.



The airport fashion. Thanks Naomi C!





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