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soooo i had a not so pleasant week so i wanted to remind myself that next weekend is gonna be even better by making this week's theme weekend memes, just to remind myself (and everyone else!) that there is a light at the end of the dark tunnel and the light happens to be the weekend. 

as usual you can use "normal memes", 


Image result for weekend memes

Image result for weekend memes  

or you can make your own memes with gifs and images or "custom" memes as i like to call them! (credit @Lmangla)


⬇when you realize it's the weekend⬇

Image result for party gif


@Lmangla @partyon @Jillia @Sleepy Owl @larus @Alice Wonderland @Min2206 @elan1 @gm4queen @Thong Thin @TiNaDo @kokodus @pompyavi @4evrkdrama @SilverDawn @Ayame @nrllee @Fangirl22 @MayanEcho @Berou @joccu @celebrianna @hqy @corey @joccu @sadthe1st @cream cheezy @twinkle_little_star@Sarang21 @Abs_ triggered @forme26 fi@iksunijini5@Nodame @cenching @NaYouSabi? 

come join me for this week's daily meme theme!

if you are new to the weekly meme theme; welcome! it's great to see you here! <3

so basically every week i change the "meme theme" and select a theme for the memes to be posted for the week. also please only keep three images to a post, it messes with the site's system when there's too many images per post.

if u have any questions/issues about my thread please contact me via PM.

if you like the content you are looking at consider commenting, reacting, sharing the thread with your friends, or giving my thread a follow! thank you in advance!

have a great rest of your day/night! <3


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