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EVENT: memes & kdramas!   hi ya chingus! for those who haven't ventured outside the kdrama section, what do some of these other parts of soompi cover? the soompi hangout is just a genera

I think we can all relate to these, no?           cr. to owners   tagging more chingus: @booha @rocher22 @willenette @africandramalover @lebeauc

 hiiiii people 

so im going to have to update the theme early because i won't have time to change it tomorrow.

soooo this week's theme is fashion memes! btw when i say "fashion memes" i more or less mean fashion fails. 

Curb Your Enthusiasm Reaction GIF

i chose this theme because i actually like watching the show fashion runway (yeah i don't just watch anime :P). plus i would like to think i have a decentish sense of fashion! XD



50 Fashion Disasters Turned Into Hilarious Memes | Bored Panda50 Fashion Disasters Turned Into Hilarious Memes | Funny fashion, Funny  relatable memes, Fashion fail  OTHER OPTIONS: you could also make a custom meme by using gifs and images (credit @Lmangla) or post a picture of an unflattering look and give it some funny commentary or a funny caption


me when i'm watching fashion runway and i see a really ugly piece:

funny fashion gifs | WiffleGif

i wanna see all of ur fashion fails! :D

TAGGING: @Lmangla @partyon @Jillia @Sleepy Owl @larus @Alice Wonderland @Min2206 @Sejabin @Thong Thin @TiNaDo @kokodus @pompyavi @4evrkdrama @SilverDawn @Ayame @nrllee @Fangirl22 @MayanEcho @Berou @joccu @celebrianna @hqy @corey @joccu @sadthe1st @cream cheezy @Sarang21 @Ameera Ali @forme26 fi @iksunijini



if u r new to the weekly meme theme; welcome! it's great to see u here! <3

so basically every week i change the "meme theme" and select a theme for the memes to be posted for the week. 

if u have any questions/issues about my thread pls contact me via PM.

thanks in advance!

have a great rest of ur day/night! <3

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Oscars is a fashion runway of sorts!


The crown is still hers.



Just hideous shoes and hideous dress. Though purple and red are royal colours, she's a hot mess of purple dress clashing with her reddish locks. 



I can not!worst-oscars-style-feldman.jpg


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10 hours ago, thanie said:

I want to post a fashion meme for the 1st time but my link doesn't work. Is there any changes with Soompi lately? Happy New Year, @mirmz


 um i don't think there has been any major changes with soompi lately, but what usually i do is just drag the image to my post instead of embedding an image. hope this helps. <3

also happy new year to u as well @thanie.



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