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[Drama 2020/2021] No matter what anyone says, 누가 뭐래도


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Final episode...

Happy because we saw Ari and Junsu happy.

Mad because we lost so many episodes on really anoying situations. We wanted more scenes between Ari and Junsu. 

See you in another drama. Take care. 

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I’m not surprised about the rushed ending. Or how HJS defied death in classic kdrama logic, lol. Or how everything doesn’t make sense. What a shitshow. I will never revisit this drama again, not even the sweet wholesome moments by JS AR and Byeori can salvage this pile of garbage. I will refer to this drama as the go-to example on how not to write a story. Good job on everyone else for making it through! As my final post I will leave what I think is the “no matter what”s of the characters in this circus:


BR: No matter what I’m everyone’s perfect princess and I’m just a bland heroine

DR: no matter what I’m just BR’s simp

AR: no matter what I’m worthless in everyone’s eyes

JS: no matter what I’ll love AR

HS: no matter what I’m just a little obedient wife

JH: no matter what I’m an RickRoll'D patriarch and a shitty father and husband

HJS: no matter what I have the power of kdrama plot armor with me

JR: no matter what I’m an arrogant selfish entitled lady who wants divorce just so I can pursue my first love

WT: no matter what I’m just a one dimensional jerk

JS parents: no matter what we’re selfish, shameless, shitty excuse of parents

Eom PD: no matter what I’ll have to get JS even though he clearly hates me and in love with another woman but that’s okay I’ll still shamelessly try to RickRoll'D myself for him and ruin the woman he loves because I’m just a one dimensional RickRoll'D and waste of everyone’s time and oxygen teehee 

Byeori: no matter what I’m the only ray of sunshine in this shitshow


the writer of this drama: no matter what this drama I wrote is a pile of garbage and no matter what I’m incompetent disgrace of a writer and should not be allowed to write another drama ever again


That’s all folks! See you guys again, hopefully in a better, more entertaining hot mess!

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Finally, the end of this waste of time drama which only saving grace was the storylines with Ah-ri, Jun-su & Byeo-ri.


My opinion on this drama is it felt like someone writing a 5,000 words essay under exam conditions, unsure of what to write but trying to make up the required word count so decided to fill it up with a lot of garbage & nonsense. Then on hearing it’s the last 30mins before the exam time is up, hurriedly decided to throw in “some” key points in the last paragraph (equivalent to the last 2 episodes). As a result, the entire essay turned out to be a pile of shite except for a few key points.


To be honest, I think this drama did not need the actors Bo-ra & Dae-ro as another main lead. The drama would have been better off with just Jun-su & Ah-ri’s storyline. I was happy to see my favorite couple together once again and going to live on their own as a family with Byeo-ri. I just wished the writers had done this earlier and shown us some married life scene, maybe after 1 year with the start of a new family. I mean what was that Jun-su & Ah-ri shopping for 30 towels scene about? Pure nonsense to me, that few seconds could have been used for a honeymoon scene or something worthwhile. However, they chose to rush everything into the last 2 episodes which was so disappointing and chaotic.


I was most annoyed to see the writers omitted to make Sun-han answer for her misdeeds. In the end she got away with all the manipulation & bullying towards Ah-ri & was never made to apologise for it. Also, I absolutely hated the fact that she ended up not being revealed by Jun-su for the cheating b**ch that she is!


Lessons learnt: never again would I watch any dramas written by this writer or any drama that is more than 50 plus episodes "no matter what"!!!


Anyways, bye everyone & see you all again in another page. Hopefully a better drama then.

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it took me a while to write something honestly the ending if they could also save it. All in a hurry without a logical reason, no time to prepare for the wedding event, we didn't even have a nice declaration of love or marriage proposal. As someone said the DR and BR duo was not necessary, in all the episodes I didn't see a four-way release, a confrontation between DR and JS except in the first few episodes. DR and his father criticized JS a lot but in the end none of them spoke positively about it. I wanted something more about the kidnapping. all the regrets of the parents too light, hasty and little felt, as if they had been forced and I think there are also some missing. The fox continues to revolve around his first love, I think she hopes to change his mind otherwise because she goes to the wedding or to the mountains! I stay the same idea, she doesn't have to become BRie's mom, because she hasn't changed in the way in the least. miracles continue to happen only in these shows with such a diagnosis healing twice is unthinkable. Instead the final meeting I do not understand in what perspective it was made, I wanted to see the married lives of the couples and the news of a new pregnancy where they live as they settled down. at least they closed with the most beautiful image of AR and JS, they were beautiful, transformed with a new look, wonderful, I always said AR is much more beautiful than her sister.

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