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[Drama 2020/2021] Phoenix / The Firebird, 불새

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I'm so disappointed that ep 1 beach scene never happened, it was such a good opening scene with the background music/inner monologues and I was excited at the MLs intense stares at each other/their fight over the FL... that's the biggest cliffhanger ever I will never know what happens after that scene arghh :weary: 

JM and JE ending looked sweet though the romance was the main thing that kept me watching this drama even though it was draggy/plot was lacking. 

Ah Jun's arc and Yeo Jin birth secret felt pointless, plus the revival of JE's dad felt like they just added it for shock value. 


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@celebrianna ~ re: your question  

@Lmangla   when she turn to the sea all I’m thinking : must be to traumatizing to choose between 2 gorgeous guys , so she choose the sea       

@shana0127 ~ like @maribella mentioned, in the original, she ended up with the male lead. however, this wasn't a typical triangle. will try not to give too many spoilers but part of the reason I loved

Thanks for update that show is finally over! I will tune in to watch the new show. Don’t even want to watch the final episode of this extremely weird drama.


what was the purpose of the Dad coming back alive? SH was unfairly blamed for his death. Her parents never really atoned for what they did to him.  All the harsh words that irritating, annoying FL threw at him. Her shutting him out because of the death of her evil, corrupt Dad.  To bring the corrupt Dad back was even worst than removing the main lead & banishing him to the States for medical treatment! 

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