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[Drama 2020/2021] Phoenix / The Firebird, 불새


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SBS Drama

Phoenix / The Firebird


Network: SBS

Episodes: 120

Genre: drama, romance

Airdate: October 26th, 2020 - April 9th, 2021

Airdate: Mon to Fri 8:35 KST

Director: Lee Hyun Jik

Writer: Lee Yoo Jin




Tells the story of a rich woman who marries a poor man for love and eventually gets a divorce. She later reunites with her ex-husband, who is engaged and an executive of a successful company. It's a remake of MBC drama 2004 "Phoenix."





Hong Soo Ah as Lee Ji Eun

(26 years old and after leep of ten years 36 years old), born as a daughter of a conglomerate with great wealth and power. In addition, she is smart and humorous, and she is born with the industriousness to maintain a slim body without a single point on her outstanding beauty.



Lee Jae Woo as Jang Sae Hoon aka William Jang

(past 29 years old current 39 years old), a venture entrepreneur who became the protagonist of the success story as a cosmetic-Cherokee, a natural cosmetics company with a mobile boom. William Chang, an American Korean who achieved the American Dream. In order to preoccupy the distribution network of the global K-beauty overseas market, fierce competition between domestic cosmetic companies has begun.



Seo Ha Joon as Seo Jung Min (39)

Beautiful appearance, humorous and free-spirited personality, sophisticated manners, all-around sportsman. The splendid background of being the son of the owner of Seorin Group, a leading conglomerate, makes him stand out even more. It is true. Like this, fate seemed to have given him everything, but it was not completely on his side.



Park Youn Rin as Mi Ran/Miranda (38)

A model with a million dollar legs! A name that means beautiful. White parents who adopted her because of her adoption subsidies said that the baby from the East was pretty like a doll and named her Miranda.


Supporting Cast:


Yang Hye-jin as Cho Hyun-sook, (in the past 50s now in the early 60s)

Lee Ji-eun's mother, the eldest daughter of a mid-sized textile company, the predecessor of an emergency apparel.


Choi Ryeong as Lee Sang-beom, Lee Ji-eun's father (late 50s)

Emergency apparel chairman. Prior to marriage, he joined Emergency Textile as a senior.


Kim Seung-hyun as Cho Hyun-min Lee Ji-eun's maternal uncle

(in past in early 40s now in early 50s), a managing director of Emergency apparel, he is a person of interest. Born as an only child from a rich family, he has a selfish and impulsive personality.



Jeong Seo-ha as Lee Young-eun, Lee Ji-eun's sister

(past 20 years old now 30 years old), since childhood, compared to her older sister Ji-eun, the feeling of inferiority at that time still remains a big scar.


Ok ji-young as Nam Bok-ja, Lee Ji-eun's best friend

(past 26 now 36), PD of a home shopping broadcasting station within the Seorin Group and worked day and night.

Jang Se-hun's family and people around him


Shin Seong-gyun as Jang Ji-wook, Jang Se-hoon's father, (late 50s)


Kim Ho-chang as Kim Ho-jin, Jang Se-hun's best friend

(past 29 years old now 39 years old), an International lawyer

Seo Jeong-min's family and people around him
Kim Jong-seok as Seo Moon-soo
(past late 50s now late 60s), father of Seo Jeong-min and Seo Jeong-in twin brothers, chairman of Seorin Group, Seorin, inherited from his father, grew into a large company.


Seo Ha-jun as Seo Jeong-in (past 29 years old),

Seo Jeong-min's identical twin brother, ten years ago, the successor of Seorin Wool.


Hyuna Sung as Choi Myung-hwa

(Past 40s, Current 50s), she was a gallery curator 10 years ago, she was scouted by Jo Hyun-sook and became the deputy director of Gallery Young, run by Jo Hyun-sook. At this time, she falls in love with chairman Seo Moon-soo, and becomes Jeong-min's stepmother.


Oh Cho-hee as Hannah Na-kyung

(past 26 years old now 36 years old), lover of Seo Jeong-in, whom the female protagonist Ji-eun and Jeong-in had been married 10 years ago.


Kim Byung-chun as Park Kwang-cheol (late 40's now late 50's)

Emergency apparel Chairman Lee Sang-beom's close friend, head of the fund settlement department.


Kang Sung-jin as Lecturer

(Currently in the late 50s), a loan shark but has a warm heart.


Character Chart:










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  • Guest changed the title to [Upcoming Drama 2020] Phoenix / The Firebird, 불새 - Mon to Fri @ 8:35 KST - Seo Ha Yoon, Lee Jae Woo, Hong Soo Ah - Premieres on October 19th
  • 4 weeks later...


This has been posted 26 days ago and I just noticed it. 


This is one of those dallies. Can tell by the actors. Seo Ha Joon will probably play the poor man she marries and then divorces him.  


Lee Jae Woo, the guy who ended up with the girl in Sweet dreams. Oops I meant Sweet Enemy will play the ex.  

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On 7/31/2020 at 7:57 AM, 0ly40 said:

It's a remake of MBC drama 2004 "Phoenix."

this is one of my favourite melos! it had lee seo jin and had 26 episodes. have re-watched it a few times.. it never felt like a typical rich girl-poor boy set up -- instead it was a rather bittersweet realistic portrayal of how a lack of maturity, financial differences and stressors can break apart a relationship... it also aired during a different economic period and there were many dramas that showed openly of folks losing everything in an instant and then clawing their way back...


will be interesting to see how a remake that stretches it to a daily works during this time...

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  • 1 month later...

Whoa. I remember watching the original in 2004 when I was 14 years old, so seeing the trailer with the old OST from the original is really nostalgic for me. I did really love the original, so I'm curious as how the drama will be in a daily drama format. Looking forward to it.

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  • Guest changed the title to [Upcoming Drama 2020] Phoenix / The Firebird, 불새 - Mon to Fri @ 8:35 KST - Seo Ha Yoon, Lee Jae Woo, Hong Soo Ah - Premieres on October 26th

@brooksmom ~ like others here, I absolutely adored the 2004 version. I don't rewatch dramas often but this is one I have watched a few times over the years. every single time I watched, I had pangs in my heart. a few years back, wrote a review of the drama. it has a bit of spoilers as it gives a gist of what happens in the initial few episodes and why I found it magical.



@joccu ~ yea I wonder how much of the original they are keeping and how much they will interpret and stretch in different ways. there will probably be some additional characters that weren't there in the original as daily dramas have a large cast. hopefully, it is still good.


@Ayame ~ am surprised that they are using the original OST. however, they have changed the phoenix painting from the original. that was a real striking piece.

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@joccu ~ it feels like a different drama from the original. guess they took broad parts of the story and have changed it around a bit.... was laughing during the highlight preview when she tore a part of her shirt and the guy's expression was "what the?????" :joy:

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@joccu ~ maybe the male lead? it looks like second lead is pursuing the female lead because of some sort of revenge/business even though he doesn't care for her at all... it also looks like the female lead's family does not go broke at all. she is wearing some fancy clothes and a hat while seeing the painting. kekeke... her going broke and the changes it brings was a major part of the old drama...



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@Lmangla maybe they do go broke and she´s already married to the second lead. and he has the money.

I honestly hope that they don´t change the big stuff. but yeah this is daily so anything is possible.


I thought that too but then I thought that what crime? are they going to accuse him from doing some crime that he did not do?

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Looking at the credits, the screenwriter for the remake is the same as it was for the original (Lee Yoo Jin). So I don't think she'll change too much of the main plot points, I guess aside from adding stuff in to make it fit into a daily format.

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  • Guest changed the title to [Current Drama 2020] Phoenix / The Firebird, 불새 - Mon to Fri @ 8:35 KST
On 10/21/2020 at 1:52 AM, chococarmela said:

Hope it's the female lead who gets revenge. And ugh, Park Young Rin in another drama. That woman cannot act! At all.

she was the super duper cardiologist in Fatal Promise but behaved like an idiot.


I don't think she can carry Mi Ran's role. Miran was manipulative, almost psychotic in the old version.  The summary gives quite a different story. ML was a technical genius if I remember it correctly. Now he's a cosmetics company big shot. Maybe more glamour? 

I felt sad when I rewatched it. The FL actress committed suicide. My first Hallyu show Winter Sonata  also had an actor committing suicide.:dissapointed_relieved:


I am going to do a wait and see, see how people here like this show.

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