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[Current Drama 2020] Phoenix / The Firebird, 불새 - Mon to Fri @ 8:35 KST

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@celebrianna ~ re: your question  

@Lmangla she may need to rethink her choice and fall in love with the SML, No one would  want someone doing this after kissing him    Is pandemic now , I can’t kiss anyone I don’t know  

@shana0127 ~ like @maribella mentioned, in the original, she ended up with the male lead. however, this wasn't a typical triangle. will try not to give too many spoilers but part of the reason I loved



also because he was dreadfully bored. since he is going to die, he might as well die having the satisfaction of fighting with everyone.


with 1000 day deadline 


# his lover may send her with him - Romeo & Juliet with a twist :D




@partyon she is kind of people we called: cry baby , can’t see in drama reason for over  30 years  woman crying like the way she do it  :D

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so miran has cameras installed but she doesn't know that sae hoon has heart problems? so she was not spying on him and checking out his abs when his shirt was open? @Ameera Ali is sure to disapprove! hahahahah......


what is the stepmom up to? like jung min, can't figure out if she is wise or really cunning...

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Just now, foreverempress said:

The torture that Anne Elliot went through....

Exactly! So unnecessary. Even though I really like Jane Austen novels. :D

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