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2 hours ago, Le_Amarant said:

LMAO. He really said F-U to the haterz.

:lol:LMAO!  He sure did!

Thanks very much for sharing the SJK interviews @Le_Amarant and @bee_wannabe  This drama has made me appreciate SJK so much! Love reading his insights and knowing that this drama and his experience has been such an important and special one for him - emotionally and professionally.


Netflix and it's crappy translations didn't properly the flirtiness (and hotness:flushed:) of their kiss conversation correctly. 

Thank you to this Twitter account which has been doing the good work and highlighting all the missed nuances in the NF translations:


Vincenzo shows his love for Cha Young in so many ways that saying the sentence "I love you" isn't really necessary.  I appreciated that the drama showed that Vincenzo was still writing to Cha Young every month using the same words she learned just for him.  His way of telling her he was safe, he was thinking of her and how important her words were to him.  I think if not for Covid-19 we probably would have got some overseas scenes.  i also saw a great Youtube comment that the name of Vincenzo's island is another tribute to Papa Hong and now there are two "final straw" refuges for people: Jipuragi in South Korea and the island of Pagliuzza in the Mediterranean sea.


The Min Seong cameo was a hilarious surprise and I'm so happy Cha Young cleared Vincenzo's mother of her murder charge and put away Min Seong's mother too.  in a very dark episode those were some of the few moments of lightness.


On 5/1/2021 at 7:12 PM, Raynaa said:



I noticed that in the coffee shop scene they spent a second or so showing the inside of Vincenzo’s coffee cup after he finished his coffee. Reminded me of Turkish coffee readings (the cup was also smaller similar to Turkish coffee I think) and the leftover coffee seemed to reflect the yin yang sign again. In Turkish coffee readings that can mean two Messages either ‘find your balance’ or ‘infinite love’ for CenCha going back to the table scene when they fell asleep after getting drunk in the same yin yang shape I’m guessing it means infinite love which means it should be a happy ending :) 


if not the yin yang sign it could also be interpreted as the letter S which also stands for ‘happiness’ but I think the yin yang and infinite love is the more relevant symbolism here.

A couple of days late but thanks for highlighting this.  We got a happy ending of sorts and there is no doubt they complete each other:)


3 hours ago, rainbowwarm said:

I wish I can have the friendship like Vin, Cha Young and mr. Nam at work xD

They’re all loyal to each other. Somebody can be greedy and betray/take more for themselves. Cha Young is of course in love with Vin, but mr. Nam is a also very good. He’s a true friend till the end. 

I agree!  I adored Mr Nam so much and our Jipuragi trio.  Our prickly Vincenzo even gave him a real hug at the end before he left^_^  

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It seems that I am of minority here who LOVED the ending to bits. It was a very satisfying ending for me. Major kudos to the writers for sticking to their guns. They allowed Vincenzo to embody a mafia

I couldn't agree more! That was a perfect kiss scene. From the very beginning, when the gallery director  started chanting for a kiss, you could see CY having that look of inner turmoil, but finally c

I hear you! I also don't think he's the same as Han Seung Hyeok, Choi Myung Hee, and Jang Han Seok, like, at all. Choi Myung Hee and Jang Han Seok were evil to the bone—I absolutely don't see Vincenzo

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42 minutes ago, suzy0604 said:

That longing stares at the end, they don't know when they'll get to see each other again.. can they at least make video calls or zoom?


Eh, she can fly to Malta to see him or somewhere else. They're both billionaires and can buy a private jet. We also live in the 21st century with technology and video calls.


I took SJK's words to mean that he played the scene to display longing on his face.

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18 minutes ago, Le_Amarant said:

Eh, she can fly to Malta to see him or somewhere else. They're both billionaires and can buy a private jet. We also live in the 21st century with technology and video calls.


Aah yes.. I forget they are rich AF.. lol, but they have to be careful for tax evasion claims..


I'm waiting for the game cateters X Vincenzo to get subbed and also the last BTS.. hiks..

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22 minutes ago, raziela said:

I agree!  I loved Mr Nam so much and our Jipuragi trio.  Our prickly Vincenzo even gave him a real hug at the end before he left^_^

 Mr. Nam is the Unsung hero really... he is the glue that support everyone, from his special effects skills, reading and memorizing Guilotine file, to playing with the switch button during the epic fights at geumga.. lol

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Hoping someday one kind soul will translate this. But i just want to share the last paragraph of the picture shared.



SJK said : i feel honored to be part of the start of an incredible actress. I'm sure she will become even more incredible actress that i don't even dare to mention. Watching the start of that kind of actress personally beside her (watching her grow from when she's still in the starting phase), I feel that someday in the future these words : "i feel honoured to act with her" will resonate more. (i interprete it as him feeling even more proud to have acted with her one day when YB has become even more succesful).


Please bear with my messy translation. Translating is hard :crazymad:


I already think those who have worked with YB can relate to JK's words. I mean from the instagram, we've known how her previous co stars like Lee Dong Hwi, Han Joon Woo, and Lee Joo Bin keep singing praise and promote her works. They must be proud to see YB gaining more attention.


Edit :

Someone has translated it! Go check it and find out how brilliant JYB is.


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@bee_wannabe JYB's career ascent has been meteoric. She's only been the lead (out of 3, so not even sole lead) in one other kdrama, haven't done many kdramas before, have done indie films but no films, yet somehow got paired with SJK (a Hallyu superstar) and absolutely SMASHED the role. She was on-par with and sometimes even stole the scene from SJK. I feel like if she didn't portray HCY well, Vincenzo wouldn't have been as popular.

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The punishment that Vincenzo gave to Choi Myung-Hee was more satisfying, seeing her suffer in her dancing to her death in flames. 



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9 hours ago, sal2 said:

I personally have mixed feelings about final episodes. To me there is no satisfaction watching torture scenes even those villains deserve it. It would be more gratifying in seeing them publicly humiliated consider how much they all was wanting to save faces.  V have brain to do it. Also having police after him as he is hiding on his island just show that he never gonna be totally in peace.


Agree... anti-climax for me, when i saw HanSeo died saving both V and CY. Not sure why, but the whole idea of killing HanSeo, for the sake of killing him left me shocked, perhaps, and at the unprofessional way it was handled. Had he lived, maybe i would enjoy the torture scenes better but then i just sat there watched the ending without much emotion...  hmmm


Congrats Vincenzo for managing to get 6th spot for tvn's korean dramas rating


Reading the post interviews, glad that SJK gave credits to YB, think he has great chemistry with her, the first compared to all others in the drama... and he didnt give a damn if the seniors didnt like his statement... hahaa...


And yes, he confirmed that it wasnt a happy ending between V and CY... sigh:huh:...... nvm, i will just think that CY actually took V's offer and visit him there soon ...




And happy to just read SjK's interview on Soompi, that he grew very fond and attached of HCY, but also the actress JYB... are we having a love confession here?:D

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Song Joong Ki On Playing An Antihero In “Vincenzo,” Undeniable Chemistry With Jeon Yeo Bin, Future Plans, And More

May 3, 2021
by U. Kim

On May 3, following the successful finale of tvN’s “Vincenzo,” lead actor Song Joong Ki took part in an interview to share his thoughts and experiences while filming the drama.

He began, “First of all, it was the first time I felt such little pressure about my role. It’s not that I didn’t feel any burden, but because I filmed many episodes with the Geumga Plaza people, I felt a bond with the actors who played the Geumga Plaza tenants and didn’t feel lonely or pressured. In short, I could say, ‘We all had fun together.'”

Regarding the popularity of the show, the actor commented, “Every time an episode aired, I heard from our company staff, and the young staff members on set immediately told us which scenes were being talked about on the internet, so I could feel the popularity.”

He also mentioned the viewer reviews saying that the villains in the drama were punished too brutally. He remarked, “People were divided on whether it was too violent or not. [Even while filming], I thought, ‘People will have mixed opinions.’ Personally, I didn’t think it was cruel. On the contrary, I thought we needed to go stronger on them. I think heinous people like them should be punished that way. I think that the characters who committed evil were punished righteously for the characters they were.”



Song Joong Ki talked about the action scenes he pulled off for the drama, revealing that he didn’t have a hard time with them. He explained that the martial arts director Heo Myung Haeng created scenes that focused less on the movements and more on the emotions. “Normally, we film the lines and the actions separately, but I thought of them as one, so it wasn’t that difficult,” he added.

Song Joong Ki took on new challenges with “Vincenzo,” one of them being the comical aspects of the drama, and the other being the Italian language.

“I’m not sure if my acting in comical scenes were received positively,” he shared. “Personally, I wasn’t satisfied with my Italian lines and my comic scenes. Through this production, I felt once again that acting in a comedy is the most difficult type of acting. In that aspect, I think I did a very bad job. I’m personally not pleased.” He added that the actors playing the Geumga Plaza tenants were experts at comedy and helped him out a lot.

On acting in Italian, Song Joong Ki stated, “I think it would have been better if I had practiced for a long time ahead of it. I believe acting in a foreign language gets better the more time you put into it, so I was personally not satisfied.” He also revealed, “I kept practicing and memorizing with my Italian teacher, and I tried my best to get my pronunciation as close as I could. At first, Vincenzo was a character who came from Southern Italy, and it was hard to get the pronunciation right when we changed him to a character from Central Italy. I focused on that kind of detail.”


Asked to choose an actor and character he had the best chemistry with, he easily picked Jeon Yeo Bin in the role of Hong Cha Young. He elaborated, “You might think that I won’t choose anyone in case anyone gets upset since Vincenzo interacts with so many characters, but I pick Jeon Yeo Bin’s Hong Cha Young character no matter what. The character of Hong Cha Young was so lovable that it can’t be helped if the other actors are disappointed. I personally thought she was a very charming character, and I grew attached to her while acting together. Both Jeon Yeo Bin and the character Hong Cha Young have really grown on me a lot.”

Song Joong Ki touched on the way he changed through “Vincenzo.” Although he didn’t feel confident in taking on the comedy genre at first, he eventually overcame it. The actor described, “The change is that my thoughts were shattered. ‘What would I have done if I hadn’t taken this project?’ is how my thoughts changed.”



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Hi Chingus :)


I have been a lurker :ph34r: but just wanted to say something now that the show has ended. :coolcat:


I was someone who had no intention to watch Vincenzo :crazy:. The last time I watched SJK was in Sungkyunkwan Scandal and I did not even know that JYB played the reporter in Save Me:ph34r:


A couple of weeks later, I just thought I would give it a try...then I got hooked!


The production was top-notch; I was as surprised as anyone else that the Italy scenes were CGI. The camera work, the clothes, the sets, the acting, actors and actresses...all just great!


This was a role made for SJK and he was Vincenzo. JYB, even though I was worried she was trying too hard to be like Honey Lee from the Fiery Priest initially , in the end Hong Cha Young has become one of my favourite K-drama female characters. 


I enjoyed the surprises the writer had in store almost every episode; the play on the usual K-drama tropes. The characters that initially were underwhelming that grew stronger with each episode i.e. Geumga Plaza family and Han Seo.


It was also awesome to see the end credits of episode 20 acknowledging all the constant actors in the drama, and it seems from the BTSes that they did indeed all create a bond and friendship.


Perhaps the two things I would gripe about were 1) Han Seok and Myung Hee as villains. They were outright evil and deserved their horrific deaths, but I wish they had been more conniving or smarter ?:idk:


2) The whole scene where Han Seok holds Cha Young and Han Seo hostage -- I wish it had been executed differently. I still know that Han Seo would have been killed - as much as this was really sad, it was also inevitable. Also I would have still expected Vincenzo to help Cha Young first. However I think the scene could have been played out in such a way as not make it look like Vincenzo sort of like left Han Seo to deal with Han Seok on his own.


I thoroughly enjoyed the last episode, though. The punishments were more than satisfactory, the closure on each character was great.  There were several holes and unanswered questions, but from my perspective the overall story was brilliant.


I am really glad we did get some romance, the creators definitely did a good job of not wasting the chemistry between SJK and JYB :wub:. The pace and focus was apt and we got to see a mature and modern relationship. 


I am really happy for all the actors and crew, and definitely their hard work paid off. I am probably in the minority here of not wanting a S2 :D, but I guess if they ever do make one I will still be on board!


Thank you to the Chingus on this thread, I might not have been active but your insights are much appreciated :love:


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My complaint about the last episode is regarding the Geumga bunch again.


Why in the middle of the lovely atmospheric run-up to his declaration of love did we need to have a sudden interruption/ digression showing how the Geumga bunch (plus CY too, I know) stowed the gold away to CY's house? Such elegant dark soft-focus lighting and music, and then a sharp turn to comedy, and back again. The two parts of their reunion were well-done, and interrupting the flow was not necessary. Couldn't the editors have found another way to tie up that loose end, other than interjecting it at the most nerve-wrecking will-they-won't-they moment?


When I watched it the second time, I just skipped ahead. 

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I have also lurked as I was watching way behind everyone and now I just finished the last episode. Wowww so intense (I got a little emo.) and what a Kdrama! I have been watching Kdrama since 2010’s and watching this feels really innovative, different, and a great ‘experiment’ of what new type of Kdramas can potentially be. So goodbye to the stereotypical repetitive plots and tropes (not that this one didn’t have any, but they took us for an unexpected journey and we all didn’t know what was coming week by week)! It was so well done and I enjoyed every episode. Bravo to the entire cast, writers, director, and production crew. 

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Hey guys, silent reader here! 

I just created this account right now haha.:blush:


Really loved this drama from start to finish, all the actors were honestly great and SJK just keeps getting better and better. Definitely one of my top 3 dramas.


The writer really decided to give us a bittersweet ending huh. That kiss was EVERYTHING, one of the best recent kisses in kdramas in my opinion.

However the fact that they absolutely love each other and know that it will be very hard for them to meet in the future just broke my heart. :tired:

If i were her I would be balling my eyes out seeing the person that I love most just walk away like that lmao.

But, It helps to know that they are billionaires and she could just fly there whenever she wants.



Speaking about the gold I really thought that Vincenzo would share it with his Geumga family but they kept it within a tight circle. Loved that.


Oh, and Hanseo poor boy, he suffered so much abuse from his brother and when he finally thought he could live freely, he had to be killed. Didn't deserve that ending at all.


I really hope I can experience watching another drama like this one soon, totally fell in love with it. And I am also really excited to hear about SJK next projet hope it will be a banger like this one too! 

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 Okay I go away for 2 week cause I was busy i tried hard to catch everything  

But i need help to understand  the ending what happened  between  cy  and vincenzo  ??? 

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Well, I have been forced out in the open to comment on that ending. I’m hoping that just by commenting publicly it will serve as a form

of cathartic therapy. What was so, so heartbreaking was that last look of VC and HCY as he walks away. The look of deep sadness and longing really broke my heart and still haunts me. Yes, yes I know these are only fictional characters and I am a rational person but my God is it too much to give these two characters some hope for happiness? Have they not gone through enough? 

And don’t even get me started on poor Han Seo. I’ve blocked it out of my mind completely and can not accept his cruel fate.

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Guys, I'm really struggling with the final episodes now that there's been some time between immediate viewing.


Honestly, I am a bit stunned at how dark the final episode was and how the story ended. I know Vincenzo is supposed to be dark comedy, but it's always straddled the line between darkness and comedy, usually favoring the latter. We know Vincenzo is a mafia, but it's kinda been a joke and treated lightly up until episode 16. The sheer ruthlessness that Vincenzo displayed in 20 took me aback.


I don't get why he needs to escape Korea. This is a big plot hole. He has the Guillotine file, he has the Intelligence agencies on his side, he has Miri who is a hacker, he has all the leverage and resources to stay.


I really thought Vincenzo was going to leave his mafia roots and adopt his original Korean identity. It's shown through the series that he has trauma from his mafia life, and I think it's super depressing that he's just burdened with living in darkness forever. This is the ending note that I find most heartbreaking.


I'm having trouble even re-watching Vincenzo because all the episodes until 16 were just really comedic, and then it went full dark mode after. Episode 20 was brutal.

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