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anyone interested in joining a k-pop dance group?

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okay, so. i have been dancing for several years now, and although i love doing it, im tired of dancing by myself. and i really like the idea of a k-pop dance cover group like those i see on YouTube. so, im looking to start one of my own.


although, yes, dancers are crucial, there are other positions that are needed as well. but we will get into that.


before agreeing to be a part of my group, just know that it is hard work and will take up a lot of your time. if you're willing to sacrifice your free time for practice and performances, then feel free to ask to join.


before we get into what positions are needed, let's talk about the requirements to join as a dancer.


1. you must be fit and in shape, with good stamina and balance. if you're always losing your balance or feeling tired when we have barely even begun, well, it won't look good to the audience.


2. you must have SOME dance experience. it doesn't need to be a lot, just enough to show you will be successful. that's something i will be looking for.


3. you must be able to come to practice and performances. if you think you don't have the time and will be constantly skipping out, then do NOT ask to join.


4. you cannot be older than 25. i want this to be open to young people because i relate to them and i personally think i will get along with them better than i would older people. it's just an age preference.


okay, now that i got that out of the way, let's get into what positions we need besides dancers.


1. cameraman - will record/film our performances and sometimes our practices.


2. video editor - will edit the videos that the cameraman films and make them into appealing, high quality videos, then will post them on YouTube. will also be in charge of managing the YouTube channel.


3. money manager - will be in charge of the money we make. will also be in charge of paying for a place to practice. (NOTE: since the person will be handling money, they must be trustworthy and have a good reputation. im going to be very picky about this one).


4. planner/schedule manager - will be in charge of planning and scheduling performances, meetings, and practices.


5. website manager - will be in charge of maintaining and paying for the official website.




if anyone is interested in joining as a dancer or one of the other positions, feel free to post here. pm me and i will give you my email, and we will continue discussing from there.


FINAL NOTE: you MUST be from or around Midlothian or Richmond, Virginia in the United States, because i live there and i want to be able to actually communicate with those of you who wish to join. i can't have you living ten hours away if we are going to be meeting in person constantly.


 anyways, that's pretty much it. can't wait to hear from you all! <3

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