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was v drunk?!

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okay, so i don't know if any of ya'll actually saw RM's recent livestream on BTS's v-live, but in it RM is about to begin a v-live livestream when Jimin and Taehyung come in. they say they're bored and the three of them start talking. but taehyung acts really strange. in other words, he isn't acting like himself. although he's laughing and engaging in the conversation, he mentions drinking, and other stuff goes on. he just didn't act like he usually does. and at one point Taehyung acts extremely weird, and it's obvious RM was really uncomfortable and seemed to want to end the live. apparently lots of army are wondering the same thing i am: was V drunk?


the thing is, k-pop idols are not allowed to drink. it's just something that is required of them by their producers. so im really confused with this. i want some opinions. do you think V was drunk? would he actually endanger his career like that? i just want to know what those of you who also saw the livestream think about this.

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