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thoughts on Shut Up Flower Boy Band? (warning! spoilers!)

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i need opinions on the k-drama Shut Up Flower Boy Band. when Joo Byung- hee died in the third episode, it hit me so hard. he was my favourite character for sure. he never got the chance to tell Im Soo-ah he loved her before the truck hit him. he was the life of the show. so when he died, i never got past that episode. i just didn't have the strength to continue. i just knew the show wouldn't be the same. i literally cried for three hours. i just want to know what opinions you all have(if you've seen it, of course). do you think Byung-hee should have at least had a chance to tell Soo-ah he loved her before he died? should they have killed off such a great character so soon in the show? i really want to know what ya'll think.

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I know, I watched the drama when it aired and it was really shocking.

Above all because I was already a big fan of Lee Min Ki, and I haven't seen him in a drama since Rainbow Romance/Non Stop (2006) back then, so I was looking forward to Shut Up Flower Boyband.

At first I wanted to drop it, but the rest of the cast was amazing too and the songs are so good, I even bought de original CD, so I kept watching, and I don't regret it. It's one of my favorite dramas, I don't think the romance in this drama is special, I liked it more because of the story about their friendship and the soundtrack.

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