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[Drama 2020/2021] Delayed Justice, 날아라 개천용


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This drama has a lot of heart if you look at it in context - delayed justice, which in this drama does not become "justice denied."


However, I do not understand the logic of having Sam Soo act like a comic character. I'm fine that he's all about writing a story for money. At least it gets some bad people arrested. But acting funny when he's not is bad. Now with the new actor replacing him, the funny acts are too put on to be believable. It does not help the plot. For an investigative reporter, he sure does not know many things. He listens superficially to stories that are too small to generate cash. It's a good thing that he was told off by the high school girl. He's such a dimwit. He cannot even make connections. They were after the mayor who wants to be president and yet they do not have intel on him? Sheesh, he acts like a third-rate stringer than a full time news reporter/feature article writer. Cut down the ''funnies'' and act like a legit reporter.

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What's everyone's view on the latest 2 episode?

I'm not feeling it with the new Sam Soo.

He is too pretty faced and I feel the actor is trying too hard with the exaggeration, silly faces and etc.

It was actually painful to watch. :sweat:

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  • Guest changed the title to [Drama 2020/2021] Delayed Justice, 날아라 개천용

Okay, that was enjoyable, and I'm glad I watched the show.



The show ends with Tae-Yong dropping out of his candidacy for Assemblyman so that he can represent the wrongly imprisoned defendant in the infamous "Hwaseong serial murders," except they called it "Yangseong."


This case, as with the others, are apparently based on real life, but with changed names. The real attorney (name Park Jun-Yeong) is representing someone from "Hwaseong serial murders."



https://namu.wiki/w/박준영(법조인)  (in Korean)



I thought all the cases were really interesting, but also... soooo depressing. SO MUCH corruption. SO MANY people living terrible, unfair lives because of all the institutional corruption.


And SO MUCH domestic violence. SO depressing.


It also bummed me out that there was never any real punishment for Prosecutor Jang Yun Seok. HE is the reason that the Trio of Samjeong City were wrongly imprisoned. He's not the only one who did bad things, but he had the power to set things right. But instead, he FABRICATED evidence to cover it up. Not to mention, his wife and father-in-law were caught for corruption. He benefitted from that corruption, too. I don't understand how he was not found complicit.


Really did enjoy seeing the Mayor's face once he realized he is in deep trouble, and his snotty daughter eating crow. But if the Son-in-law is going to prosecute them so he can run for office, I can't imagine how their marriage will survive. And how is this not a conflict of interest?


Also, it's both fun and thought-provoking to see how powerful media is these days. How a well-deployed video broadcast with a selfie and a cell phone can immediately have such impact.


Lastly, I thought Jeong Wu-Seong did great. He did save the show. He did overact, but so did Bae Seong-Wu. And not in a bad way. The character was designed to be a bit of a clown.


The bromance between Tae-Yeong and Sam-Wu was the most fun to watch.

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