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[Upcoming Mainland Chinese Drama 2021] You Are My Glory 你是我的光耀

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I just finished reading the novel online that ran into a pretty long epilogue where juicy details reside.



I have watched only one dilireba show and am not too familiar with her but she sure fits into this screen goddess role.


Yang2 ‘s role reminds me of his Love 020 and the Avatar ones. I absolutely loved his Love 020 character and i think for a ton of his fans too - if this new drama hits the right notes, my bets are that this role would be a runaway success for him too. The genre should be a romcom using gaming as a tool - it’s right up his alley, isn’t it?


I can’t imagine what concerns his fans would have since he is the decision maker on projects he takes.


wondering again when this will air...

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I think I'm in this because of YangYang but I can be in it because of Dilraba too.

Both are favorites of mine and I always follow their projects.

I hope this comes out soon. 


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