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[Mainland Chinese Drama 2021] You Are My Glory 你是我的光耀


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12 hours ago, phuong1317 said:

I was wrong they are airing 1-2 episode for non members and for VIP members 1-8 after the first day they will continue to air 2 episodes Monday-Wednesday



so if we get 8 episodes on Monday, will we get episode 9 and 10 on Tuesday? i'm gonna subscribe if it's the case:elated: 

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Hola Peeps, My review EP 1/2 



starts with Yu Tu our male protagonist in a not so happy manner where his pitched idea of a machinery is somehow rejected. Cut to a very interesting sequence of Aerospace HQ which revolves and lands on Event HQs where our female Lead Qiao JingJing is the highlight. :hooray2:


Cut to shortcut Xiao Qiao is discovered by Fantis(fAN ANTIS) as a very bad game player of KOG(King of Glory) of which she is a sponser and the KOG team urges her agent and XQ to prove that she is a legitimate player in an upcoming game event to save everyone's faces.Catch is they decide to remove her as sponser if she fails to win the game in Public. :fear:


XQ agent allots her husband as her coach to teach the game, but her hubby discovers XQ is as clueless as I am as to what is what and which is which in this game.This is relatable because I semi slept during gaming parts Lol.


While playing the game herself , QX discovers Yu Tu(I will end up calling him youtube Lol)  as one of the players and cut to flashback wherein YT has rejected her in Highschool because he wanted a more intelligent partner not someone as her.(It was slightly condescending on his part I felt , which I did not like because it seems YT thought of XQ as a dumb lady not worth his attention) YT does not know XQ is the player he by mistake invites in the game lobby.


YT/XQ and gang play the game which covers most of these 2 episodes and we discover that YT has broken up with his Ex , XQ knows she is pretty and YT is depressed about something which is not clear yet. Ep ends up with XQ trying to coax ice cold YT to be her coach for KOG.







Initial Impression -


Pros : Decent Acting, Nice graphics , but gaming took the major portion here so too early to comment on chemistry or storyline. YY and RB fit the bill of the character descriptions. Heroine is smart not dumb unlike many others. + for that. YY is too perfect but for once has a slightly flawed aspect in his career, very new for me.


Cons - Bad Makeup , maybe I got access to bad video quality but The too much red undertone makes it Hella annoying to appreciate the female characters beauty IMO. Also RB/YY do not look convincing as their high school selves , should have casted teens for those, it looks odd.


RB finally learnt to tone herself down in cutesy characters or this show got a good director thankfully they did not make XQ annoying as they did QQ in SweetDreams (both are too much gaga over the men they Love so a bit similar thing there) , I was impressed by her leaps and bounds. I just wish someone did the makeup portion better, I did not like the lipstick but that's just me.


ENJOYABLE show uptil now, hope it progresses better.


@sugarplum892 The show has started airing, please update the Title :D 

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I have watch episodes 1-8 I'm liking it a lot as a novel reader they doing a really good job at bringing it to life the cast is so good YY portrayal of YT is so realistic and even though at first he doesn't say much you can tell his emotions through his eye Dilraba is great at JJ I was worried her character would be cringey but it isn't I love all the other characters as well especially the managers husband I might be a little biased since love him from go ahead and just seeing him here makes me happy

the only con for me is that im not a big fan of gaming so that's the part I don't like but I was already prepared to see a lot of it since I read the book so that's ok 

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Watched 2 ep. & I like it. Reba rarely disappoints. Together her & Yang2 are a visual explosion ha-ha. 

    Reba seem to be rehashing her character from "Sweet Dreams" the cute & overly naive type but with determination. Sound familiar eh LoL? 

    Yang2 seem to be the clichéd aloof male lead though him turning down Reba back at school.. I mean who would turn down a beauty LoL? He has the usual inner struggles & is very smart (he's an aerospace engineer) 

Looking forward to more. Please be a good drama I've already dropped way too many. 

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  • sugarplum892 changed the title to [Current Mainland Chinese Drama 2021] You Are My Glory 你是我的光耀

I haven't connected to the characters yet. Though this may be because they themselves haven't physically connected as well. Both leads are doing good enough, acting wise, for me. Gonna start epi 4 now...looking forward to it.

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They pretty much followed the book story line, which I really appreciate.


@madmad min I totally agree with the make up.  RB is a pretty girl, but her make up is a total disaster.  I don't mind her lipstick, I just wish they added some coloring to her face. She looks so white, it's pale and ghostly.  


I'm pretty sure the romance is gonna pick up this week...can't wait! :fullofhearts:

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On my end ep 8 subbed or almost.   Once I started that was it ...Yang Yang is generous and gorgeous , an amazing achiever so no wonder Dilireba loves him (and moi) .  Her character is quite perceptive and common sense , and humorous as well when all others are summarizing her gaming flaws in diplomatic fashion lol... When they are together they are very comfortable with each other but also you can already glimpse that invisible something that alters the universe and changes them for the better.  I am in. :love:

add ...just finished 9 & 10 and for somebody that knows next to nothing about 11 year solar or our satellites I was blown away with these episodes....thank you drama gods for giving me a glimpse of new info and interest.....and he goes to her home after being away AWWWW :)

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I like the simple story which has struggles with strokes of reality.Two diverse worlds of jing jing and yu tu wouldn't have collided unless one harbored a strong affection for the other.I was curious how it would pan out on reel.It was done as realistically it could have in a romcom.The screenplay has been a pleasant surprise.I hope they keep the flow similar to the 1st 10 episodes.

Loving the struggles of a highIQ acheiver who is vulnerable as anyother working guy.

Yang and Reba are making me like Mondays again.:love:

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  • sugarplum892 changed the title to [Mainland Chinese Drama 2021] You Are My Glory 你是我的光耀

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