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[Mainland Chinese Drama 2021] You Are My Glory 你是我的光耀


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Cr mydramalist


Chinese title: 你是我的光耀 / Ni Shi Wo De Rong Yao
English title: You Are My Glory 

Genre: Romance, comedy, eSport

Director: Wang Zhi

Episodes: 27

Broadcast Date: 26 July 2021



Yang Yang as Yu Tu
Dilireba as Qiao Jingjing

Pan Yue Ming as Guan Zai
Zheng Xiao Ning as Director Hu, Yu Tu's senior
Wang Shi Huai as Director Zhang, Yu Tu's mentor
An Ge as Da Meng, Yu Tu's colleague
Zheng Qi as Yu Tu's colleague
Zhao Ke Di as Xiao Hu, Yu Tu's colleague
Lu Zhong
Yan Zhi Ping
Sun Wei
Zhao Xiao Guang
Ge Ji Wei
Lu Tu
Han Bo
Xu Fan


Qiao Jingjing and Yu Tu were high school classmates. Qiao Jingjing confessed to Yu Tu twice, but was rejected both times. Ten years later, Qiao Jingjing becomes a top celebrity. She wants to become the endorser of a video game, but was exposed that her gaming skills are super bad. By chance, she meets Yu Tu, who is now an aerospace engineer and currently feeling lost about his career. Under Qiao Jingjing's set-up, Yu Tu becomes her gaming coach. They slowly fall in love over time.
Source: dramawiki


**Please use spoiler tags for those who have not seen the episodes yet**





Coming soon...


Additional Links:

You Are My Glory 你是我的光耀 Novel



Src: YouAreMyGlory official Weibo account 


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Wow! I just finished reading the translation of the novel and I loved it. 


I like Gu Man stories. It would be even better if Yang Yang and Dilraba would be the OTP.


Crossing fingers!! So many CDramas to look forward to.


At least something to do while on quarantine. Yay!! 

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3 hours ago, themarchioness said:

Uh-oh, not good news.... 

Just when our dream pair is becoming reality... :(

I can understand his fans' point of view, but can we at least see these two in a show together if not this particular one?

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Awww, that's too bad! 


I sort of understand the need for an actor to diversify BUT in order for the actor to earn money he also needs to work. 


Not that I'm saying Yang2 is in need of money but the reason why he's an actor is to earn money, not just for artistic reasons. 


Although the book has a lot of video game scenes, it is not entirely made up of  it.  


Anyway, I hope they get another actor who fits the description.

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i love love love the novel. 


i'm not sure i can imagine diliraba and yang yang as the characters themselves, other than that they do have the visuals. (i'm not sure if anybody could live up to my love, lol)


as for fans protesting about yang yang being in yet another game-related series.... so what, if he wants to do it? =/


either way, i'll try to watch it when it eventually comes out.


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I guess all that talk was just normal gossip so happy YangYang and Dilireba are set to star in You are my Glory Even though he has starred in two gamer role this one will make three the characters are not the same Now I want to go back and read the novel again 


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