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[OFFICIAL] Song Seung Heon x Seo Ji Hye (Dinner Mate Couple / Destiny Couple)


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Seo Ji-hye broke the main character's rule "Enjoy the inevitable"





Until now, Seo Ji-hye's choices were generally safe, but TV Chosun's Saturday drama 'Red Balloon' was different. Written by writer Moon Young-nam, another master of popular drama, this drama depicts a sense of relative deprivation that everyone suffers from, a thirst for desire that hurts the stomach, and a group of people struggling to quench that thirst. At the center of it was Jo Eun-kang (played by Seo Ji-hye), the main character who unfolded her deep-hidden desire.


Eun Kang was far from the attractive characters Seo Jihye had been playing. Because she had to express all her emotions from 10 to 100, she couldn't only show her good side. She had to show even the extreme emotions of falling to the bottom after desiring in a twisted way due to a sense of relative deprivation. She was not an easy character to 'like' for viewers, and she was a big challenge for her as well.


'A drama to watch while cursing but curious about what's next'. Even though it has been a long time since she has been the main character in a popular drama, Seo Ji-hye faithfully followed the rules. She respected the perseverance and rules of writer Moon Yeong-nam, who could not make a single mistake. As a result, 'Red Balloon', which started with an audience rating of 3.7% (Nielsen Korea nationwide standard, the same below), ended with the highest rating of 11.6%. It delicately portrays the complex inner side of Eun Kang, who is cold and shameless on the one hand, and sad on the other hand.


Naturally, actress and human Seo Ji-hye was quite different from Jo Eun-gang. Her tone and atmosphere were still Eun Kang, but she ran hard and needed time to catch her breath. She filmed three works in a row, and when filming 'Red Balloon' in particular, she had to mentally and physically hold them all on her own. Nevertheless, 'Red Balloon' left an important realization to Seo Ji-hye. Enjoy it if you can't avoid it.



The following is a Q&A with Seo Ji-hye.



Q:  It is a character that is not easy to express convincingly. What charm did you choose?

A:  Writer Moon Young-nam explained that it is a character that can show hidden human desires. She thought it would be fun in that part. When she had a meeting with the writer, she said that she would be able to act out emotions from 0 to 100, and her words had an impact. I wonder if those things were the triggers for choosing Eun Kang. As we started filming, that word came to me very frighteningly. It was hard and difficult, but the most thought was that I wanted to try it.



Q:  What part was so hard and difficult?

A:  I endured a lot with mental strength. In the beginning, I was sick, so I took medicine, ate well, and tried to gain strength somehow. Even so, it was difficult, so I think I endured it with my mental strength while doing a lot of mind control. Looking back, it seems like it was long, but I filmed 20 episodes in 5 months. It was hard both physically and emotionally. I wonder if it had any effect on my real life. People become prettier when they receive love, but this time, I was becoming like Eun Kang without even realizing it. To get rid of that, I looked for fun things, and on days off, I healed by playing with my dog.





Q:  Actually, no matter how love-hate the relationship is, it was set up to take away a friend’s husband, and it might have seemed frustrating to see Eun Kang keep it inside too much.

A:  Everyone’s empathy is different. There were several reactions. I also thought that it could be like that depending on each situation. There were many times when I also sometimes questioned 'what is this feeling?' while acting. At that time, I tried to find a point of contact as much as possible while talking with the writer and director. I guess it was some kind of practice. Of course, I've never lived like that, so there were a lot of things I didn't understand. It is opposite to me. I do everything I have to say to my friends, and I tend to be honest about whether I feel bad or good. It was frustrating that Eun Kang couldn’t say anything. In that respect, it seems to be about 50% similar. I can have such jealousy, and I also felt a sense of relative deprivation.



Q:  Usually, like Eunkang, the role of the 'affair' setting is often a sub character.

A:  Because there is an idea that the main character has to be kind. Among the things the writer said, there was a story that there is no perfect good or perfect evil. Everyone crosses the line they've drawn at least once, and sometimes they don't, but they just don't put it into practice. It was just that human beings themselves were originally like that. Eun Kang seems to have maximized that story through her character. There are some things that break the mold, but I wonder if I wanted to show a character that brings out all of human instincts, desires, and inner things.



Q:  Before, you played a lot of characters with backgrounds such as gold spoons and professional occupations. Did you think of changing your image to a role with a difficult background like Eun Kang?

A:  It's not grandiose, but I thought it was an actor's role to show a slightly different character. At the moment when I was wondering what other roles I might have, I got an offer for this work, and I think I chose it because writer Moon Young-nam's writing skills are so famous. She gave me a lot of essential advice, saying that if you follow the emotional lines of the script, the character Eun Kang will be created. She informed me, 'I don't know because you didn't grow up like this, but there are many people who feel this way.' When I didn't know, I did a lot of work asking my acquaintances as much as possible. Because I have to empathize and release my acting... . Even though she is the main character, elements such as feeling cursed showed a different image, and it was a challenge in my own way. I think I will do something more fun next time.





Q:  Although they were close friends, it must have been very important to work with Hong Soo-hyun, an actor who plays Hanbada, who turns into a love-hate relationship.

A:  It was so comfortable and nice. I don't have much age difference with my older sister, so I think we became close quickly because we were set up as friends. She’s a veteran, and she's much more senior than me, so she guided me a lot. We talked a lot about characters and scenes. She has a very high concentration and is a hard worker. There was a really tough scene where she had to memorize lines that went over 10 chapters, but she did it without NG. It must have been really difficult for our drama because the script couldn't be wrong. Applause came out because it was so great that all the actors looked at it in awe. I thought that the inner core was really solid.



Q:  Rather than ending with good luck or a happy ending, each went his own way, but it ended with a reconciliation nuance.

A:  Rather than having a happy ending, I thought it would be better to go our separate ways. Eun Kang is in a position that no one can choose. Being driven into a predicament, it has come to the point where there is no more way out... . Rather, I thought it was right to put everything down and go my own way. The author did a good job finishing it. The result was similar to what I expected. I think it's reconciliation rather than forgiveness. Of course, Eunkang did some things wrong, and each of them does, but the friendship between the two is so sticky that no one can break it, so I think it's appropriate to say 'reconciliation'.



Q:  Of course, you have never actually experienced an affair like this, but did you understand Eunkang’s psychology? I think there was also a reaction of 'eating curses' from viewers.

A:  The focus was on the wrong desire rather than the focus on loving man. Since Bada had a husband, she coveted and wanted that person too. In my heart, I cheered for Eun Kang to pass the teacher’ exam, meet another man, and live a happy life. She tends to look at the reaction of swearing and pass it over. She seems to be saying that because she is immersed in it. In fact, I heard that if there are many viewers who are too immersed in it, they will be criticized while passing by, but they cheered me on saying that they were watching well. It seems that dramas and actors are judged separately. There was a lot of screaming and intense emotions, but there were times when it was cool, and I enjoyed acting like this for the first time in a while. If you can not avoid it, you might as well try and enjoy it. It happened.



Q:  You worked on three projects for a year without stopping. Are you going to have some time to recharge now?

A:  That's right. I want to slowly find my work. I have a strong desire to rest now. Now that I've passed 'Red Balloon', I think I can do anything if a good character comes along. While traveling, meeting friends, working out, and sleeping in late, she returned to her normal Seo Ji-hye. Because throughout the filming, I almost slept at home and came out. I was so happy just sitting on the couch or turning on the TV. I'm going to watch 'Ilta Scandal', which I couldn't watch because of overlapping airing times with us, because it sounds like it would be very interesting. You should also watch overdue movies such as 'Avatar 2'. You have to enjoy your daily life to build up energy for your next work and become a source of strength. And then, at some point, I get out of the work and become Seo Ji-hye. It's not my original tone of voice, but if it's the tone of the lines in the work, I haven't been able to get out of it yet. (Laughter)



Q: When you interviewed a few years ago, you said you were not a non-marriageist, but is that thought still valid?

A:  I used to only plan, but gradually I realized that I didn't need to plan. I thought fate had to give it to me. I want to (marry) someday. It is a vague idea without even trying to find a partner. She says my mom said shouldn't I be dating? But what would happen naturally? When I heard the stories of married people, it was said that they somehow ended up in the wedding hall. It's not that you work hard, but if you work hard at what you have to do, the fate will come to you on its own. To be honest, I don't have time to work, so I don't have time to meet people. When I work, I don't get around very well. My friends know that I won't come out, so I don't bother contacting them. You have to rest to date and meet people, but I think there were just a lot of things.



Q You have accumulated

impressive and colorful filmography from supporting roles to leading roles. If there is a direction as an actor?

A:  even if she sets that direction, she doesn't always go there. Since it is a place with a lot of changes, I think I put more emphasis on the idea of just having fun. I don't think anyone can beat someone who really enjoys it. There are times when you feel exhausted, annoyed, and want to give up. I just want to sleep without leaving the house. It is true that you have to enjoy it in order to shake off all of that. That's my first conviction. Being a good actor is my wish, but it doesn't have to be like that, and it's not something I can do. What kind of actor you want to be seen in front of the public is a very difficult question.




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Compilation of OTP’s 2008 Magazine Photos


SSH: “Propose Magazine”, February 2008

SJH:  “Ceci Magazine”, March 2008










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SJH’s February 2018 Interview 





The scene stealer in KBS 2TV's Wednesday is definitely Seo Ji-hye. Seo Ji-hye played the role of Sharon, a wicked woman living an immortal life after committing irreparable sins. She's alluring yet cool, evil but salty Sharon left a lasting impression on viewers. It is no exaggeration to say that Sharon led the 'Black Knight'. At the center was actress Seo Ji Hye . Seo Ji Hye portrayed a character that was never simple in her own style and made her character attractive. Thanks to Seo Ji Hye, she was able to stand out more as Sharon.
Seo Ji Hye was praised for her acting skills and charm through 'The Black Knight'. She also received rave reviews saying that she met 'the character of her life'. But she laughed, saying, "She was just sticking to the script." Seo Ji Hye was able to possess Sharon thanks to her thorough character analysis. Seo Ji Hye observed Sharon’s character in depth saying that she was not just an evil woman. Since she is such a complex character she had deep conversations with PD Han Sang Woo to perfect Sharon.
Seo Ji Hye said that praise for her acting was like a reward for her hard work and she smiled. 
However, Seo Ji Hye did not want to limit 'The Black Knight' to her life's work. She said she has more to show than what she has shown so far, and she is wary of setting limits. Seo Ji-Hye's greed for her acting was great. She confessed that in the future, she wants to break away from the image she has shown so far and try acting in comics(done in Kiss Sixth Sense) or action(done in Dr. Brain)
She said, “I want to try everything,” but Seo Ji-hye could feel her passion for her acting. On the 13th, News 1 met actress Seo Ji Hye in Eta, Hannam-dong.


Q. It has been 15 years since you debuted in 2003 and acted. How about looking back on the past?

A. "I think that I have endured well while walking on one path for 15 years. Of course, there were times when I wanted to give up in the middle. In fact, in my mid-20s, I thought, 'Is it right for me to act?' I took a rest. I took a break at that time and worked hard from my late 20s. I turned 35 this year, but now that I think about it, I'm not at the age to complain that I'm having a hard time. Realizing that I've reached the age where I have to take responsibility for my work, I want to persevere harder and act deeper.



Q. How did you overcome the slump? What was the strength that helped you endure when you were having a hard time?

A.  “I lived a normal life. I went to school, went on a trip, met friends. At the same time, I talked about my worries here and there and asked for advice. Then I came to the conclusion that the answer was to persevere. I thought about what I could do if I quit acting. When I looked, there was nothing. They said to endure unconditionally, so I endured with suffering. I also tried a lot to find myself."



Q. Have you ever been obsessed with something like Sharon in 'The Black Knight'?

A. "No. To be honest, I couldn't understand how you could love only one man for 250 years. (Laughs) But in a way, I don't think I gave enough to people to keep the secret of not aging for 250 years from being discovered. Then I have no choice but to become obsessed with Suho. I thought it wasn't there. Only then did I understand Sharon.”



Q. Are you obsessed with dating?

A. "No. I'm a free-ranging style. I think I was obsessed with it when I was in my 20s, but as I got older, that kind of thing went away. But I really don't know. They say they are wondering if we will meet. We are always ready to date.”



Q. Do you have any conditions for the ideal type or spouse you dream of?

A. "I like a comfortable person like a friend. I want to meet someone with whom I can comfortably talk  with and share my daily life, someone who can naturally blend into my life. I want my spouse to be someone who can embrace me."


Q. You were a beauty program MC in the past ("Follow Me 8). Do you have any thoughts of wanting to challenge yourself in a field other than acting?

A. "I had anxiety about entertainment. I thought, 'What can I do if I go on variety shows?'. Then I went to 'Running Man' and I thought it was fun. That's why I did a beauty program "Follow Me 8". I couldn't show myself through acting. "


Q. What kind of praise do you feel best about?

A. "Because I am an actor, I feel good when I hear compliments on my acting. I am more grateful for compliments that I met 'the character of my life' rather than compliments for being pretty. I think it's best for an actor to look pretty when acting. I felt proud when my acquaintances praised me for saying that the characters fit well and that the work was fun."



Q. You seem to have a bright personality.

A.  "People say that when they see me, I'm likely to do flower arrangement and cross-stitch, but I'm not at all like that. (Laughs) I like going out and I'm active. I think those energies rejuvenate me. I like this energy."


Q. You have been acting for 15 years. What will it look like in 15 years?

A. “I don’t know. In the past, I vaguely thought about what I would be doing in 10 or 20 years, but recently I’m only making a one-year plan. When I think about the distant future, I miss a lot. It seems to be piling up. I want to enjoy the present and live hard.”



Q. What are your plans for this year?

A. "I'm going to 'work hard' by meeting a good work after taking a break for a while. I want to show a variety of sides this year as well."




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August 2014 – Cosmopolitan] Song Seung Hun – Interview




What did you think of this “Cosmopolitan” photo shoot?

I’ve already done photo shoots, but it’s true that I’m still awkward and I’m embarrassed. However, I think it’s interesting that photo shoots can allow me to show sides of me that I can’t show in dramas or movies. Today, I wanted to show more of the real me.


Doesn’t this mean you’d even do comedies, dress up as a woman?

Actually, I receive many scenarios for comic roles. Serious talk is going on these days. It seems that this movie gave me some kind of confidence to do so as I started wanting to do another kind of roles. I want to try cloak-and-dagger stories, I want to play a villain, but I want to play a role like a cyborg or a vampire. Haha.


You uploaded on Twitter a picture taken in New Zealand not long ago. Do you enjoy traveling?

I went to New Zealand because I had to shoot a CF. I’ve never traveled just for the sake of traveling. I’ve always traveled because I had to go overseas for a photo shoot or to shoot a movie. I had to go to Turkey not long ago for work. I thought to myself “I didn’t get to travel because all I did was working since early in my 20’s”. It’s not just about going overseas, there are many good places to travel to in Korea.


It seems that you really think about traveling. Which place do you want to visit the most?

There are many places overseas that I think it would be great to visit and I want to try to visit all of them. India, Egypt… But the place I definitely want to go to again is the Insubong Peak of Dobongsan Mountain. You can do rock climbing by following an 8-hour trail. I was shooting the movie “Ice Rain” with Lee Sung Jae and Yoo Hae Jin and the three of us went over there. It’s already been 10 years! There are up to 10 places where you can take a break. We talked while looking at the stars and being in a bivouac on our way down. I can’t forget the wonderful night scenery of Seoul. I thought that if I got a girlfriend later on, I definitely wanted to teach her rock climbing and bring her over there, but that didn’t turn out well. Haha. I haven’t been able to make this dream come true, but I definitely want to go back to this place. I think it’s a memory I will keep for the rest of my life.


The announcements and pictures you upload on Twitter are impressive. You know they say you’re the first Hallyu star. When you started getting recognized overseas, how did you feel?

I started getting overseas fans after the drama “Autumn in my Heart”. I went to Taiwan and it was amazing to have people recognize me, it was overwhelming. I think people like me a lot because of “My Princess” these days. Ah, and it was great to have people recognize me when I was in Turkey. They said they watched “Doctor Jin”. To be honest, fans are the reason that makes me feel acting is something worth to do. One day, I received a letter from a foreign fan telling me “because of you, I get to love Korea, I’m interested in Korea”. It’s something I’m used to hear, but strangely, this letter made me more emotional. I even get this sense of responsibility that I must find a way to thank the fans.

You seem rational and cool-headed, but you seem to be quite delicate.

True. I’m in touch with my emotions and I’m delicate.

What do you think was the turning point of your life?

When I debuted? I never dreamed of being an actor. However, when I debuted, my life definitely took a 180 degree turn.


What do you think has changed the most about yourself between today and when you debuted?

I’m more comfortable with myself. When I shot the drama “You and I”, the sunbaes often told me not to cling to popularity. Actors are supposed to be good at acting and shoot many good projects. To be honest, I didn’t know what they meant back then. Wherever I went, people liked me and I thought this popularity would last forever. Then one of my projects didn’t do well, and that gave me a lot of stress. But I think I understand now what my sunbaes told me when I debuted. Now I’m not afraid of being critized for any role I’d play. I’m more confident instead and think people would even go “Song Seung Hun challenged himself with this kind of role”.

I feel like your growth as an actor was quite stable.

I was lucky. I’m not good at maintaining myself, you know? My friends who know me since middle school and high school know this very well. When I was with my friends, I was quite reckless and I just didn’t have the right behavior, I usually walked around wearing comfortable clothes. Some of my friends gave me my life’s breakthrough and I think I lead a true happy life. To be honest, I like my friends so much that I even got into a fight with my girlfriend because of that. I stick to my friends like glue. Haha.

Do you have a lot of married friends? I’m curious to hear your thoughts about marriage.

I really want to get married. It’s something that feels close and far away as if it wasn’t meant to be for me. To be honest, I do have some worries like “will I ever get married? Can I become an awesome husband and father?”. When I babysit for my friends, I sometimes feel like I want to get married


You played many times the man falling in love in an instant? How is it for you in real life?

I always have this “I will love this person” feeling. This is what happened for my first love. It almost never happened to me to date someone I felt absolutely nothing for at the beginning. I usually fall in love at first sight.


What’s your definition of a sexy and charismatic man? What about a charismatic woman?

Isn’t the sexiest and the coolest thing for a man is to be a hard worker? I used to think that a sexy woman was about being a woman with a great body, now I’m interested in mature women. Women like my sunbaes Kim Sung Ryung, Kim Hee Ae, Kim Hye Soo. They were women who were already charming in the past, but they stand out even more today.


You’re famous for maintaining a muscular body, do you have any personal tip to share?

I love working out. I sometimes even say that I must work out for my health until the day I die. Steven Spielberg said in one interview that the most important thing to become a great director is health. He said you must be in good shape to shoot a good movie. And it’s true. I usually go to the gym and I run in a stadium. I exercise to match the character I play when I start a project.


It’s the consequence of constantly taking care of yourself from your 20’s until now. If you could go back to your 20’s, when was the happiest moment for you?

After shooting a Storm commercial, [So] Ji Sub and I went to the Storm store in front of the Sungshin Women’s University. We stared at our pictures in front of the store that had already closed its shutters. At that time, I had gone to college with no plan about my future, I was out of it. Looking at these pictures made me feel great. That moment when we talked and wondered “will things work out well for us” was a true happy moment for me. Can I say it was like a dream?


If you were to go back to your 20’s, is there something you’d like to do?

I think I’d just enjoy everything. If I could go back to the days of innocence.



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Quite a fun drama, Dinner Mate has been an entertaining watch in its 12 episodes that has been aired so far. Owing to its unique narrative unlike any other romantic comedies, the drama makes way right into the viewers' hearts.



Dinner Mate consists of magnetic chemistry between the main leads, some delicious food and hilarious comedic moments, that can make gloomy days better. It is impossible not to fall in love with the dinner couple, Kim Hae Kyung (Song Seung Heon) and Woo Do Hee (Seo Ji Hye), and we cannot wait for them to get together.

As we complete the third week of the drama, we have created a list of the things that we absolutely love from the drama.







While there are lot of things about Kim Hae Kyung that attracts attention, but his best point is how much he cares. Going out of his way to help other people in spite of suffering himself makes us admire him even more.

From the very beginning, he was kind and considerate towards Woo Do Hee, even though they were practically strangers. He made sure Woo Do Hee was not lonely on the day of her breakup, offered to eat together multiple times, comforted her with his thoughtful words, and even came to visit her just because she asked. Who would not want such a sweet person in their lives?










PD Woo Do Hee made sure that viewers rolled out in laughter because of her humorous acts. A huge fan of B-class comedy, the girl is naturally funny and there are often some hilarious occurrences in her daily life.

Quite an unpredictable person, it is difficult to know to what goes inside her head and she always surprises with her unexpected actions. Despite being heartbroken by her past lovers, our heroine is not weak and holds her ground strongly. It was definitely refreshing to watch a female lead who is unique.



Since, the plot of Dinner Mate is centered on two strangers who made an arrangement to eat together, the viewers get to see a lot of dinner dates between the main leads. The rules of this arrangement are that the dinner mates would not reveal their personal information to each other and not cross certain boundaries such as falling in love or indulge in a skinship with each other.

However, their chemistry is undeniable, and it was only a matter of time, when they started breaking their own rules. We could not help but swoon when Kim Hae Kyung adorably copied Woo Do Hee as she made her samgyeopsal wrap, or when he won the penguin for her.




There are too many coincidences that occur between Woo Do Hee and Kim Hae Kyung. But it is never boring because of the creative execution of these scenarios. Though Woo Do Hee and Kim Hae Kyung end up running into each other at the end of every episode, each moment is a delightful surprise.




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