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[OFFICIAL] Song Seung Heon x Seo Ji Hye (Dinner Mate Couple / Destiny Couple)


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What Colleagues / Friends are saying about our Lovebirds’ Personalities


He is “Good Natured and Kind”

-   Choi Jin Woong, SSH’s “Man of Will” co-star









She is/looks cold outside but “Warm Inside” 

“She will Take Care of You”

-  SJH’s BFF Shin So Yul









I thought she has a cold personality but the more I look at her the more she looks like an “Angel”

-   Dr Brain Director Kim Jee Woon







credit to tteokbokki IG


Just one of the many traits we love about them. 


On a side note, I hope SSY’s testimonial would debunk people’s impression of SJH as Cold and Arrogant

(I partly blame the cold roles she played)

She is an Ambivert. 

Ambiverts are a good balance of the shy/quiet type(Introverts) and are good in nurturing warm relationships(Extroverts)


They are both Beautiful Human Beings.

Inside and Out.


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I was asked how I continue to believe in this couple and I bring up a point from her last show. She was a police and had never held a gun. She got a toy gun for home, where in my opinion SSH would demonstrate and help her handle the gun. He had no problem holding a gun.  


Now look for similarities in the two.  Once you see it you will realize just too many coincidences.  Sort of like them running in to each other in DM.  With this basic belief it becomes more clear. Example SSH had so much fun playing Derek Ho as a detective, SJH you should consider this in the future. She gets the opportunity in Dr Brain. He talks about how physically exhausting the part was.  SJH gets her part and talks about how she had to increase her workouts prior to starting the project.  After a while coincidences are no longer coincidences.


Why has the relationship thing with that Dude not been brought up since?  Easy, because that Dude was only a friend or is no longer around. Talk about coincidence you get nailed by tabloids and SSH shows a hug picture two days before.  None of us understood why and two days later the story hits.  Most actors and actresses will get a heads up before the story comes out.  Timing of SSH hug picture is just too much of a coincidence.  She wears a hoodie that’s gray he replicates it. I barely have seen him in a hoodie and it happens right after hers same color.  She shows a sad picture and he shows himself on a dark lonely street.


In closing If she was with that Dude, more pictures would have been revealed either before or at least by News Years by Dispatch.  They absolutely were looking for a story and there was none.  


Just sharing my individual thoughts.  Back to our wonderful couple and our supportive ladies.  Love you both.

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SJH is using her downtime to volunteer prior to filming Adamas

Volunteering is her passion

(Save the Children, Ddasamo)




SJH in Mali, Africa for “Save the Children”

November 11, 2011






SJH with the Ddasamo Squad 

(Ahn Jae Hyun, Kahi, So Yoo Jin, Kim Jung Eun, Jeon Hye Bin) for a Charity Bazaar

August 2015 








credit to owners


A Beautiful Woman with an equally Beautiful Heart and Soul. 


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Paul&Joe Spring Wool Blending Handmade Crop Jacket Luxurious Value Item


Paul & Joe is lovely

Because it's romantic clothing, you can even shop at home shopping.

It's a popular brand.

The product that came out this time was actress Seo Ji-hye.

Wearing Paul & Joe Spring Wool Blend

This is a handmade cropped jacket.

From last year, crop style

It's very popular, so

If the product is priced

It is a product that will take a lot of work.



Contains more than 40% wool

It is a product with a soft luster.

Because it is handmade sewing

It is lightweight and has good warmth.

Cash-like processing

Wool's unique softness

It's a feeling product.

Now wear me when you loose

I think it's a good product.





Color is oatmeal beige

Green check, red check, black

It's like this and it goes up to 100.

Sizes up to 88.




oatmeal color

It looks handmade

It feels like a staple of the coat.

There are lapels on the sleeves

The color of the buttons is just right.

If you are wondering what to wear in spring

A cropped jacket like Seo Ji-hye's

I think it will suit you very well.

I love cost-effective products

If you like the color oatmeal beige,

I think it would be good to wear it now and to wear it in the fall.


credit to:


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