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[OFFICIAL] Song Seung Heon x Seo Ji Hye (Dinner Mate Couple / Destiny Couple)


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I have finished reading Kiss Six Sense webtoon


KSS is a romantic comedy about a woman named Ye Sul played by SJH who can see the future when she kisses someone. She accidentally kisses the neck of her boss played by YKS and sees them in bed together.






The plot somewhat reminds me of the drama “The Master’s Sun” where the FL sees ghosts every time she touches the ML


I have no doubt SJH will nail the quirky, sassy Ye Seul as she is amazing in Romcom

Actually she is amazing in all genres


Credit to Author of Webtoon 



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Coffee Truck sent to YKS on the set of KSS

I wonder where this location is

Food Trucks were sent to co-stars YKS, KJS ans LJY’s Film Location
No update yet on SJH’s KSS Filming Location










credit to owner

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Male celebrities in their late 40s this year Amazing' with thick hair and a strong muscular body


A male actor's self-management method made viewers admire.









Song Seung-heon posted on his Instagram on the 8th, "Let's exercise in the new year" and a selfie picture.

In the photo, Song Seung-heon is wearing a sleeveless T-shirt and gloves for exercise equipment with the gym in the background and taking a selfie.

Song Seung-heon showed off his youthful visual with strong arm muscles and thick eyebrows that it is hard to believe that he is in his late 40s this year.

In particular, he surprised those who boasted of thick black hair that was comparable to those in their 20s and 30s.

Netizens applauded Song Seung-heon's self-management, such as "God of Management", "I think I should call him hyung", and "Wow, he's really cool".

Meanwhile, Song Seung-heon was born in 1976 and is 47 years old this year and 46 years old.


SSH is really FITSpiration




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Song Seung-heon, Jo Bo-ah ..an interesting thriller that will satisfy the level of domestic audiences

Contents media group NEW (Chairman Woo-taek Kim) co-produces and invests in a Korean movie remake of the foreign currency 'Hidden Face' (2011) with Ivanhoe Pictures (hereafter Ivanhoe), an American production company.

Michael Hogan, CEO of Ivanhoe International Productions, expressed his anticipation, saying, "This project will signal the start of a partnership between the two companies." Ivanhoe is a Los Angeles-based investment production company. Focusing on the North American and Asian markets, it has co-invested with 20th Century Fox in the movie 'The Wailing' (2016). 'Hidden Face' (director Andrés Weiz), released in Korea in 2014, is a mystery thriller that takes place when two lovers are trapped in a secret room. The remake version plans to finalize the casting of the director and the main and supporting roles within this year and start cranking in early next year. A NEW official said, "I will make an interesting thriller that will satisfy the level of domestic audiences."

Through this contract, the investment for the remake of 'Hidden Face' will be invested by NEW film division and Ivanho, and the production will be jointly taken by Studio & New and Ivanho. Contents Panda is responsible for overseas sales and distribution of rights.

NEW Film Division and Contents Panda have successfully launched Korean films such as 'Blind', 'Hide and Seek', 'New World' and 'Train to Busan' in Korea. Hollywood and other remakes have been promoted around the world, and 'Train to Busan' is one of the world's most successful cases.





Credit to Blog



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Actor Song Seung-heon, an investment expert in Gangnam? As the owner of the Shinsa Station building worth 35 billion won


Actor Song Seung-heon has been selected as the owner of the 30 billion won Gangnam building.

Song recently purchased a commercial building near Exit 4 of Sinsa Station on Subway Line 3.

Song owns two of these buildings, with a total value of 35 billion won.

According to the real estate industry on the 8th, according to the real estate industry on the 8th, Song bought a 15.4% stake in an underground shopping mall (total floor area 232) in February of this year. ) The two-story building in Jamwon-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul spent 650 million won to acquire full ownership of the building.

Currently, it is used for food, and the market capitalization of the building is about 4 billion won.

There are 3 types of general residential areas, and you can get up to 250% of the land rate.

When Song applied for an auction in October of last year, the building became a hot topic.

Previously, in November 2015, Song purchased an 84.6% stake in a shopping mall for 3.02 billion won through a short sale.

And based on this, we apply for division of the auction common goods.

This is because the remaining shares are shared by Song and five other people.

The advantage of regular stock auctions is that complex stock relationships can be sorted out by allowing one of the stakeholders to bid in full.

However, the auction was canceled six days after registering for another transfer of ownership.

Industry insiders believe that Song has reached an agreement with the remaining five shareholders.

Lee Chang-dong, a senior researcher at Gigi Auction, said, “I bought it for tens of thousands of won, which is more than 15.4% of the stake.

Song also has two buildings next to the building (one building, 540 square meters).

In October 2006, a total of 11.4 billion won was invested into the building with a total area of 1,332 square meters, one basement floor and four above-ground floors.

Due to its good roadside location, the number of roadside commercial areas such as Sinsa Station has increased, and the current market price exceeds 25 billion won.

There are 3 types of commercial areas and general residential areas on one lot, so you can get a land rate of up to 490%.

According to the present value calculation, the market capitalization of the commercial building purchased this year (4 billion won) and the two existing buildings (25 billion won) is less than 30 billion won.

However, the industry predicts that Song's real estate value in Jamwon-dong will reach 35 billion won.

The ratio of the parcels for joint development of the two parcels is 415%.

▲The location of the office building in Jamwon-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul, which actor Song Seung-hyun recently invested in.

Bilsannam CEO Kim Yun-su said, “There are sites worth 150 million won per 3.3 square meters, and there are sites with this site.”


Credit to blog



SSH is really Financial/Money/Investment smart


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WDH Episode 7 (13-14)















credit to owner


SJH made the Boyfriend and Double Breasted Blazers (i.e. Yellow Club Monaco in the photo) a Casual/Corporate Trend Style with WDH’s OOTD









She is a really a Trendsetter 

But where are the Magazine spreads?


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Every time I see “Reels” of Dogs on IG, I am reminded of SJH and her equally adorable Fur Babies

She is a Doting Fur Mom to Ari and Mini


















(gifs taken from “Crazy Europe Trip” show)


We also often see Ari and Mini on her IG posts in the past


At the DB PressCon, she wants to synch brains with her dogs so she would know why they are sick. 







She will be a Loving, Caring, Nurturing Mom to her future kids one day as she is with Ari and Mini



credit to owners


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8 Song Seung Heon K-Dramas You Should Watch Right Now


7. Dinner Mate (2020)

Who else is in it: Seo Ji Hye, Lee Ji Hoon, Apink's Son Na Eun

Based on the webtoon Would You Like To Have Dinner Together?, this drama tells the story of Woo Do Hee (Ji Hye), a content producer who discovers her boyfriend is cheating on her. Kim Hae Kyung (Seung Heon) is a psychiatrist who handles clients with food psychotherapy. They meet by chance and have dinner together. When they end up meeting again, they start an arrangement as dinner mates: They will keep on having dinner together without revealing personal details to each other. How long can they keep their relationship impersonal?  









credit to owners



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