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[OFFICIAL] Song Seung Heon x Seo Ji Hye (Dinner Mate Couple / Destiny Couple)


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Seo Ji-hye “‘Doctor Brain’ action challenge, my own feeling is important”



Seo Ji-hye, who played detective Choi Soo-seok in 'Doctor Brain'. Provided by Apple TV+


(After interview ①) Seo Ji-hye played the role of detective Choi Soo-seok in 'Doctor Brain'. Choi Soo-seok is a cold-hearted detective who pursues an incident that happened to the family of brain scientist Ko Se-won (Lee Seon-gyun). 


In response to the same question, Seo Ji-hye said, “There were a lot of action and gun scenes, and I practiced those things for the first time through this drama. Also, I tried to indirectly feel what it was like to look at the contents of detectives in dramas and movies. I realized that it is important to find my own feeling after talking a lot with director Kim Jee-woon on how to best solve the character while working on the script in the beginning.” 

In addition, Seo Ji-hye said, "The director wanted to feel like a detective in 'Find Me', so I watched the movie. I think I watched a lot of other content, mainly female detectives.” She said, “I was trying to build up my stamina while working out with strength because I was doing a lot of action. Also, I thought that I should use a gun without awkwardness, so I prepared detailed parts about how to hold a gun, how to shoot, posture, and what posture to take when carrying a gun.”



Seo Ji-hye and Lee Jae-won said that they were able to shoot comfortably thanks to Lee Seon-gyun (left)'s affinity. Provided by Apple TV+


We could also hear about the collaboration with Lee Seon-gyun, who leads the play. Seo Ji-hye said, "Lee Seon-gyun was very friendly, so he made me feel comfortable from the beginning. So we chatted a lot about acting and real-life stories. I thought it would be difficult to become a world-famous actor with ‘Parasite’, but I’m thankful that he made me feel comfortable enough that I thought, ‘Is this a senior I’ve known for a long time?’” she smiled.


Was there no pressure as much as appearing in a work that received a lot of attention? Regarding this, Seo Ji-hye said, "I focused on 'how can I solve acting well' rather than burden? I thought I was making one piece of content.”

Seo Ji-hye and Lee Jae-won finished the interview by asking for interest in 'Doctor Brain'. Seo Ji-hye said, “It is a thriller genre, but it is a work that contains a story about human dignity and relationships with family and friends. It revolves around one incident, but you will get a message saying, 'In the end, people are people'. 






So proud of SJH in “Dr Brain”.

Her passion to do well on her detective role, studied every intricate details on properly holding a gun, exercising, eating well for stamina / action scenes, watching/studying detective roles to effectively portray her character

That’s Dedication!


And I love her answers in DB Interviews
Deep and Articulate. 


With Dr Brain added to her resume, she has proven she is a multi faceted actress who can do not only Drama/Cold Characters, Romcom, Saeguk but also BadA$$, Tough characters.

I hope she gets to portray that awesome villain she wishes next with “Adamas”.


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Link to read “Kiss Six Sense” Webtoon




The Male Lead and Female Lead are supposed to be in their 20’s.

i just hope the writers will fine tune the story and make it more age appropriate for SJH and YKS

Ye Sul, the Female Lead character is a Sassy character and I know SJH will definitely pull off that role.


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Child Actor Oh Han Kyul photos with our Lovebirds

I love how he described them


With SJH in Cloy Wrap up Party

February 16, 2020







With SSH in Voice 4 BTS

July 18, 2021






The way he described them tells a lot about the kind of person they are

SJH: “Pretty and Kind”

SSH:  “Friendly and Warm”



Our Lovebirds are indeed Kind, Warm human beings.



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Yay to SSH posting his Christmas greetings via new IG update. 

I hope our Lovebirds get to celebrate the Holidays with their Loved Ones…



Happy Holidays Everyone





Here is SSH singing “White Christmas” to warm our hearts

credit to owners



May we all have a Blessed Celebration. 


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Song Seung-heon, a tree as luxurious as his face... Romantic itself [Star Shot]





Actor Song Seung-heon drew attention by sharing his recent situation after a long time. 

On the 24th, Song Seung-heon posted a photo on his Instagram with the words "Merry Christmas". 

In the published photo, a mini tree is placed. The tree with gold accents and the surrounding incense candles harmonize to create a luxurious atmosphere. 

In June, Song Seung-heon appeared in the tvN drama 'Voice Season 4' as Derek Jo and performed his best. 

Yoon Seol-hwa, an online news reporter, 

Photo = Song Seung-heon's Instagram




Happy Holidays to All

Seasons Greetings Love GIF by Chippy the Dog


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“You have to try and pretend that you’re not into the guy so much”

SJH’s advice to BFF SSY













SSY be like…

“She told me to be like that but she is pretty much the same” - SSY




FACT: SJH has never openly complimented a male celebrity “Handsome/Good Looking” other than SSH.


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@fiona628thank you for posting SJH’s Life Bar guesting

Her episode always brings a smile to my face 

Not to mention SJH is just so breathtakingly beautiful to watch



SSY shared that even veteran actress Kim Hae Sook (Their co-star in “Yeah That’s How It Is”) cannot believe that SJH does not have a boyfriend 




SSY said that SJH hides herself too much that no one wants to make a move on her















One commenter said maybe men are intimated by her that they cannot approach her




I am thankful to DM, she is able to break free from her usual “cold characters” and debunk people’s perception of her having a “cold personality”



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Lee Si Eon getting married on Christmas Day reminded me of this episode in “Noblewoman / The Noblesse”


(SJH and LSE played siblings in the drama)















Ah, I hope we get to hear good news soon


She will be a Beautiful Bride


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Throwback to SJH at the 2014 SBS Drama Awards

She presented with their mutual friend On Joo Wan to promote their drama “Punch”








Actors On Joo-wan and Seo Ji-hye started promoting 'Punch'. 


On the afternoon of the 31st, On Joo-wan and Seo Ji-hye attended the 2014 SBS Drama Awards', which was broadcast live at COEX Hall D in Samseong-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul as presenters. 





I just found out that SSH’s co-star on his upcoming movie “The Hidden Face”, Jo Bo Ah is On Joo Wan’s ex-GF


@fiona628, she’s a sight to behold in white/wedding gowns

I hope 2022 will be the year we are all praying and wishing for.


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