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I just went out for a photo-walk today, it was really nice weather to explore the neighbourhood with friends.


6 hours ago, Ririgagarin03 said:

@wallflowersforjane @angelangie @bairama those are Amazing photos!! :spitswater:


Thank you! Your pictures are beautiful too. I love New Zealand, drove through North and South Island with my family a long long time ago. I hope I can visit again next year when travel is possible.


@bairama Oh my! That's beautiful!

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Here in Mississippi, we have a sort of tradition/superstition that I enjoy:  bottle trees. 


This is what we do:  Folks place bottles on the branches of a tree near the bedroom window so that the "Haints" (ghosts, demons, bad dreams, whatever is pestering you) will be attracted by the pretty glass (apparently they like blue best) and they fly upward into the bottles to check it out, whereupon they are hopelessly trapped.  When the morning light shines on the glass, the Haints disappear into vapor as though they had never been.  You've gotta love a tradition that deals effectively with Haints. 


This is the bottle tree outside my bedroom window.  I just used whatever bottles I could find for free to put on it, so it's not really pretty, although I like it just the way it is.  It is made of rebar rather than an actual tree but I don't guess the Haints mind about that.




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Hello beautiful people! 


Dropping by after a while to share photos & love! Yeah, these are some photos from my garden collection for the past few years. We really love beautiful flowers around us. :lol: 






Being a photographer is the best hobby in the world! No one can hide behind your back! :heart:

Excuse me, who are you by the way?? What are you doing in our garden?? :D  




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Members of this forum have shared beautiful professional photos and I am grateful to them for that. I am also fond of photography and I  enjoy the masterpieces of contemporary photographers. Most of all I like the photographs of https://www.vershinin.biz/nature-landscape-photography-fine-art-gallery/ Aleksandr Vershinin. He is a talented photographer who shows us the incredible beauty of nature. I am amazed at his unique vision of this world and am grateful for the fact that he shares it with us. Look at this


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