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Max Muller

Burglary, Volkswagen Toys and Accessories Stolen/Home insurance

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Burglary, Vancouver, Washington.
My home in Vancouver was robbed in a daylight robbery of $ 150,750. 00, inventory theft, multiple car theft, car title theft, passport theft, birth certificate theft, and identity theft. The thieves broke down all the doors in the house and tore my garage door off its hinges with a tow belt. Neighbors held them at gunpoint as they ran and drove away. The Vancouver police recently found the location of some inventory of Wolfsburg.

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Hello to everybody! Last summer a similar thing happened to my parents. We finally convinced them to go on vacations and travel somewhere, and while they were away someone broke into the house. They broke almost every single door. My parents’ neighbors were at home, and at the begging, they thought that my parents do some sort of renovation, until they saw someone running out from the backyard gates. My parents claimed for the insurance money, but after 10 years of staying with the same company, they’ve got almost nothing. After that, they decided to switch to another company. We found a few here with more appropriate rates https://www.moneyexpert.com/home-insurance/ .

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