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[Mainland Chinese Drama 2021] Dt.Appledog's Time 亲爱的挚爱的

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Chinese title: 亲爱的挚爱的 /Qin Ai De, Zhi Ai De 
English title: Dt.AppleDog's Time

Genre: Comedy, Romance

Episodes: 38

Director: Yu Zhong Zhong

Broadcast Period: 2/4/2021 - 3/4/2021

Related Drama: Go Go Squid! 亲爱的热爱的



Hu Yi Tian as Wu Bai (DT)
Li Yi Tong as Ai Qing (Appledog)
Wang An Yu
Zhang Nan
Xu Le Xiao as Zhou Yi (One)
Li Ming De as Ling Shan (97)

Yang Zi as Tong Nian (Cameo)
Li Xian as Han Shang Yan (Cameo)



Through his hard work and talent, Wu Bai managed to become the youngest star Player of the national robot competition. He formed a team and entered the final round of the competition, and on the same stage with him is Ai Qing, the person who initiated him into his passion. Both are determined to promote the popularization and application of technological robots in the younger generation group through the robot competition, which will accelerate the speed of the country's rejuvenation of science and technology. As competitors, Wu Bai's persistent and extraordinary talent attracts Ai Qing; while Ai Qing's passion toward her job, persistence in chasing her dreams and outstanding tactics also earned Wu Bai's respect. The two of them supported each other through the competition, and lead their respective team to victory.
(Source: DramaWiki)

**Please use spoiler tags for those who have not seen the episodes yet**





Additional Links:

Dt.Appledog's Time 亲爱的挚爱的 Weibo

Go Go Squid! 亲爱的热爱的 Soompi Thread


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  • sugarplum892 changed the title to [Current Mainland Chinese Drama 2021] Dt.Appledog's Time 亲爱的挚爱的

I'm on episode 6 and I'm liking the story so far.  I was a bit hesitant in starting this one because of the change in the actress but after watching it, I think it was proper. 

In Go Go Squid,  I was feeling the older woman vibe which is why I was surprised to find out that in the novel,  although Appledog is way more experienced than DT, she is only 3 years older in age.    I don't feel that age differential here with this current actress.

I was disappointed though that they changed it to robots instead of the e-sport cybersecurity competition in Go Go Squid.  It seemed to become more of an individual rather than a team competition. 

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I am really enjoying this drama. I'm glad they stuck closer to the novel with the proper age gap in this drama's casting. I thought the robots were super interesting to watch because it's a not a field that people really know about and it's more visually entertaining then cybersecurity. Though I agree that it's not as much of a group competition as e-sport/cybersecurity.


I enjoyed the novel of Go Go Squid but found the drama's romance to be immature for my taste. I don't like it when the female lead seems to lose all sense of herself when she falls in love. Even though I like Gun's character, I think they made Tong Nian too childish, even more so than in the novel.


I like Ai Qing's character much more, and am a big fan of Li Yitong. I also really love male chasing after female character dramas more than the recent trend of female chasing after the male and losing herself.


I find myself smiling at every episode so I'm all in for the ride! Can't wait to see how they develop their characters further and how the teams spirit will be developed with further competitions.

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Up to date to ep 14. I'm liking the adaptation so far. I think the initial episode feel little slow, probably because I want to see the robots more. It does set up the romance pretty nicely and gradually though, and expanded on how she came to her decision of returning to the industry. I'm totally okay with cast change since last appledog didn't really match novel appledog and I thought she looked too old compared to dt. New solo and Xiao Mi work pretty well too. Grunt I'm sad to see changed, even though I rather like Wang Anyu. I'm not into robots but it's definitely more interesting to see than cybersecurity.


I find it rather neat how they incorporate novel scenes, like meeting in Singapore or in Korea into drama canon. A lot of people find it hard to reconcile the two version's characterisation, but I read the novel way before I watched the drama, so I'm ok with it. novel dt, appledog, grunt are all different depending if they are with their loved ones or not, honestly gun is too, it's just he was main character last time. By the way, if you try to reconcile the two dramas, you'll find that Grandpa's favouritism is through the roof. It was really apparent in GGS, he yells at HSY for his career choice, but he's super supportive and wow'ed by Wu Bai being into robots LOL. (it was trying to show stigma against esport in novel/ggs and not an issue here, but still, it's very grandpa-like) 


Drama canon shifts the timeline around, but it's still more or less in line with novel canon. This drama's ep 13 = GGS ep 8 = GGS novel chapter 19/49 = I can't find Chinese New Years eve but should be before 20/63.

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  • Jillia changed the title to [Mainland Chinese Drama 2021] Dt.Appledog's Time 亲爱的挚爱的

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