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Who is the best Kpop Cover Dancer?

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Hi all!

I'm hosting a Kpop cover dance contest on Twitch called "The Koverist" and I need your help determining who should be crowned the best Kpop cover dancer in the world! We started with 50 contestants and are now down to 40 after the first round where contestants split into 10 teams and covered 10 iconic Kpop classics! This round will feature 8 teams covering 8 new releases and will be performed live virtually on Twitch this Sunday 7/12 at 11am MT. I could use your help watching the performers and voting for your favorites to determine who moves on to the next round, as 10 dancers will be eliminated after this round. You can vote in the weekly poll here and vote in the livestream poll when watching live to determine who wins the team battles. See previous episodes on YouTube to catchup on performances so far and get to know the dancers! Links below and thanks for your help in advance! Reply below with your favorite dancers so far!

Twitch: www.twitch.tv/djinnaseoul
YouTube: www.youtube.com/djinnaseoul
Instagram: www.instgram.com/djinnaseoul

















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As K-Pop gets more popular, more and more dancers, both professionally trained and hobbyists, have jumped on the dance cover bandwagon. There are numerous crews and individuals now that cover K-Pop dances, then many of them are incredibly talented, a number of them might also be actual idols themselves!

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