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[Mainland Chinese Drama 2021] A Land So Rich In Beauty 江山如此多娇


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Chinese title: 江山如此多娇 / Jiang Shan Ru Ci Duo Jiao
English title: A Land So Rich In Beauty 

Genre:  Village, drama

Episodes: 30

Director: An Jian

Broadcast Period: 1/10/2021 - 1/27/2021



Luo Jin as Pu Quansheng
Yuan Shan Shan as Sha Ou
Shen Meng Chen as Xiang Ximei
Zhang Zi Jian as Chen Busheng
Mao Hai
Li Qian as Tian Hui
Zhou Pu as Liao Gui Xiang / Liao Jiang Ga
Jing Hao as Tian Jia Wang / Tian Lao Ba
Ma Liang as Xiang Deng Gao
Wu Li Peng as Shi Yao Jin
Wang Kui Rong as Tian Shou Chun / Re A Gong
Shi Liang as Jiang Si Wei
Liu Jiao Xin as Shi Pai Shan
Luo Er Yang as Xiang You Liang
Wu Yu Juan
Fang Zi Bin as Pan Xue Bin
Zhang Yang Yang as Ke Yan
Wang Si Yi as Liao Jing Nan
Liu Yi Ying as Bai Bai Ling / You Gu
Fan Tian Tian as Long Dong Hua / Dian La Ba
Yu Heng as Tan Xian Wen
Zhangshang Mingzhu as Liao Ya Nan
Zheng Ying Xian as Liao Jia Nan


A story about targeted poverty alleviation in Wanmixi village follows a second-generation poverty alleviation officer and an urban reporter from the big city who overcome numerous difficulties in their efforts to lead the villagers out of poverty.

The per capita arable land in Wanmixi Village is very small. Resources are scarcely coupled with transportation difficulties. For hundreds of years, people haven't been able to escape poverty. In 2015, a young man by the name of Pu Quansheng arrives at the village. He is well-versed in the Miao and Tujia dialects and gradually makes changes to improve the situation at Wanximi Village.

However, idealism may be beautiful but difficult to implement and the process is full of challenges. Under the guidance of the party, Pu Quansheng enforces new policies and resolutely looks into village cadres who favor their own relatives and friends. In punishing laziness, he also seeks to encourage others to fight for their own dignity and to bring out their spirit of self-reliance.

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**Please use spoiler tags for those who have not seen the episodes yet**






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  • sugarplum892 changed the title to [Current Mainland Chinese Drama 2021] A Land So Rich In Beauty 江山如此多娇

Its available on Mango TV directly as well (https://w.mgtv.com, search for 江山如此多娇 ), 2 episodes a day, updated more regularly!


No English subs yet! Google translate of Baidu page is helpful (https://baike.baidu.com, search for 江山如此多娇)



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  • Guest changed the title to [Mainland Chinese Drama 2021] A Land So Rich In Beauty 江山如此多娇

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