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[Mainland Chinese Drama 2020] Dating In The Kitchen 我喜欢你


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5 hours ago, SC2019 said:

I think what draws me to LJ's character is that he not only has the IQ but the EQ. And he uses that to his advantage in handling his mother. It's a fine balance that he has to strike; he has to ensure his mother is not antagonised (in her case, she would want the son to choose her over the underserving girl) while asserting his right to love the person he chooses. It's a delicate dance of playing the role as the good Chinese son, respectful of her matriachial role, yet he doesn't differ entirely to her wishes and stays firm about his stance. He is honest without being hurtful. In many instances, we become pushed to make an either or choice; in his case, he tells his mother, You are both important to me. To me, in that whole conversation, it was the most powerful statement he could have made, coupled with the silent plea in his eyes....  [I read that as mother, please think about what I want, not only what you want.]


@pawla @jimmylyne I guess no matter how old we are or what station we hold in life, we crave for affection and approval from our parents. And to LJ, I wonder how much of what he is doing to grow his mother's empire arises from his personal satisfaction and how much is a need to gain his mother's approval or to defend his mother's pride (in retaliation of being abandoned). The show has yet to reveal how LJ feels about his father, I am sure we will get to see it soon. I am anticipating all this, not because I have a penchant for family turmoil but because it will show me a side to LJ, and offer me a more balanced, realistic picture of the man as a whole.


LJ has IQ and EQ... agreed 


Hs conversation with mother in ep13, (min 36:00) his mom said that LJ has change a lots..so I guess in the past LJ should've a lot like his mom ..Stern , ruthless, serious and certainly put the business and the rise of the empires first.. that why his past relationships didn't worked out..now he's changed because he met the right girl ...GSN.. he's gentleman, caring, lively ( he was so entertaining..he became a stalker.. which reminded me of a  Donghua Dijun...lol)


When his pitiful assignment/friend ask him whether he feel hungry..his answer was.


"Angry make me full!"...


So..he's still have a father. There's also stepmother and stepbrother.

And from the preview I guess he guite close with his stepbrother...

4 hours ago, pawla said:

Talking about birthdays, do LJ and GSN share the same birthday? At the diner her grandpa said it was her birthday when he gave her the red envelope. 

That what I thought.. 


I'm breathless...this video..


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@SC2019 I have same feeling about actor LYS too, that's why I'm hoping that after this hit drama, maybe he would get a chance some time in the near future to be the next ML for a romantic comedy with no big age gap, and to see if he can deliver that wins hearts.

For the kissing clips, LYS certainly has more experience and know how to kiss :P

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@pad-hari From this link (http://m.v.qq.com/play.html?vid=g3155pyxhwr&ptag=887), this is what is being said.


The kiss that (we) viewers see is this.

In fact, it's (ZLS accidentally backs into a duffle bag behind her).....


ZLS: You deliver me a flying blow and I give you a boom (she pretends to hit LYS's face with her own)


A stage crew/director comments: I think this is what should happen. When ZLS stops (is stationary) here, she should not take her eyes off you. At that moment (LYS) you should also not take your eyes off hers (CGI lightning zaps both eyes) and you should continue looking at her.


This change/transformation is too difficult. Isn't this exciting? [Animated words appear: stating that ZLS is stupified]


ZLS is asked to give the suggested postures a try.


The voice over the loud speaker informs ZLS and LYS to try the prescibed action. Move your head slightly...


LYS says I don't know how to move my head.


ZLS says "This moustache is prickly." Someone says "I feel that this tingling sensation you are having is very good."


(As they try out the postures) ZLS complains to LYS, "You are pressing on my hair." Then she says jokingly to the director/ crew (?) "You don't have to care about my fate (or life/death)."


ZLS says: "I follow the steps just now..."


Voice over loud speakers says "Your hair is completely obstructing his face."


ZLS straigthens herself and gathers her hair to one side of the face. [animated words appear "My damn bewitching beautiful hair"]



Note: I am reminded of Vivian Leigh and her comment about kissing Clarke Gable, and how unromantic it was for her (on the contrary, she was quite disgusted). So, for those of us who are fantasizing about kissing our idols in place of the FL, forget it; in real life, it doesn't even come close to being the experience we dream it to be. And to all the actors and actresses out there, we salute you for being able to deliver the feels, despite having tons of pairs of eyes stationed on you!




For the second link (http://m.v.qq.com/play.html?vid=w0034adxpkn&ptag=887):


[Animated words state: Master Gu's passion/ enthusiam]


ZLS talking to LYS: After I finish working on this show, I feel that I can go back and continue being a fashion designer. Thank you for supporting my dream. [Animated words appear: I (probably referring to LYS) almost believed you]


ZLS applies paint on LYS's face [animated text: 100% satisfied. Own piece of work.]


LYS takes some paint and dabs a dot on ZLS's forehead. ZLS comments, "That's too much. Am I the Goddess Guan Yin*?"

*Goddess of Compassion, Mercy and Kindness


[CGI light shines from ZLS' head; animated text states "Buddha's halo illuminates all things." LYS counters, "How about Nezha* (哪吒)?"

 * the boy deity who rides wheels of fire and brandishes a magic hoop.


Animated text appears [Young man, you are really a straight guy." (OK, I am using my limited knowledge of Chinese plus translation so I think it means he is too straightforward, rather than he is straight.)


Someone holds up a mirror for them to see their appearance with the paint on their faces and LYS says it doesn't matter to him. I think ZLS says she's ok with it too. But then the video rewinds and shows ZLS saying that she minds looking like the Goddess Guan Yin. [animated text appears: Aren't you slapping your own face too quickly? - I think it means that she is contradicting herself]


ZLS is drawing a heart shape (I think) on LYS's shirt [animated text appears: Warm/ soft and sweet act]


ZLS suggests to everyone that they take a photo. [animated text appears: sweet scenes]


ZLS says she wants to pose with a smile. (And she and LYS take pix together)


The final message to the audience is a chinese saying "If there are lovers, love will find a way to come together."



Note: Why do I get the feeling that the BTS so far has seen ZLS doing all the talking and being entertaining and animated about it. LYS comes across as being rather quiet and playing second fiddle....

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Last night caught up on 13-14 and about 90  minutes left at work.


@SC2019 @jadore1 @jimmylyne @pad-hari


Thanks for the posts, translations, links, comments, recaps and goodies! So cool to see their chemistry, BTS, that hot KISS scene (hubba hubba).


Well said about the ML having IQ and EQ dealing with his mom. Not easy at all. Enjoying my first Cdrama I am watching real time.


I have to go back to work, but so happy to read the posts and comments. 


@jadore1 Thanks for recapping and typing the Finger Licking Good Fried Rice. I actually was interested in making it too based on the recipe and thanks for doing this. Also appreciate your take on it


@SC2019 OMG the ML Cantonese pronunciation was very good. Cool to see that since 1996 HK has a special place in his heart. Since my Cantonese is better than my Mandarin, it was cool to listen to the interview for me. 


@jimmylyne I love that it is their ACTUAL voices and not dubbing. I was wondering too as I know in the past it was all dubbing with the same voices. So happy to hear in the BTS it is their actual voices. I had an inkling it was the case.




Actually I don’t find the ML  Particularly handsome As lean men aren’t my thing But he is charming, intelligent, Sophisticated, elegant, quirky, romantic, honest and altogether cool. He is not a completely clueless  In denial Jackass Or manboy with childhood trauma1!1  in other words.  Call it a win! 



@RobinM I kind of agree, the ML actor is not my typical "ideal look" but what you said was right on target. He becomes handsome and loved him with facial hair more than without. Also all the adjectives you described him, I totally agree!



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22 hours ago, SC2019 said:


  Hide contents


On a side note, I think LYS the actor has no issues being the prickly boss but I get a faint hint that portraying tenderness and lovey dovey scenes is a bit of a stretch for him. Its fine for this show because he is in character, I suppose. Its just me being a little greedy and hoping for that little bit more when he is with her... Or perhaps in his head, he too can't get over how young his Co-star is and its the pairing of this show that is the mental hurdle. (this is not a criticism of ZLS's acting, she is dedicated for sure to her career) 




I might be biased, as you can tell from my pfp LOL, but I think he can convey tenderness to his onscreen love. At least from what I saw in HSDS and here (haven't seen his other works though, just some random clips). Yes, he's in character when playing the prickly boss... and an older guy who has come to term with falling for a much younger subordinate ;-). I haven't seen the movie, but judging from some clips, I think I'd prefer his portrayal than Takeshi's (even if I love Takeshi to death). Oh, and in that trailer for ep 19 -- with its steamy kissing scene lol -- I'd say LJ is definitely acting tender towards GSN after hard-frustrated-kissing her :) 


BTW, thanks for translating the conversation of the BTS. It shows that what (romantic/sensual scenes) we see on screen takes hard works of all the actors and crews.

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The video is hot.  But from his body language, he doesnt seem to be comfortable doing that scene with her.  I am no pshychologist, but you can see there is so many discontinuation in the scenes.  maybe lets wait to see the actual sequence of that love making to come.


Here is a comic meme from weibo.  :joy::joy:.  His head must be really strong to take these blows. :tounge_wink:








And this scene was so good.  He just wanted to confirm from Chef zhu who she slept with and when he told that's him, he gave a cute and silly smile.  It was like, he was showing off to ZQ "Look he chose me over you".  He looked so cool in that scene.  hehehe:getmygrooveon:



This was one of the best hilarious scene.  She started playing withe the bubbles. hehe





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@Nodameyeah this drama is so special even k dramas cant compare to it. I just find k drama these days so boring even their kiss scene cant get me melting like this drama. I think I rewatch this drama again and again. No drama that the leads have chemistry to this level. They are too sweet for my hearteu.

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20 hours ago, SC2019 said:



Note: Why do I get the feeling that the BTS so far has seen ZLS doing all the talking and being entertaining and animated about it. LYS comes across as being rather quiet and playing second fiddle....

I feel the same, maybe because he's older, married, no want any scandals, keeping it strictly as professional as possible. And I think that's what I like from actors, especially the mature ones. When watching BTS I have a feeling that Lusi doesn't treat LYS as her senior, especially the dance BTS, and it bothers me a little bit. I don't understand chinese but from the tone speaking that's the feeling I got. 


@pad-hari regarding the making out scene, why he paused in between? My take is that not because he was uncomfortable, he didn't look that way. But maybe because there was no further instructions from the director, so once he finished what he was told to do, he's got stucked haha. Anyway, it was sweet of him to hug her afterwards,  like a good senior. 





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@Malin Kim I hear you. i tend to watch alot more Kdrama and this drama is pure sugar with great hints of SPICE thrown in. I agree the trend has been darker and more serious.  Not as much rom coms now. I love my rom coms. Truthfully on twitter someone I follow had a clip of the FL trying to speak Korean to the ML. He shocked her answering back in Korean. I was like ROFL. How can she flub up on him asking her--are you korean? LOL.



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