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[Mainland Chinese Drama 2020] Dating In The Kitchen 我喜欢你


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6 hours ago, Nodame said:

@jessica somerhalder I would be interested but would the novel be in English? I live in USA and if there is an online source I would want to read it .


1 hour ago, Malin Kim said:

Yeah i would love it to be in English too. 



18 minutes ago, pawla said:

@jessica somerhalder Do you have a copy of the book in English? I'd love to read it. 


I'm in the US too. No i have the chinese link for all the chapters BUT google translates it on my device and i think it is fine! :D 

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On 10/5/2020 at 7:59 AM, Malin Kim said:

What I like about this drama is chemistry between the main leads. They act so well even their  conversations are well spoken. It just feels so genuine. I cant find any other dramas that can match their chemistry and also the comedies are gold i laughed till my stomach hurts everytime i repeat all their funny scene. Anyway i dont care about age gap at all just 15 years old and i tend to like older guys thats why this drama is my favorite. Lujin and Nannan fighting!!! 

Try Centimeter of Love, which just ended today @ 44. The first episode is a little OTT, but the rest imo is quite fluid natural.

To me, this one took #1, after Dating.


There ARE folks like that from China, among the old crowd, their old-new worlds and expectations  - I have many, among my clientele. which is 90% China.


The chemistry between the Centimeter leads is soooo natural, like Dating in the Kitchen.  I am currently watching Fate aka Just To See You which is pretty addictive (and imo it is still wanting,  when compared to Centimeter and Dating in the Kitchen in fluid-entertaining-chemistry level). Another watchable addictive one is Love is Sweet.



On 11/3/2020 at 8:49 AM, Nodame said:

@jessica somerhalder If you share the link, I will join you!


Right @Malin Kim @pawla?


Count me in too, please.  Thanks!

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I enjoyed this drama overall. I don't know what happened toward the end. it's like they decided to copy storyline or scenes from different shows. For example, the brothers competed against each other with the female lead being used a pawn by the younger brother just like in the drama called Loving, Never Forgetting and it also had a scene like from the movie Crazy Rich Asian.

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I am suprised at some of the passionate scenes between the leads in this drama but not complaining though. This is overall a decent romance c drama with suprising great chemistry between the leads considering the 18 yr old gap and shows Lusi can handle modern romance well too. Shes really a young rising actress to look out for. Lol and at this point i think she can have a memorable cp with just anyone or anything. 

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