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This drama is so fun that I keep re-watching Choi Jin Hyuk's scenes :lol: not really feeling the FL either yet but maybe I'll like her later (like with the FL in Are You Human Too?) I laughed at Train to Busan, The Last Empress & Goblin references!  The tongue twister rap in the cave LMAO That dance was sexy when he took off his jacket :kiss_wink:

 idk why that rap song in the tunnel makes me laugh, Shazam doesn't work on it so it's not released yet?? 

hope the rest of the drama is just as good as the first few eps! 

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EVENT: THREAD SPOTLIGHT! hey ya chingus, with this spotlight, get ready to discover a new drama that aired ~ The zombie detective. many viewers may be thinking, "what is this drama even about? d

Thank you @Lmangla for your summary!   Great team work @Sleepy Owl @Skyline @kdramagrandma   Oppa fighting!  

Nice job on the thread spotlight!  I like CJH, so I'll try it if I can find somewhere to watch this drama.  

22 minutes ago, partyon said:

Hey @Sleepy Owl dongsaeng, still waiting for your comments on Zombie Detective so we can write the thread spotlight together. :joy:



Noona, I'll be done with the episode tonight, then write about it tomorrow morning :wow1:


Let's write the thread spotlight tomorrow :fullofhearts:

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I can’t stop laughing after Ep1.  So unexpected.  :lol:


Moonlight Sonata ... 

Ep 1 notes 
- “It’s either the apocalypse or the zombie virus” 
- when he empathises with the zombies being beaten up in the movie 
- my teeth are implanted. Even if I bite you you won’t be infected 
- the zombie rap  with the tongue twisters 
- the “evil cackle” of Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum (the Detective living across the street)
- he looks up job ads...and he sees one for Part-Time Kingdom .  The zombie series Kingdom on Netflix
- folding pizza boxes like in the movie Parasite because he needed a job that was away from people 
- the Psycho jingle every time her curler wearing Unnie shows up 

Will try to catch up with Ep2 later.  I like the fast pace and the “dark humour”.  A much needed laugh in a somber world.


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So I was watching Record of Youth and Do You Like Brahms? in order to watch something light after messing up my brain with thinking too hard on Stranger 2 and Alice. While the first one is still light, the later one has more complicated love line, a bit complex story but still warm. But I think Zombie Detective was the type of drama I was actually waiting for. 


When the drama was announced, I really was not going to watch it, not even until one day before its first episode being aired. I was told on a thread that it was actually a comedy drama with mix of many other genres, which actually intrigued me. Thanks to @partyon Noona, sharing some images, gifs and also posts about it which made me at least for its first 2 episodes. 


I watched the first episode and BOOM I am hooked. Being lover of Zombie genre, I actually enjoyed watching Odd Family: Zombie on Sale, which was a comedy movie on Zombie. This could be slightly similar to it, but maybe much better too. Loved all those references they started giving in first episode, from Last Empress' references to Fast Train to Busan :joy:. From telling to a character played by Hwang Bo Ra not to make Bo Ra uncomfortable to Choi Jin Hyuk's dance for free food. I loved everything about the first two episodes and loved the humor was not really forced till now.


Choi jin Hyuk saying he does not have money for his BB Creams, how can he pay rent was spot on :loolz:.


Also loved him having existential crisis as Zombie and trying really hard to learn living like humans. Plus him feeling sorry for the Zombies being beaten in the movie :joy:


It will be interesting to see how they'll move forward in the coming episodes. We'll have some suspense, the Ultimate Baddie seems to be Santa Claus 




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Watched ep 1, can't get interested in this one either. I've tried a few lately. I'm a fan of the lead, but not in this combo plot. It's like having coffee and peanut butter in one sitting. If you have ever tried it, you'll know. I like him especially when he's the lead. Liked Emergency Man and Woman. His seriousness made it comical. Like Tunnel also, the same as this drama, except in this drama for lack of fresh blood to wet his appetite he is now a doofus detective. And this is suppose to make me laugh. Maybe in future eps, he'll be a healthy zombie and turn into an fully serious detective. :wub:And like I stated above, his serious zombie-ness will make it comical.

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Thank you @Lmangla  for 'Zombie Detective Thread Spotlight' and summery 

Thank you Spotlight Contributors for great observation  

wow so many references @@ 


At first I only noticed on EP1 some scenes that remind me of CJH’s Gu Wol-ryung in “Gu Family Book”,  which gave CJH the first major career break.     CJH was supposed to appear only in the first two episodes as a special guest.  But the wol-ryung character created the ‘wol-ryung fever’ in Korea so that the writer had to bring back the character(as a dark WR).  


(from GFB):  Scenes of night forest  & just before resurrection as a dark WR &  WR's ( a gumiho) food









[making] With a treadmill and a zombie ....


[making] the first meeting Sun Ji & zombie


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**Those Spotlight comments made me rethink about ZD.  Generally I don’t have much interest in any zombie stuff so I dragged my butt to watch it for the sake of CJH and since it was supposed to be a zombie comedy. :confounded::tounge_xd:

But I was surprised to find it so hilarious that I hardly noticed how the scary looking CJH’s zombie was lol.  Then after reading about many reference points in the drama, I got interested and found this article which talks about many things but the one that caught my real interest was “B-class codes”  I never heard this term and I had to guess in some way it had influence on the shape/color of the drama.  After some googling I found it was called “B-class culture” (this one happened as a Korean phenomenon).  
((**for anyone interested in reading …))  
“B-class culture”: two articles talk about what it is in Korea.

  'Cheesy ‘B-class culture’ sweeps Korea'(2012): http://www.koreaherald.com/view.php?ud=20121005000818

'Kitschy pop culture in vogue '(2013): http://www.koreatimes.co.kr/www/news/culture/2013/12/386_142827.html

“B movie” (google) https://www.google.com/search?client=firefox-b-1-d&q=B+movie%2C+B+film

(wiki) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/B_movie


(video clip)








Will “Zombie Detective” with the efforts of poignantly touching zombie revive the KBS drama?
“Zombie Detective”, a comedy but laughter comes with a feeling of melancholy 


Are there any other hilarious zombies like this one?
Probably, viewers who watched the KBS new M&Tu drama <Zombie Detective> may have been surprised by the zombie that is so different from the current zombie genre.
Currently our zombie genre, K-zombie, is attracting attention from overseas.   The zombie (Choi Jin-hyuk) of <Zombie Detective> turns out to be hilariously funny rather than scary.



The zombie, who wakes up without knowing how he was killed, is not as energetic as the zombies in <Go to Busan>, <#Alive> and <Kingdom>.
Even if he tries to move fast, his body acts sluggishly.  Even if he tries to throw stones, he has no strength.   He gets so hungry and finally faints which makes his eyes turn red,  and then he wakes up to find dead animals.


So this zombie is different from current zombie types which are good at running and flock around in groups menacingly.
In addition, this zombie tries to control his appetite for humans.
When he looks at humans, he starts drooling automatically, but he thinks that's something he shouldn't do.
It’s inevitable this zombie is a weaker one in this deadly human world, when he has less than human abilities yet he insists on certain ethical boundaries.


So, the way this zombie bleeds through pronunciation correction, handling chopsticks, and walking practice for a year in order to behave like a human, gives a laugh that is worthy of the title of 'entertainment/or variety drama'.
In particular, the scene in which this zombie who has learned to speak through rap training for  pronunciation correction becomes funnier with CJH’s hilarious acting.


After accidentally witnessing the murder of a detective, he goes down to town and lives in his detective office while experiencing our world.
In order to survive he even tries to earn meager money from children. The scene appears to be funny but it shows a poignant black comedy.
The zombie that used to threaten humans is now striving to survive in the human world.
This black comedy's interesting posture is to reverse the relationship between zombies and humans in the common zombie genre and portray a more terrifying human world than zombies.


With the emergence of new platforms such as Netflix and YouTube in recent years, basic legacy-media ((like IPTV & cable tv)) faces a sense of crisis.
KBS can’t ignore this change  while  KBS dramas are gradually losing their market share except weekend dramas
In addition, the newly created native OTT wave to respond to these platforms, and IPTV, which is now losing its trending with the arrival of OTT, are feeling the same sense of crisis. In that sense, the fact that KBS, Wave, and SK Broadband jointly invested in the production of this work has a significant meaning.

Will <Zombie Detective> revive the stagnant KBS drama?

The drama is from the entertainment/variety drama-section. It has a fusion of zombie genres, black comedy, detectives, and maybe even melo, and contains B-class codes. So it’s a wonder whether it’s suitable for KBS which is a somewhat conservative channel, as the rating of this work stays at 3%(Nielsen Korea)
 Nevertheless it deserves at least the applause for <Zombie Detective>'s unusual attempt.




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KBS 2TV’s Monday-Tuesday drama “Zombie Detective” has released new stills ahead of the new episode!

“Zombie Detective” is a comedy about a zombie in his second year of resurrection who becomes a detective and desperately searches for the truth about his past. Choi Jin Hyuk stars as Kim Moo Young, the titular zombie detective who struggles to adapt to his new life and coexist with humans. Park Ju Hyun plays Gong Seon Ji, a writer of an investigative journalism program with unrivaled optimism, tenacity, and a sense of justice.


Previously, Kim Moo Young began his new life as a zombie detective after taking on the identity of a man who had been mysteriously murdered and taking on his first case from a group of children. Seeing him with the children, Gong Seon Ji misunderstood what was happening and threw a helmet at his head. Without a penny to his name, Kim Moo Young set out to collect settlement money from Gong Seon Ji and ended up saving her from being kidnapped by a cult while drunk. Kim Moo Young grew flustered when Gong Seon Ji fell on his cold chest and muttered, “It’s warm,” signaling the moment their lives began to intertwine.

As the zombie detective and journalist begin to grow closer to one another, the new stills preview an intriguing development between the pair. Of particular interest is the flyer that Gong Seon Ji holds up to show him, which advertises a crash diet. Kim Moo Young looks down as he seriously ponders her offer. Another still shows him following a group of suspicious people into the forest, making viewers question why a zombie who has nothing to gain from a diet would be interested in the program.




The next episode of “Zombie Detective” will air via KBS on September 28 at 9:30 p.m. KST.


source: https://www.soompi.com/article/1427974wpp/choi-jin-hyuk-receives-an-odd-proposition-from-park-ju-hyun-in-zombie-detective

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**I don’t know why I felt touched by the last scene of Moo Young & Sun Ji.  Maybe their dialogue …maybe the background music…
MY: ‘Heart doesn’t even beat. It has become cold. :rip:
SJ: It’s warm…  :sparklyeyes:
But hopefully it’s them.     It’s about time to see some kind of chemistry from them.  Since they are supposed to be a zombie-Sherlock & Watson team, any steaming love line would be out?!    hehe  Maybe that’s good because they exude none of it.   Yeah maybe they are better as a working team: two socially misfits, one with constant paranoia and fainting spells from extreme hunger, and the other, out of her mind with uncontrollable obsession about the Santa murderer. 




MY discovers he has a hidden martial art skill.  The first clue about who he was B)











free tripe stew  :mrgreen::mrgreen:



















cr to DC


“Zombie Detective” Choi Jin Hyuk Takes On A Group Of Kids As Clients

Drama Preview   Sep 26, 2020   by E. Cha
“Zombie Detective” Choi Jin Hyuk Takes On A Group Of Kids As Clients
KBS 2TV’s new drama “Zombie Detective” has revealed a sneak peek of its next episode!



On the previous episode of “Zombie Detective,” zombie Kim Moo Young (played by Choi Jin Hyuk) came to terms with his fate and began training to appear human again. In the process, he accidentally witnessed a murder, and he ended up becoming a “zombie detective” after receiving the key to a private investigator’s office and ID from the unknown dying man.


In the upcoming episode of the drama, Kim Moo Young will set out on his new career by taking on a case brought to him by a group of children. A trio of elementary school students led by Lee Joon Woo (Sung Min Joon), the young nephew of Gong Seon Ji (Park Ju Hyun), approach Kim Moo Young and offer him 500 won (approximately 43 cents) to find a missing dog.


After hearing their initial offer, Kim Moo Young responds with disbelief at the kids’ proposed fee, and at the end of some hilariously petty squabbling, they finally bring out the big guns: a crisp 5000 won (approximately $4) bill.


However, Kim Moo Young gains more from his encounter with the children than just 5000 won. Not only does he help them with their case, but they also wind up unexpectedly helping him in his quest to find clues about his forgotten past. Additionally, as Gong Seon Ji’s nephew, Lee Joon Woo ends up bringing her and Kim Moo Young together.


The next episode of “Zombie Detective” will air on September 28 at 9:30 p.m. KST.


In the meantime, catch up on the first two episodes of the drama with English subtitles below!


Watch Now



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Kim Soo Hyun Shows Support For “Zombie Detective” And “Producer” Director With Thoughtful Gift

Celeb  Sep 28, 2020 by C. Lee
Kim Soo Hyun Shows Support For “Zombie Detective” And “Producer” Director With Thoughtful Gift
Kim Soo Hyun showed some love for “Producer” director Shim Jae Hyun!


On September 28, Kim Soo Hyun sent a coffee truck to the set of the director’s newest KBS 2TV drama “Zombie Detective.”


Kim Soo Hyun provided the “Zombie Detective” cast and crew with a variety of drinks along with the messages: “Time to transfuse coffee for survival,” “The sweet-smelling coffee is here!”, and “We support director Shim Jae Hyun and ‘Zombie Detective!'”

The production team commented, “Kim Soo Hyun and Shim Jae Hyun have been maintaining a great relationship as actor and director for many years. Shim Jae Hyun was very thankful for the coffee truck that Kim Soo Hyun sent him.”

Previously, Kim Soo Hyun worked with Shim Jae Hyun for the 2015 drama “Producer,” where Kim Soo Hyun played an absent-minded producing director in the variety department. The drama reached an impressive viewership rating of 17.7 percent at its peak.

The director’s ongoing drama “Zombie Detective” is a comedy about a zombie in his second year of resurrection who becomes a detective and desperately searches for the truth about his past. Choi Jin Hyuk stars as Kim Moo Young, the titular zombie detective who struggles to adapt to his new life and coexist with humans. Park Ju Hyun plays Gong Seon Ji, a writer of an investigative journalism program with unrivaled optimism, tenacity, and a sense of justice.

The drama airs Mondays and Tuesdays on KBS at 9:30 p.m. KST.



KBS 드라마












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loving this drama so far! The latest eps seem to be a spoof on Save Me (k-drama)

He is just too cute using that air freshener spray on himself :kiss_wink:



"From what I saw on TV, characters like Grim Reapers or aliens all had their own cars and houses, but what is up with me?" :joy:

also laughed at him hiding meat under his clothes and hat

and the Zombie yoga position: "It gives you a physical sense of freedom that you can't even tell if you're dead or alive"


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  • Jillia changed the title to [Drama 2020] The Zombie Detective, 좀비탐정

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