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12 hours ago, Ayame said:

Although it is true that there was no episode last night due to baseball, I have good news. The NC Dinos won the championship last night, so there will be no more cancellations due to baseball lol.

That's why there's no new episode in Viu today.. Been waiting for it for the whole day. 

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@partyon ~ ... one last poll, it is!. calling all chingus for one last time for the final poll!   EDIT: tagging some folks - sorry if I missed any... @yamiyugi @seungshin @afv @

Here is the translation of the final scene of the final episode. (I'll be posting the full TV ratings for all the episodes, so I'll probably make another post later today.)   I also post the

Good ending as with any daily it could have been so much worse and unsatisfying. I call this a win and it goes on my keep list. Some maybe frustrated at what this writer did and some may have wanted a

Posted Images

@Ameera Ali nobody could blame us for getting it wrong.:pensive: If you look again,  YJ is between him and the crazed troglodyte most of the time.:lol:.

Let's say, he reacts slowly.


That idiot YJ should just say  'unnie'.  That's the end of DIL of DL and that is what she really values. Other things will then fall in place.

Add: look at YJ in your top gif. Her eyes are so funny.  Do something woman. Pull those hair extensions back.


Was it @Lmangla who said she's passively resisting? She might have been affected by that near drowning accident and we were not told. :lol:

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21 minutes ago, Ameera Ali said:

Cat fight for a guy , both these women doesn’t even Iove :tounge_wink: 

The rest of family : where the 

Mini Micky mouse : stop hurting my mom

( He only person  she can relay on this family) :D


See that stupid father standing there? :joy:you would think he had the nuts to hit YR, after all he hit YJ. What crappy parents YJ has. No wonder she is so lame.  YR is going to the asylum, no doubt.

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7 minutes ago, maribella said:

What crappy parents YJ has. No wonder she is so lame


When you grow up belive your are to blame for everything wrong happening sure you start to think that is true... She need to move out of the house and learn to find her own confidence. Sure we can say she is lame, but not all people are confident in themself and therefor do not speak for themself. The only person that really see her is TP. Maybe she can learn something from him about confidence. I hope we see some growth from her and she distance herself from her family. She deserver better. 

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I'm only posting the translation for the preview below and not the ending scene. The ending scene is just YR being YR anyway, and I have no patience to type out a translation with that much YR in it lol.


Episode 51 Preview

English Translation (from Kocowa):

YR: Don't you know you're ruining this marriage by having an affair with Yu Jung? You're the one who needs to stop.
YJ: Don't come to me again for something like this. I won't sit still then.
YR: What can you do if you don't sit still?
YJ: If you're curious, bring it on.
YJ's Mom: You hit on your sister's husband? You should've been wishing your poor sister happiness. Why did you do that?
SJ: I waited for Yu Ra to give up on her own.
SJ: Do you still have Ms. Han Yu Ra's profile?
TP: What are you doing, Ms. Han Yu Ra?

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4 hours ago, Ameera Ali said:

what kind of mother is this , if she can’t defend her , don’t take a side at least :tears:


YR’mom : tell me why , that your unnie  husband :D 

YR should respond: omma, which husband are you referring to? #1 or #2? both men are in love with me!

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@Ameera Ali your gifs show the father is standing at attention while his two daughters fight. He should just display a whistle so we know he is the referee.

I think he is a terrible actor. Watch his acting at the police station. You know he is acting.


High time SJ does some sleuthing instead of just waving a paper at YR.


Is Ju still bent on 'harvesting'? Repulsive woman.

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In my opinion YR went to her parents' house to make a calculated scene, as her mother has always been on her side she thinks she will force YJ to leave her job and she will have eliminated her from the games ... she will feel therefore more calm and safe.  Great time to bring in another possible rival woman.:D

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5 hours ago, Ameera Ali said:

Cat fight for a guy , both these women doesn’t even Iove 

kekeke... so much love for seo jun. 



tae poong meanwhile in the corner thinking "why is no one fighting for me, I am the male lead!"


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  • Guest changed the title to [Drama 2020-2021] A Man in a Veil, 비밀의 남자

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